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创浦景观: 项目位于漕宝路与中环路西北角。背靠多个大型办公园区,南面为社区住宅。地铁12号线出口直达商业内部,城市公交落客点毗邻商业中轴线位置,也是西面商业主入口位置,交通便利,人流密集。

T.Workshop: The project is located at the northwest corner of Caobao Road and Zhonghuan Road. Backed by a number of large office parks, there are community residences to the south. The exit of Metro Line 12 leads directly to the interior of the business, and the city bus drop-off point is adjacent to the central axis of the business and is also the main entrance of the business to the west. The traffic is convenient and the flow of people is dense.



场地 Site


The status of the project before the construction was an “isolated island” surrounded by green plants. After construction, the  hard-paved area of the entrance plaza was expanded, and IP interactive memory points were added; through the design of the ventilation shaft facade, planting, paving, etc.,the layers of landscape were increased; the interactive waterscape, small pocket park, outdoor meeting room, small stage, etc. were added. These facilities enclose more functional activity spaces, increase street vitality, and create commercial landscape venues that conform to the types of the business.


区位 Location

▼施工前后总平图 Before and after construction plan



This is a very typical commercial renovation project. We have fully investigated the problems before the project construction and the needs of the customer group, based on this premise, through the concept of interstellar travel, to study the vitality of the site in the overhead imagination.We deliberately create a space that is centripetal, energetic and full of possibilities. Very sustainable and adaptable to future development, it is the most vital space. Therefore, interstellar travel is not simply an abstract concept, it symbolizes the huge potential of the venue and young people’s infinite vision for the future.


▼概念 Concept



While the overall atmosphere has become brighter, richer in scenes, and more visually impactful than before construction, the shopping experience of customers has also been enhanced. Sorting out the circulation is a crucial step in the project. The single entrance and exit before the renovation was expanded to three entrances and exits, which greatly increased the flow of people. And increase the public recreational corridor, attract the people on the municipal road to stroll on the commercial interface.


▼流线图 Circulation



 项目呈现 Project to present


In the west corner plaza, the tall spiritual fortress on the front left and the heavyweight IP “IN Rabbit” combined with the landscape atmosphere to create an unforgettable memory point; the dense paving of “starlight” and the surrounding grass and flowers complement each other and are full of fun; The light-permeable concrete pattern on the ground guides people into the commercial interior.


▼形象主题西广场 Thematic west plaza

▼开业后人头攒动 There was a huge crowd after the opening

▼星光散步,散布星光 Starlight walks and scatters starlight.

▼施工前后对比 Before and after construction



Roaming from the west entrance to the east, the trendy advertisements on the facade of the ventilation shaft in the commercial outer street are particularly eye-catching with the elegant grass and flowers. The light-permeable concrete seats next to the grass flowers contrast with the environment, and at night, the light-permeable concrete seats give a different atmosphere.


▼商业外街 Commercial outer street

▼施工前后对比 Before and after construction



On holidays, it can be used as a venue for commercial celebrations, and it can also be a good place for community residents to relax and enjoy the cool.


▼庆典广场 Celebration square

▼勇敢,穿越“银河” Be brave and cross the “Galaxy”

▼仰卧,感受夕阳西下,享受浩瀚星空 Lie down, feel the sunset, enjoy the vast starry sky



The location of the commercial celebration square is directly opposite the bus stop. We have created a city-friendly landscape and provided a green and safe scenic stop for everyone coming and going. Business should sometimes be a part of the city. You cannot blindly seek to maximize commercial benefits. Providing facilities that are convenient, beneficial and serve the people will become a major driving force for the development of the real economy!


▼施工前后对比 Before and after construction



For example, whether it is a strange beach tour under the blue sea and blue sky, a multi-person PK on a spinning bike, or a kimono parade in Jingshi Ichiban Street. The excitement of the sunken square attracted people from the ground level to stop and watch.


▼下沉空间 Sunken space

▼下沉空间的活动 The movement of sunken space



The weightless space station is to create a relaxed and comfortable multi-functional commercial inner street for office, meeting, leisure and shopping. Does the chaos and complexity of the city make you feel a little tired? Come to the weightless space station to unzip it!


▼无重力空间站 Weightless space station

▼微风习习,脚步声长 The breeze is breezy and the footsteps are long.

内街茶座 In the street cafes



Between serious and cold office buildings and lively and vibrant commercial spaces, we need an excessive place where people can stop and relax, maybe just a cup of coffee… a cigarette…! Let casual shopping people rest, store energy and buy again! Let the busy office crowd take a break, think independently, relieve fatigue, and be the next peak business matchup!


施工前后对比 Before and after construction



Generally, commercial roofs have only large-scale central air-conditioning machines, pipes and other facilities. You must have never imagined that commercial roofs can be so beautiful! The agapanthus and the calyx flower echo each other, and under the shadow of the fragrance, there are often couples who can’t help but kiss each other. Perhaps it was also moved by the scenery.


▼屋顶·花海 Roof·Flower Sea‘

▼阿姨们的拍照打卡地 The place where the aunts take photos

▼百子莲,随秋风摇曳,映照路人怜 The agapanthus, swaying with the autumn wind, reflects the pity of passers-by.

▼施工前后对比 Before and after construction

▼细节展示 Details


思考 Thinking


For a long time in the past, traditional business was a dynamic complex. However, in recent years, with the development of e-commerce and the impact of the epidemic, most stores have been operating bleakly, and many large commercial malls have closed down one after another. This has to make us ponder: Where should today’s commercial complexes go?




For CHJ IN CITY, it is not only a place for shopping, consumption, dining and entertainment, but also a respite for urban travellers; a place for community residents to communicate with neighbors; and a place for white-collar workers to meet and relax. In each of these vitality points, we seem to have found the development trend of future business. As a member of the customer base, what we really need are convenient shopping methods, novel shopping experiences, future shopping scenes, etc. As a manager, what you need is a new management model, lower maintenance costs, and efficient and sustainable interaction space.

The CHJ IN CITY project presented this time aims to showcase community life scenes, transform urban street spaces, create urban vitality hubs, and present a bright future commercial mall like a galaxy!






太空兔艺术雕塑INTO(IN兔)设计 :伍潇阳

Project name: Caohejing Incity
Party A name: Yinli Shanghai City Company; Shanghai Caohejing Hi-tech Park Development Co., LTD
Landscape design: T. Workshop
Landscape soft decoration design: T. Workshop
Landscape design team: Fu Shuming, Li Fangyu, Xiao Lin, Yi Jinnuo, Han Zhifeng, Li Miaomiao, etc
Landscape construction drawing: T. Workshop
Space Rabbit art sculpture INTO (IN Rabbit) design: Wu Xiaoyang
Project article and illustration: Li Miaomiao
Project location: No. 1011 Caobao Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Design date: 2021.02
Completion date: 2021.05
Landscape construction unit: Caohejing Ecology
Photography team: IAM Shore wood photography, Xiao Lin



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