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Langarita Navarro:PS-50 别墅位于西班牙大西洋沿岸的塔里法。项目的主角是一片非同寻常的海岸景观,它厚重、崎岖、坚不可摧,抵御着大西洋海风的侵袭。我们想象在这片绿色植物覆盖下进行生活的可能性,为此我们设定的建筑目标是庞大而不明显,同时又引发身体和事物的种种意外之喜。

Langarita Navarro:The lead character in this project is an extraordinary coastal landscape; thick, rugged, and impregnable, resisting the assaults of the Atlantic winds. We imagine the possibility of living under the cover of this greenery with the self-imposed objectives of being large and at the same time inconspicuous, while also invoking the unexpected behaviours of bodies and matters.


​© Luis Díaz Díaz
​© Luis Díaz Díaz
​© Luis Díaz Díaz



The roof takes on the shape of a large section of the terrain, elevated onto a concrete slab that supports the important weight of an intensive green roof, restoring the pre-existing vegetation. The zigzag pattern of the roof makes it possible to cover long spans and reduces its own weight, as well as conveying a sense of near-impossible lightness, almost like that of a fabric blowing in the wind.


​© Luis Díaz Díaz
​© Luis Díaz Díaz
​© Luis Díaz Díaz



A series of parallel walls organises the house plan, lightly touching the roof from below. Their placement allows the organisation of uses, as well as managing the changing easterly and westerly winds. By opening and closing the floor-to-ceiling glass panes as needed, it is possible to deploy a configuration to expose or defend the spaces from each of the prevailing winds, using them as if one were on a boat.


​© Luis Díaz Díaz
​© Luis Díaz Díaz
​© Luis Díaz Díaz



The main volume of the house is elevated, embedded into the terrain and overlooking the sea like the bow of a ship, leaning on a granite well carved into a prism. From here, a cascade of terraces and steps unfold outward, providing access to the swimming pool and the grounds. The access is located in a courtyard open to the sea where one goes up a generous helical staircase around a lush garden sheltered from the wind.


​© Luis Díaz Díaz
​© Luis Díaz Díaz
​© Luis Díaz Díaz
​© Luis Díaz Díaz



Its material character – using lime stucco walls, horizontal concrete surfaces, reflective steel, and dark window and door frames – makes the house difficult to see from the sea, as it sits hunkered down among the vegetation, mimicking the colours of the natural surroundings, the shrubbery, and chalky rock.


​© Luis Díaz Díaz



The main body of vegetation is a selection of native species with low water needs across the plot’s free spaces and over the rooftop, with the medium term aim of returning the image of the landscape prior to the construction to the area, as well as reducing the thermal load of the house by making the most of evapotranspiration.


​© Luis Díaz Díaz



项目名称:PS-50 别墅
项目地点:西班牙 塔里法

景观/建筑公司:Langarita Navarro
首席建筑师:María Langarita、Víctor Navarro
设计团队:Antonio Antequera,Javier Estebala Alández,Fran Abellán Estevan,Pepe Susín
测量:José Ignacio Calderón Naval (Max Project)
机械:Argenia Ingeniería y Arquitectura SL + BAC Engeneering
结构:Bernabéu Ingenieros
图片来源:Luis Díaz Díaz

Project Name: Casa PS-50
Completion Year: 2022
Scale: Family house
Project Location: Tarifa, Spain

Landscape/Architecture Firm: Langarita Navarro
Website: www.langarita-navarro.com
Contact e-mail: langaritanavarro@gmail.com
Lead Architects: María Langarita and Víctor Navarro
Design Team: Antonio Antequera, Javier Estebala Alández, Fran Abellán Estevan, Pepe Susín.
Surveyor: José Ignacio Calderón Naval (Max Project).
Landscape: Ambienta.
Mechanics: Argenia Ingeniería y Arquitectura SL + BAC Engeneering.
Structure: Bernabéu Ingenieros.
Photo Credits: Luis Díaz Díaz
Photographer’s Website: www.luisdiazdiaz.com




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