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南西空间摄影:  由于项目本身是城市旧改性质,由净水厂改造而来的公共景观空间,就这样自然的在老水厂中生长开来。节点的落位张弛有度,走进公园惊喜连连。

Nancy studio : After renovation, the urban park was naturally born in an old water treatment plant, where landscape nodes are skillfully arranged to give you surprises upon your entering.



在设计团队的保留下,大量长势良好的植物群落,以及工业遗迹被留下,并加以利用,使得整个项目具有不可被复制的生态面貌和艺术气质。我在早上6点左右进入公园,6点的长春已是阳光盎然,处于阳光下会感觉到温热,国人喜阴怕晒,但由于大量乔木被保留,整个公园的林下活动空间非常的丰富,生长多年的保留植物群落撑起了连绵的大伞,人们在此休憩,运动,玩耍,遛娃。下午3点后我再次进入公园,前往下沉雨水花园和古树名木广场等节点,发现即使是工作日,整个公园的人气依旧非常旺,孩子们在场地内奔跑笑闹,家长们坐在一侧拍照,聊天,朋友们在落日的余晖中互相倾述,情侣们手牵手在雕塑前拍摄… 一幅幅生活的画卷无限展开,公共景观真是太令人迷醉。

At the designers’ insistence, plant communities and industrial relics are kept and used, shaping a unique ecological and artistic atmosphere. I first entered the park at around 6 a.m., when the sun has already shone brightly in Changchun. Since Chinese are fond of shade, plenty of trees on the site are conserved to provide various shady spaces for relaxation and family activities. When I came to the park again after 3 p.m., I visited the rainwater garden and the tree plaza, finding that there were a lot of people in the park even on the working day. Children were running around, adults sat nearby taking photos, friends were chatting with each other in the setting sun, and couples were taken photos in front of the sculpture hand in hand…… Against the amazing landscape, a beautiful painting of life is unfolding.



01-南北露天沉淀池 Outdoor Sedimentation Tanks


Around the outdoor sedimentation tanks are plenty of bushes growing down to the water’s edge. The landscape team designed two waterfront spaces around the southern and northern sedimentation tanks. On the bank of the northern tank is a wooden platform leading people close to water. Nearby a small and interesting pergola with seats is built among trees, which provides an ideal space for having a rest. There I could not help taking a seat and had a talk with an elder who was doing exercises around.


▼北露天沉淀池 North sedimentation tank



Surrounding the southern tank are towering metasequoia trees, at the end of which is a small viewing platform overlooking the water below. Interestingly, the platform is built on a cement mound of the former plant, and its handrail embodies the industrial characteristic of the site.


▼尽可能减少对原有植被破坏  Minimize damage to the original vegetation


▼林中蜿蜒的小道,设置了休憩的座椅 The winding path in the forest provides seating for rest


▼南露天沉淀池 South sedimentation tank


02 森林栈道 Forest trail


In the south of the park, a trail with handrails zigzags through the trees and bushes, at the end of which hides a terrace garden, making the small woods full of fun.


▼森林栈道设计高低层次的立面栏杆 Forest trail design of high and low levels of elevation railings 


▼构筑物外观与森林相映成趣 The exterior of the structure is set against the forest


03 台地花园 Terrace Garden


The garden is nestled on the edge of the park, where a wooden platform is built taking advantage of the height difference. A tree “grows” from the platform, creating a natural and interesting space.



04 净水互动乐园 Clean Water Interactive Park



05 古树名木广场 Tree Plaza


In the center of the plaza is a big tree, around which special-shaped seats are designed for people to have a rest, while children will run after each other around the tree or move the interactive installation nearby together.



06下沉雨水花园 Rainwater Garden


The rainwater garden is built on an industrial site with interesting height difference and material combination. Following the steps, you will walk down the sunken space, where you can find mottled walls and industrial relics kept for about one hundred years. The new road system is made of weather-proof steel plates that shapes a contrast with the historical wall. In addition, the interesting sculpture further enhances the artistic atmosphere of the space.


▼厚重斑驳的老旧墙体遗留着历史的痕迹 The heavy and mottled old walls left traces of history


▼顺着台阶而下进入下沉花园 Descend the steps into the sunken garden


▼有趣的人形雕塑 Interesting human sculpture


07 艺术广场 Art square


The Art Square has a large lawn, where all kinds of art activities are held.



08 设计细节+林下节点 details+ trees


Various landscape spaces under trees never cease to amaze you. From the design of details to the selection of materials, we can see the insight and efforts of the design team.


▼部分林下节点 Forests node


▼林中雕塑 Sculpture in the forest




Project name: Changchun Culture of Water Ecological Park
Project photography: Nancy studio



审稿编辑 任廷会 –  Ashley Jen

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