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JL Design:CMPD Jinshangu is an exploratory project to well mix the location with the geographic context there. What is fascinating about it is not the arrangement of traditional functions or the consummation of interests, but the representation of time-framed scenes.




On the south is a lake, which has a 2m discrepancy in elevation against the building on the north. How to set up an affective and spacial bond between the building and the lake, and how to transform the Sales Center in the earlier stage to the hotel backyard in the later stage, has become the biggest challenge for us.


▽场地鸟瞰 Site have a bird’s eye view of

▽在建筑与湖体之间建立情感的、空间的联系 To establish emotional and spatial connection between the building and the lake body



Here, to survey this location anew, we discard the deductive design method and take on a metaphysical perspective. Just imagine that the lake becomes a sea and the 2m discrepancy in elevation is billowing waves with reefs hidden in. Then a vivid imaginary picture of someone setting sail, treading waves, steering away from reefs, travelling through rocks and watching the sunrise will conjure up. This imaginary picture is the guideline of expectations for this location and also a salute to the great geographic environment of century-old coastal Guangdong. A tour of the location here is like a chant for a static pattern and the flowing motion within.


▽踏浪、过礁,豪情而秀美 Treading waves, reef, heroic and beautiful

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▽落舟、观日,静谧而自由 The boat, watching the sun, quiet and free

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Enter through the road, and you can catch the sight of the name of the project on a mimic mud flat. Bypass the mud flat, and you can take a rest on one of the several reefs. Opposite to the reefs are 2m palisades caused by washout of waves day and night. Here, we can imagine the sides of building as sea waves surging to the sky. Under the waves, rocks stick out, lay low, cluster up, or splutter stones, in a black-and-white tone, shed by sunlight. The most striking is the overhanging reef at the entrance of the flowery path, guiding people to go inside.


▽一片滩涂托起案名 A mudflat gives the case its name

▽前场散落的礁石,成为行人小憩的落脚点 The scattered rocks in the front become the resting points for pedestrians

▽悬挑礁石的层叠,指引前行的方向 Overhanging layers of rocks guide the way forward



After detouring the flowery forest like passing through a grotto, you can see a view of tranquility and euphoria right before your eyes. The undulating waves in ebb as imagined from the 2m discrepancy in elevation, along with the gradational heights of the building’s facade, make up a picture in which a sea and land meet, with sea water left in the stone pits on the mud flat.


▽两米的落差幻化成大海退潮之景 A drop of two meters turned into a fading tide

▽“退潮后”,石坑中留下的清池,是海潮对滩涂的眷恋 “After the ebb of the tide”, the clear pool left in the stone pit is the attachment of the tide to the beach



Ascend the stairs like skipping about on a reef flat, and you’ll arrive at the entrance of the building. Now take a look back at the imaginary sea, the mud flat, the rippling water terrace, and things in the distance. Then a sense of secular seclusion may arise from your heart. Feel free to gazing at the sky and clouds, let your mind wander while holding a novel in your hand, and even dance the waltz on the water barefoot. That is exactly joviality and romance on a sea beach. When darkness descends, “lights on fishing boats” dotting the sea, people saunter on the “beach” to have a leisurely time with their family after a day’s work. The sea, the sky, and the bright moon in the starry sky, framed into a picture, everything now is at peace.


▽在滩涂上驻足,回望天光云影 Stop on the beach and look back at the sky and clouds

▽在岩坑中休憩,享受闲适光景 Rest in the rock pit and enjoy the leisure time

▽在清池间跳跃,伴“渔火”共舞 Jumping between pools, dancing with “fishing fire”

▽与“麋鹿”低语,寻觅自然足迹 Whisper with elk and search for natural footprints

▽在清池边嬉戏,撒播童年时光 Playing by the pool, sowing childhood



As a whole, the location here has three types of scenes, which corresponds to the profundity of height, the profundity of depth and the profundity of distance – the three top approaches to present spaces in Chinese painting. These scenes catch the instant motions of the sea and the reefs, as well as the dynamism of light and shade in times. In different perspectives of the flowing motions, these scenes will present different kinetic sensation.


▽夜幕降临,与“渔火”、天地共享安宁 Night falls, and “fishing fire”, heaven and earth to share peace



We hope to make this project begin with “pattern” and end up with “motion”. Pattern is static, while “motion” is dynamic. This time, by fusing perpetuity with fluctuation and expressing “motion” as “pattern”, we finally make a chant for a static pattern and the flowing motion within.


▽总平面图 Plan



施工单位:中国二十二冶集团有限公司 & 深圳市绿地园林有限公司

Project name: CMPD Jinshangu Creative Office Park
Completed Year: 2017.12
Project area: 10000 square meters
Location: Panyu District, Guangzhou
Design company: JL Design
Company website: www.jlplan.cn
Contact email: yh_1010216@qq.com
Chief designer: Zhang Zhang
Design team: JL Design
Developer: Guangzhou Merchants Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Architectural Design: Guangzhou Baoxian Huahan Architectural Engineering Design Co., Ltd.
Construction unit: China No. 22 Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd. & Shenzhen Greenland Garden Co., Ltd.
Photographer: Arch-Exist



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