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baan puripuri:该住宅项目采用了独特的现代设计手法,致力于在繁忙的曼谷都市文脉中创造一个舒适的生活环境。

baan puripuri:​The new residential project, baan puripuri, focuses on creating a comfortable living environment in Bangkok’s urban context with unique and contemporary design.




The 3-story townhome located in one of the densely populated districts in the eastern part of Bangkok features an internal open-air courtyard that helps create a bright and airy atmosphere and incorporate greenery into the living space. The central courtyard that takes up almost one-third of the house area connects primary functional spaces from the front to the back. It is one of the passive design features to weather the tropical climate challenges in urban conditions.




​Hardscape features were used in the area of the courtyard to maximize the utilization of outdoor space. A series of low-slope tiled steps mixed with planters and ponds turn this space into an oasis closely connected with the living room. When those steel-framed glass doors are widely open, interior and exterior spaces will seamlessly merge into one large living room.




All areas of the house also have an open view of ​​the central court’s green zone, thus creating interactions between users living in different areas of the home while still keeping their privacy. ​The concept of green space integration has also been reflected through architectural elements. Large cubic planters on the balcony look unique, and the façade of the building is equipped with a steel grating for a future vertical garden. Once the plants are fully grown and cover up the whole panels, the blade walls that protrude out from the building will reinforce this architecture’s existence. The ending edge of each blade walls is skewed at different angles to create distinct dimensions, adding a touch of contemporary style by cladding color mirror tiles, inspired by a decorative technique in traditional Thai temple architecture.




​baan puripuri: Courtyard Pattanakarn is a small housing complex consists of 37 units and available in three different types. The clubhouse, situated at the entrance, is designed with the same architectural languages as the townhome. The building seems to hide behind a garden that runs parallel to the pool. It leads to the wall, which supports the simple square building mass of the clubhouse. ​Its façade is eye-catching with a cylindrical set of various sizes in golden brown tones. They sway in the wind and add a new dimension and dynamism to the building as well as provide privacy for internal users. All components were inspired by the silk textile’s gleaming texture, which incorporates contemporary details to make a difference to architecture.





▼住宅平面 Plan

▼住宅剖面 Section


建筑事务所:baan puripuri

建筑主创:Pajitpong Pongsivapai, Khajorn Jaroonwanit, Visara Pichedvanichok

图片来源:Beer Singnoi

室内设计:baan puripuri
景观设计:baan puripuri
英文撰写:Natthamon Tangtrongmit

Project Name: Courtyard – Pattanakarn
Architecture Firm: baan puripuri
Website: www.baanpuripuri.com
Contact e-mail: admin@baanpuripuri.com
Firm Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Completion Year: 2020
Gross Built Area: 400 sq.m.
Project location: Pattanakarn, Bangkok, Thailand
Lead Architects: Pajitpong Pongsivapai, Khajorn Jaroonwanit, Visara Pichedvanichok
Lead Architects e-mail: Khajorn@baanpuripuri.com

Photo credits: Beer Singnoi
Photographer’s website: www.beersingnoi.com
Photographer’s e-mail: beersingnoi@gmail.com

Additional Credits
Interior Designer: baan puripuri
Landscape: baan puripuri
Article: Natthamon Tangtrongmit


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