STIMSON STUDIO:Cove住宅坐落于四英亩的美丽海岸景观线上,它的选址是为了对Quissett开阔的海岸景观进行良好的利用,同时也为了尊重场地历史。在与建筑师的合作下,设计所采用的干预措施利用了现有的下沉花园,同时也对沿海堤岸的自然坡度变化做了处理。利用现有的坡度、植被、住宅、车库和停车场都位于住宅附近。住宅与景观一起,形成了港口的景观框架,引导人们穿过一系列梯田花园。为了保护现有的下沉花园,设计师建造了一座人行桥,将停车场与主住宅连接起来。设计师与保护委员会合作完成了大量的工作,恢复了海岸景观并勾勒出一条美丽的风景线。

STIMSON STUDIO:Situated on four acres of beautiful coastal landscape, Cove House was sited to take advantage of the expansive views of Quissett Harbor while also respecting the nature of the historic property. In collaboration with the Architect, a contemporary intervention was designed to capitalize on the existing sunken garden of the previous historic residence, while also working with the natural grade change of a coastal embankment. The residence, garage and parking are held near the edge of the property taking advantage of existing grade, vegetation, and program. The architecture, along with the landscape, frame views to the Harbor while also directing you through a series of terraced gardens. Maintaining the existing sunken garden allowed for a pedestrian bridge to be constructed linking the guest parking court to the main residence. In partnership with the conservation commission, extensive work was completed to restore the coastal bank and create a native palette.











地点: 美国麻州伍兹霍尔
合作方: Leroy Street Studio
摄影: Christian Phillips,Ngoc Doan

Location: Woods Hole, MA
Collaborators: Leroy Street Studio
Photography: Christian Phillips,Ngoc Doan


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