Rolf von Burg:随着对设计、质量和可用性的高要求,客户需要一个全新的设计,这应该更加注重空间的隐私性。

Rolf von Burg:With a high demand in design, quality and usability the client required a completely new design which should give privacy more room.



The new location of the long stretched pool with integrated whirlpool played a key role. It is the central element of the garden. With its dark and large sized flagstones it clearly separates this area to the bright flagstones of the remaining spaces. Other than that a generous seating area with a large dining table where ten people could easily be placed on was wished for. A lounge area, a BBQ space as well as room to sun bath got incorporated into the garden concept.


A fire place with an integrated BBQ as well as storage facilities and an outdoor shower were placed on the wooden deck at the lower end of the pools. No openings can be seen from the outside. The fire place is revetted with a layered flagstone wall same as this side of the pool. The lounge area is located right next to the fire place, where the large table is covered by a pergola. It is adjustable to suit all different needs.



A path of solid granite blocks leads you floating through a little maple forest to the areas in the back of the garden.A screening wall to the neighbours suits the colouring scheme with its earthy red tones.



The multi-stemmed, shadowing trees and their character are decisive for the design. An easily to maintain planting scheme of shrubs and grasses are accompanying the outline of the planting concept. A yew hedge is safeguarding the property from views from outside. Other than that the garden design was completed with a lighting and irrigation concept.



地址: 瑞士巴塞尔
年份: 2016年
摄影: Bruno Helbling, Rolf von Burg

Address: Basel, Switzerland
Year: 2016
Photography: Bruno Helbling, Rolf von Burg


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