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PLAT Studio:东莞万科汉邦松湖半岛项目位于松山湖,不只邻近松山湖自然美景,同时还是科技产业开发区,是东莞三大核心园区之一。松湖半岛项目受到周围景致启发,打造了一个融合自然景观与现代科技生活的开放空间,是一个能舒展身心的休闲度假环境。

PLAT Studio: Vanke Dongguan Mind Island is located in the Songshan Lake area, one of the three core areas of Dongguan City. It is not only close to the natural beauty of Songshan Lake, but also the city’s tech industry. Inspired by its environs, Mind Island creates a relaxing environment with open spaces which beautifully integrate nature and modern life.




山湖片区坐拥8平方公里的淡水湖和14平方公里的生态绿地,生态环境优越,景色美不胜收。本项目选址紧邻松山湖,经此往东北3 公里可达华为小镇,往西南5分钟可达东莞常虎高速出入口,人流主要经杨朗路与青田路到达项目基地。

The Songshan Lake area sits on 8 square kilometers of freshwater lake and 14 square kilometers of green space, with beautiful scenery. The project site is located close to Songshan Lake, 3 kilometers northeast to Huawei Township, and 5 minutes southwest to the entrance and exit of Dongguan Changhu Expressway. People flow mainly through Yanglang Road and Qingtian Road to the project base.


▽项目区位 The project location



在有效利用周边自然健康的临湖环境的基础上,我们以理性人文的校园规划为基本空间架构来营造高品质社区的精英感,以互动便 捷的当代都市界面向住户提供多样且个性化的休闲场所,从而打造一个专属于活力创意阶层的山湖生活。

To make best use of the surrounding natural environment, we used rational and campus planning strategies to create a clear order, and provide residents with diverse and personalized urban interfaces with dynamic, convenient, interactive contemporary urban interfaces. It is a leisurely setting which supports active and outdoor lifestyles.


▽夜景鸟瞰 At night have a bird’s eye view of



展示区以湖境沉思环丘为主题,藉由覆以观赏草与花海的起伏丘陵围合出环形草地,点缀大型抽象艺术品,呼应整个项目自由浪漫的氛围。起伏的丘陵不仅可以隔离较为杂乱的树林,仅见树林树冠与远景松山湖的湖光山色,还可做活动草坪使用,整体空形成中轴明 确、专注中心的舒适空间。

The main entry area is inspired by the contemplative hills surrounding Songshan Lake. The undulating hills covered with ornamental grass and a sea of flowers form a circular lawn, dotted with large-scale abstract artworks, echoing the free flowing atmosphere. The undulating hills frame views so that visitors primarily see the canopy of the woods. The oval lawn can be used for sports and gatherings, creating a comfortable space where residents can activate the central core.


▽湖境沉思环丘 Lake contemplative ring mound

▽干净简约的山丘连绵起伏 Clean, simple hills roll up and down

▽自由舒适的草坪空间 Free and comfortable lawn space



Walking out of the sales hall and looking back at Songshan Lake, the field unfolds in front of visitors. A children’s play area is set next to the central lawn, which continues to enclose the grass mound to create interesting terrain and provide a variety of play experiences.


▽儿童活动场 Playground for children


万科汉邦松湖半岛示范区的景观设计呼应整体片区的设计理念,氛围含蓄不失活泼,空间规整不失个性,动线有序不失自由,将内敛低调的设计理念融入至每一处。访客从抵达到停车 、漫步环丘、行至销售厅、参观样板房、俯瞰环丘或观赏或嬉戏,整个拜访动线过程中,能沉浸在深度体验并感受到属于自己的山湖生活。

The landscape design of Vanke Dongguan Mind Island echoes the scenic and vibrant region. The atmosphere is quiet and lively, the space is unique and comfortable, and the design concept echoes subtly throughout the project. Visitors will experience and imagine their own life in the mountains and lakes during the whole process of arriving, parking, strolling around the hills, walking to the sales hall, visiting the model houses, overlooking the hills and seeing children play.





项目名称:万科汉邦松湖半岛: 滨湖社区
项目面积:12.80 公顷
主创设计师::Director- Fred Liao
设计团队:Kit Wang, Maggie Kao, YingHua Hua, Tiger Sui, Iris Soh, YingHua Hua, Daniel Wang, Pao Sophanut, Monica Marathey

Name: Dongguan Mind Island — Lakeside community
Year completed: 2019
Project area: 12.8 ha
Location: Dongguan, China
Design company: PLAT STUDIO
Company website: https://platstudio.net/
Contact email: info@platstudio.net
Lead Designer: Director- Fred Liao
Design team: Kit Wang, Maggie Kao, YingHua Hua, Tiger Sui, Iris Soh, YingHua Hua, Daniel Wang, Pao Sophanut, Monica Marathey
Client: Dongguan Vanke
Photographer: Archi-Translator



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