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SED新西林夏日的水面随着微风泛起轻轻涟漪,傍晚,灯光亮起,一切温柔的刚刚好。 水边吧台,浅酌一杯,眼前的柔美在现代美学线条表现下,在虚实与疏密之间互相交融,在虚实与疏密之间互相交融,水,灯光,树影,你,我,皆沉浸于绿岛之中。

SED: The surface of the water ripples gently with the breeze in summer. At nightfall, the lights come on. Everything is gentle and just right. Take a drink at the waterside bar. Grace is expressed in modern aesthetic lines. It is blended in the virtual and the real, the sparse and dense. The water, lights, tree shadows, you, and me Are all immersed in the green islands.


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东原印未来地处重庆市沙坪坝区,是洋房改善型社区,由南北两个地块组成。看到地处重庆,那么场地就没那么简单:场地东高西低形成了三个递进式台地式高差,三个台地整体高差近6米。 建筑在场地呈排列布局,并且位于三个不同标高之上,这使得三个台地把场地分割成了三部分,割裂了场地之间的联系。

Dowell Future Impression, located in Shapingba District of Chongqing City, is a western-style high quality community. It consists of two blocks in the north and south. As can be seen from its important location in Chongqing, it is remarkable: The site, high in the east and low in the west, constitutes three progressive platforms, with nearly 6-meter overall height difference. The buildings are arranged at the three elevations, allowing them to split the site into three parts, and separate the connections among them.


▽场地分析 Site analysis



The split site is both a challenge and an opportunity for the designer.




Based on the tone of “vacation community”, we draw design inspiration from layer-upon-layer, endless multi-dimensional impression of Chongqing. Infiltrating with “green plants”, digesting with “cliff walls”, and interweaving with “water bodies”, we stack up three-dimensional platform elevations, and visually extend the space indefinitely to form a borderless landscape experience.





Water has a natural healing power for people. This makes water an essential element for vacation, running through the cores of the north and south areas. For this purpose, we have designed an unobstructed space of 170 meters long and 60 meters wide, leaving the site to the interior to the greatest extent. The atrium space is designed under the “flowing delta” prototype, extending in the directions of the north, south, east and west, and forms the spatial connection between the east and west platforms with flowing lines. We cleverly divide the site into sections in the form of green islands, which not only visually connect the three separate platform spaces, expand the spaces indefinitely, and form an interspersed overall pattern, but also endow the sections with relatively independent functional attributes.


▽中庭南区景观鸟瞰 Aerial view

▽中庭北区景观鸟瞰 Aerial view



Comfortable shade, clear water, quality stone, warm wood…. We use these materials of interleaved textures to build an open or enclosed pro-water space with different experience. Stepping stones on water surface, waterfront falling water, waterborne platforms, water-based seats, and water shore club…. These “shoals” seemingly “washed out” by the flowing oases bring more vacation experience to the residents.


▽流动的绿洲 Flowing oasis

▽绿意浅滩 The green Beach




The designed site height difference brings a rich sense of hierarchy to the landscape vertically. The layered terraced plants, while cleverly digesting the height difference, bring a magnificent visual perception of the tropical jungle. They connect different levels of landscape space, providing residents with water-friendly atmosphere, such as watching the water, pressing close to the water, and playing in the water.


▽多维立体的场地景观空间 Multi-dimensional landscape space




The design emphasizes the green and low-carbon eco-community awareness. It introduces the child- and age-friendly design standards into the site to provide a variety of outdoor activities for all-age users.




It continues the atrium “flowing delta” story line:The delta of the mysterious land, washed away by the river, accidentally uncovers the ancient civilization buried in the jungle. The expedition finds the way to the treasure through the exposed horse head. They pass through the maze, climb over the sand dunes, explore the exotic flower and plant paradise, finally find the treasure site — Golden Apple Land, and bring the golden apples, a symbol of happiness, back to the world.


▽乐园游玩故事线 Park play story line




Through the wonderful story line of “Rainforest Trail”, we connect adult fitness, children’s activities, plant science popularization, and health facilities for the elderly. The venues intersect and are independent from each other to meet the needs of children and the elderly in need of care.


▽乐园鸟瞰 Aerial view


童梦童享活动天地 Children’s playground

糅合东东马IP形象与几何元素,交叠错落,色彩整体为暖色调、明亮舒适,从儿童的视角出发,在七巧乐园中设置了趣味与冒险并存的“植物博物馆”探险路线,与植物认知科普结合,在一系列探险中,孩子们可攀、可爬、可钻、可滑, 在游戏中接触、探索、认知这个世界。

It combines the Dong Dong Ma IP image and geometric elements, which are overlapping and scattered. The overall colors take the warm tone, looking bright and comfortable from the children’s perspective. In the Seven Ingenious Paradise, the “Plant Museum” adventure route is arranged for both fun and adventure, combined with plant science popularization. In a series of adventures, children can climb, crawl, cross and slide, to contact, explore, and recognize the world in the game.


▽植物博物馆探险路线 Plant museum adventure route


植物认知科普园 Botanical science popularization garden


We plant a rich variety of safe plants, equipped with signboards indicating their names, categories and characteristics. We also set up transparent spheres for close observation of the plant growth rhizome, so that children can understand the growth of life and get close to nature through observation and learning.


▽透明植物生长球观察标识  Logo for observation of the transparent plant sphere


老年康养 Nursing for the aged


The decline in physical function and the lack of mental emotion have become main obstacles to the life of the elderly. Therefore, the safety and convenience of the environment for the aged and the ecological healing have become design priorities of the elderly health care area. User-friendly handrails and wheelchair accessible ramps ensure the convenient daily mobility of the elderly.


▽生态疗愈的康养环境 A healthy environment for ecological healing


一米菜园 Square foot gardening


Based on the child-friendliness concept, we have also set up “square foot gardens”, so that children can participate in the planting of vegetables and fruits to understand how food grows and cherish the food.



家楼下的闲适生活 Leisurely life downstairs


The scattered lines outline a 3D poetry, and a flowing picture. Whether it is walking to the atrium or simply going downstairs, the residents may enjoy a different view in each step. The people who return home from a busy day can’t wait to come out to take a seat. They would invite a few friends, or meet their children for a parent-child adventure, or find a secluded site, to immerse the vacation feelings in daily life.



▽总平面General layout




Project Name: Dowell Group • Future Impression, Chongqing
Project Location: Chongqing
Developer:Dowell Group
Project landscape management team: Dowell Group southwest regional team
Landscape Design:SED Landscape Architects Ltd.
Design Team: SED Chengdu Team
Construction Time: 2023
Landscape Area: 37520.9 ㎡
Photographer: Xueer Space Photography




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