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WTD:Different from the traditional residential demonstration area, the physical display area has truly created the community space required by customers, making the products more convincing, and has become more of the choice of real estate developers. Landscape design is one of the important links of the physical exhibition area. It is necessary to think about how to make the space have the exquisiteness of a demonstration area within a limited range, and at the same time have the functions and comfort of a large area, so that people can experience the possibility of living here in the future as much as possible.




Moon Impression is located in the central park area of Chongqing, and is an improved community of bungalows. The exhibition area is composed of the main entrance of the large area and an atrium space enclosed by the building. There is a height difference of about 4m between the two spaces. As the core landscape area, the atrium space is 100m deep from north to south, 40m deep from east to west, covering an area of 6000 square meters, which is relatively cramped. Under the premise of taking “vacation” as the design proposition, how can the landscape create a truly desirable vacation community in a limited space, and realize the rich landscape level and the living mood of living under the forest?


▽大区入口 Regional entrance



The privacy of residential design is our first consideration. In the main entrance space, the building uses a glass corridor frame as an enclosure to wrap the periphery of the site, forming a ceremonial barrier for the community, and also concealing the height difference between the entrance and the atrium area. The entrance of the exhibition area and the main entrance are unified with the formation of grille and scenery wall to form a visual stay and level of the entrance, so that people can get a grand and luxurious experience of entering the house.


▽大区入口保证私密性,同时隐藏高差 Large area entrance to ensure privacy, while hiding the height difference

▽展示区入口 Exhibition area Entrance



In addition, before entering the home space of each building after entering the atrium, the design adopts the “obstructed view” method to reflect the privacy of the space. The cascading fountains and the pure white low scenery walls are all used among them. In addition to the consideration of privacy, they also allow people’s vision to stay and turn after entering the site, giving this small site more landscape levels.


▽建筑入户空间,用“障景”的方式体现私密性Building entry space, with “barrier view” way to reflect privacy



We “cut” the space of the atrium area of different sizes, and divide the site into different sections with crossed straight lines and broken lines, so that the not spacious space can be partially elongated visually to form an interspersed and blended pattern , To enrich the entire landscape structure, and also to give different sections relatively independent functional attributes. The floor paving combines stone and wood to create a warm atmosphere that is extremely important to the community.


▽以折线切割空间丰富景观结构 Cutting the space with broken lines enriches the landscape structure



The living environment with water as the neighbor will make the space more vivid and aura. Therefore, the design uses the “water” element as the link that runs through the entire site, and a straight water system connects each small space in series from the entrance. Combining with the road system interspersed in it, the various spaces are not completely separated, but are intertwined and merged with each other, thus generating an organic ecological circular community system.


▽水系贯穿交错整个场地,使整个空间变得灵动 Water system runs through the whole site, making the whole space become flexible



People can sit in the seating area by the water to socialize, or stroll in the elaborate garden under the cover of Chinese tallow trees, or find a chair to rest alone. The small spaces with various multi-functional attributes can meet the different needs of people when they walk through them, and they do not disturb each other even though they face each other across the water.




This central waterscape axis creates a hydrophilic atmosphere, allowing people to be only one step away from the flowing waterscape no matter which area they are in. Just get up to touch the water, which greatly increases the interactive participation of the venue.




The details of the water system also conceal mystery. We replaced the static and calm water surface by staggeredly distributing the rough-textured long stones in the water. The cuckoo and flowing water continued to flow up, forming a water area with more energetic and holiday atmosphere.


▽长条石错落分布在水中 Long stones are scattered in the water



The purely functional swimming pool is also optimized in terms of points. The design is inlaid with a curved fountain on the edge of the swimming pool to form a dynamic water surface, which increasingly attracts people to visit and participate, and again emphasizes the concept and thinking of “vacation”.




On both sides of the road and in some areas close to the water, we matched some low bushes and flower mirrors with tall tallow and hackberry as the main trees to set off each other, adding a laid-back atmosphere.





“Vacation” settlements are becoming more and more popular with people, because people long for softness and tranquility after returning home, and a chance to breathe a good farewell to the ups and downs. The moment we stepped on the road home, our soul was comforted.





In this project, we combined the current situation of the site to create a water system space under the forest in a limited space. The sense of ritual, privacy, functionality, and atmosphere of the residential area is reflected in it, and it satisfies some functional attributes. Under the premise of giving the site a rich landscape atmosphere as much as possible, this lively little world is finally generated, where people feel the comfort of life and a real living experience.




设计团队:李卉 杨灿 李婉婷 戴甘霖 吴春 李文翔 蔡雪莲 赖小玲 马利平 马俊 宋照兵 刘洁 张书桢 兰明姝 韦维 陆宇豪

Project name: Dowell Moon Impression, Chongqing
Developers: Southwest Area of Dowell Real Estate
Landscape design area: 10092㎡
Project location: North of Yuegang Avenue, Liangjiang New District, Chongqing
Landscape design: WTD GROUP
Design team: Li Hui ,Yang Can ,Li Wanting , Dai Ganlin, Wu Chun , Li Wenxiang, Cai Xuelian , Lai Xiaoling, Ma Liping, Ma Jun, Song Zhaobing, Liu Jie, Zhang Shuzhen, Lan Mingshu, Wei Wei , Lu Yuhao
Building design: Shanghai Tianhua Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
Construction: Chongqing Renxiang Garden Co., Ltd.
Completion time:2021
Photography:Prism image




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