LANDLAB landscape architects:  与多德雷赫特市LANDLAB合作设计了能源之家前的广场。这个广场也与一个新电影院相邻,将成为“Dort”新的文化热点。这个设计灵感来自于这个没有连接的冲积土地的工业历史,如木材港、船舶码头和能源工厂。基于历史的二分法/分割法,新广场也有两个部分: Wantij滨水区和Noordendijk一侧。

LANDLAB landscape architects:  In collaboration with the City of Dordrecht LANDLAB designs the square in front of the House of Energy (Energiehuis). Also adjacent to a new cinema, this square will become the new cultural hotspot of ‘Dort’. The design is inspired by the industrial history of this unembanked alluvial land as timber harbour, ship wharf and energy plant. Based on the historical dichotomy/division, the new square also gets two parts: a Wantij-waterfront and a Noordendijk-side.




Along the Wantij, wide steps offer direct access to the water. Robust cobblestones and concrete strips with steel bands referring to the former slipways, materialise the quay. The part in front of the House of Energy is built out of dark bricks, representing the coal-storage-location that was once there. At the heart of the square there is a large playing field for the neighbourhood. Tied in between two strips of large industrial masts there’s a water segment, sports court and bouncy rubber-landscape. Clumps of trees diversify the square spatially and create a green filter.



地点: 荷兰多德雷赫特
客户: 多德雷赫特市
主题: 城市转型
团队: 多德雷赫特市——空间设计部
尺寸:  1 – 5公顷
年份:  2014 – 2016年
状态: 完成

Location: Dordrecht NL
Client: City of Dordrecht
Theme: urban transformation
Team: City of Dordrecht – department of spatial design
Size: 1-5ha
Year: 2014-2016
Status: realised

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