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GM landscape design: As an important origin of Hefei industry, the industrial remains of the Soviet era are still preserved here. In the past years, the JAC automobile factory, which was in full swing, now only left high dilapidated walls……


▼场地鸟瞰 Aerial view



LONGFOR MANSION, a new landmark in the old city converted from the abandoned JAC Automobile Axle Factory, aims to bring a relaxing and leisure community activity space for the surrounding residents, and also brings a bright color of the Times to the old industrial area of Yaohai District.




Yaohai District, as the first pilot area for the relocation and transformation of old industrial areas in modern cities nationwide, took into full consideration the regional characteristics and the integration with the surrounding environment in this block transformation, and made the car and bridge factory site into a model garden district.




The original site was a purely enclosed space wrapped in walls. During the exploration phase of the project, our goal with LONGFOR was to bring down these high walls and open up the entire space, intertwining the project with the city and its inhabitants.




After the renovation, LONGFOR MANSION, with its open space and dialogue with the city, can feel its open posture. The traffic flows through, pedestrians come and go, all can touch its willingness to be in harmony with the city.




As to the height difference, the designer uses the form of graded steps, which not only visually eases the impact, but also combines the barrier-free access with the overall shape.


▼开阔的入口广场为丰富市民活动提供了更多可能 The open entrance plaza provides more possibilities for enriching citizen activities



Avoiding the influence of conventional barrier-free access to the overall style, the platform built by the situation is also continuously set back within the red line to give the public more space to move around.




The renovation project cannot be separated from the balance and consideration of preservation and creation. After analyzing the utilization rate of the whole site, the designers made trade-offs in combination with the characteristic properties of the site, and also took advantage of the situation to lay down the overall landscape direction.




Ten years to nurture trees, and a hundred with people. The trees around the main building are well preserved, outlining the shape of the landscape towards.




The flow line running through the whole site, from the site’s own condition, is a natural formation based on trees. Sentimentally speaking, it is also the landscape bearing of the element of “the axle”. The arcs of the staggered arcs bear the marks of the era of Hefei industrial area, and the parallel changing lines connect the ancient and modern changes of the city.




The relaxation bar and seatings built around the trees provide a great resting place for the surrounding residents.




The community living room is created by demolishing part of the building. When the lights on, they decorate the stairs and dapple the red bricks, which is another modernity compared with the quietness in the daytime.



▼改造前 Before transformation




Landscape Design: GM Landscape Design
Design Department: No.1 Design Institute
Design Director: Meng Yijun
Design Team: Cao Bozhi, Xu Duo, Bu Yi
Final-period Team: Zhao Liang, Zhu Liang, Huang Xiaolei, Wang Shanshan, Lu Wei, Huang Lanping, Ji Linbo
Planting Team: He Wenhong, Lou Jinnan
Water-electrical Structure: Ren Li, Wang Junrui
Team of Party A: Zhan Mingzhu, Mu Huanwei, Wan Chengxue
Landscape Area: 5225㎡
Developer: Hefei Wanjing Real Estate Development Co., Ltd
Construction: Nanjing Yunhan Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd
Photo Credit: ZOOM


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