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Wonderway International:Fujian · xiamen, also known as lu island, is located in the southeast of Fujian province, zhangzhou in the west, nanan and jinjiang in the north, jinmen and daba islands across the sea in the southeast, and zhangzhou quanzhou and Fujian golden triangle economic zone where the project is located, adjacent to the coast, the environment is livable. The area is surrounded by convenient transportation and perfect living facilities. Within 500m traffic circle, green space is planned. Within 2000m traffic circle, there are affiliated parks and schools.




Xiamen never leaves the sea, and its charm is displayed on the eastern coastline of the ring island. Taking the original intention of nature interpretation, the design of Gamdale Galaxy Gulf Xiamen integrates the understanding of nature and respect for the city into the construction of the sense of site, and creates the Gamdale · Galaxy Gulf demonstration zone with landscape and dream.


▼项目构思平面 Sketch

▼项目平面图 Master Plan


迎宾广场 Entrance plaza


Entrance plaza, the quality of the interpretation of the elegant, with a Bronze Age rotating wheel of the art of sculpture to greet the arrival of each guests walk road of the atmosphere of broad honorable hospitality, on both sides of the flow of water and their big pearls falling into a sort of like the water, with the principal part of natural be in harmony are an organic whole in the corner of the city sculpture, with the garden feeling, foil gives the harmonious atmosphere interaction with urban project itself.




The city and water blend with each other, complementary to each other, just like the Taoist virtual reality of the phase of phase, the city is real, the water is virtual mountain is real, the building in the residential area is real, the landscape is virtual, the noble and magnificent building, and the line of the landscape complementary to extract landscape linear, landscape impression into the site.




The majestic sea and unrestrained waves can bring people a free and high-spirited imagination design, from which water elements can be extracted and restored to the design of the front space. Arranged fountains form a perfect arc, bringing a strong visual impact, and people’s yearning for exquisite luxury and taste flows in the light and shadow.




Mountains and rivers have a stable and far-reaching implication, the mountain visible, visible its outline, the mountain soul design extract the abstract outline of the mountain, combined with water, together form a very artistic personality of the site style of exquisite ground pavement echo the outline of the building, show out of the city bustling refined luxury taste, here can experience leisure life.



星光门庭 The door of the star


Walking into the starlight hall, you can see the right combination of neon and starlight, which is both dynamic and static. Large-scale entrance design has a noble ceremonial greeting atmosphere. Stars and light pouring down not only show the quality of the design ,but also enhance the visual aesthetic feeling, and show the atmospheric charm combined with the outside of the demonstration area.




Entering the courtyard is the gate of The Times ,The second see is the drifting sky curtain , the third see the starlight dome. The space order of inheritance and transition and the proper use of light and shadow make it show elegant artistic taste while creating a sense of ritual respect.



艺术庭院 Courtyard Art Gallery


Light flow, with the pace of landscape transformation, The interior courtyard perfectly demonstrates people’s pursuit of leisure life. A large area of water looks like a pool of lake water.fine goods between a morning light, the clouds quietly elegant freely clear lake, the lake different shades of grey stone pavement is visible, the lake plant, is a symbol of prosperity upward vitality, is the emotional sustenance, is also the embodiment of the spiritual temperament project.




Feather sculpture floating on the lake, its light arc brings peace and hope to the experiencer, people can imagine it falling from the sky at that moment leisurely figure, full of rhythm.




Several groups of private room is decorated in a corner of the courtyard, in such a park in the artistic conception, form the leisure place that people have a rest the area with stepwise transform natural transition, cleverly split the function space, is an integral part of the whole, and have their own negotiation atmosphere here, can be comfortable enjoy green colors, can understand cloud on life, the concept of health in the extension.




We have seen the flowers bloom and fall together, walked through time together, drunk in the illusion of The Times in Gamdale Galaxy Gulf Xiamen, rising up in the new exhibition coast, flourishing together with the world, witnessing the brilliance of life.




项目地址: 厦门 翔安
项目设计 & 完成年份:2017/2019
设计面积: 约1.73公顷

Project name: GALAXY GULF
Client: Gemdale Group, CR LAND, ITG
Location: Xiangan, Xiamen, China
Project design & completion year: 2017/2019
Design area: about 1.73 ha
Design team: Lei Shao, Wenqian Yu, Rongjia Yan, Qihua Zhu, Zhebin Zhu, Xiaoqing Chen, Haiyan Xuan
Architecture: PTA
Photography: Real Estate Frontier – XUNMEI FILM TELEVISION


项目中的材料运用 Application of materials in this project


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