VDLA :位于贝鲁特中央区的入口处,在安纳尔大厦的注意之下,格布兰·滕尼纪念碑是向尊敬的记者致敬,还是一个开放的公共空间,标志着贝鲁特新重建的中央区的入口。

VDLA :Two decades after the end of the war, Beirut is still in the process of defining itself. Its physical incompleteness is mirrored in its society, in its ongoing struggle to come to terms with its past and contend with the complexity of its present. The painful recent cost of this struggle is visible in a new memorial space introduced into the fabric of the city.


Located at the entrance of Beirut’s Central District, under the watchful eyes of the An Nahar building, the Gebran Tueni Memorial is both a tribute to an honorable journalist, as well as an open public space marking the entrance of Beirut’s newly rebuilt Central District.







The monument is located on the plane of the 15,9 and 57 cm wide granite band, inspired by the date of birth on September 15, 1957. The olive tree that marked the beginning of the monument, as well as the planting of oak and thyme, are nostalgic Lebanese species, suggesting his patriotic close ties.


The loose cobblestones under the olive tree, engraved with his name, are intended to be taken away by all tourists and will continue to complement his colleagues in Nahar as a constant memory. At night, programming lighting revealed his words and illuminated his memory. The memorial space has become a place to arouse a person’s character and achievements, and has described a story in the Lebanese story.

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