TROP:Terrains+Open Space :Zense露台美食中心是中央零售中心的四大特色之一。概念源自地球上四个要素:土、水、风、火。项目希望在曼谷风景最好的17层楼上创造出禅意的世界。项目由2007年开始,室内设计由曼谷的DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE完成。

TROP:Terrains+Open Space :Zen se terrace food center is one of the four major features of the central retail center. The concept originates from four elements on the earth: earth, water, wind and fire. The project hopes to create a Zen world on the 17th floor with the best scenery in Bangkok. The project started in 2007 and the interior design was completed by Bangkok’s department of architecture.



TROP:Terrains+Open Space则完成室外的工作。设计要尽可能的利用360度全景。总面积为900平方米左右。同时值得注意的是:客户希望容纳更多的座位,整个露台呈长椭圆形。

Trop: terrains + open space completes outdoor work. The design should make full use of 360 – degree panorama. The total area is about 900 square meters. At the same time, it is worth noting that the customer wants to accommodate more seats and the entire balcony is oblong.




On this basis, landscape designers have made interesting seating arrangements. Make use of the terrace height difference to lay out the catering area, VIP area, and air bar. Wood represents the earth in the project. the designer has chosen the local wood that adapts to Bangkok’s climate. the wood is relatively thick, so it is not suitable for bending. I hope to create interesting space and express the quiet and elegant atmosphere with a simple material, leaving a deep impression on the people who come here.



景观设计: TROP:Terrains+Open Space

Project name: Gourmet Deck and Lounge Panorama
Project type:Public Space
Area : 900㎡
Landscape: TROP:Terrains+Open Space


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