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Jaime Lerner Arquitetos Associados:Guaíba海滨城市公园全长1.5公里,占地5.7公顷,位于巴西南部拥有150万人口的最大城市-阿雷格里港。该公园是当地政府将城市和居民与最珍贵的景观——Guaíba海滨重新连接起来的一项举措。

Jaime Lerner Arquitetos Associados:The Guaíba Waterfront Urban Park is a 1.5km and 5,7ha intervention in Porto Alegre, the largest metropolis in Southern Brazil with 1.5 million population, 4.2 million in a metropolitan scale. The park, which is a local government initiative, reconnects the city and the population with its most precious landscape: the Guaíba waterfront.


© Arthur Cordeiro



This project brings life to an infill area that was created to be part of the flood control system of Porto Alegre. In building this infill, the riparian environment was adversely affected. Also, as prior to the project it had no use and was disconnected from the surrounding city life, creating a somewhat hostile area with serious security, degradation and abandonment problems. Those are some of the issues that the Park seeks to mitigate.


© Leonardo Finotti
© Leonardo Finotti



As an urban and environmental regeneration project, the intervention will greatly improve the porto-alegrenses’ quality of life, with social, economic and environmental systemic impacts. It comes to connect people, culture, history and nature in a virtuous circle of valorization. Adjacent to the downtown area, the park is very well connected to the urban fabric, with facilitated access to pedestrians and bikers, metro, bus and cars.


© Leonardo Finotti
© Arthur Cordeiro



With a carefully conceived program, it will carry all the necessary elements to re-energize the city center through increased tourism, valorization of the built stock and recuperation of the natural environment. It is an integrating project, bridging several elements of the built and natural environment that exist in the surrounding area, allowing people to gather and enjoy this new shared space in the city. All the necessary infrastructure to address the visitor’s needs are present in the park, such as pubs, cafes, sports facilities and so on. A previously onerous area becomes an important asset for the city, a sustainability element, reducing costs and adding value.


© Leonardo Finotti



The architectural qualities of the project are connected to the natural way by which it inserts itself in the landscape, taking advantage of the area’s topography to accommodate the necessary infrastructures and to create belvederes to contemplate the surrounding scenery. The materials are concrete, steel, wood and glass in natural colors, so to gain lightness. The curved shapes relate to the movement of the waters, unfolding gently along the terrain. They take advantage of the plasticity of the concrete to generate only essential forms.


© Arthur Cordeiro
© Arthur Cordeiro
© Arthur Cordeiro
© Arthur Cordeiro



The scenic dimension of the estuary will be enhanced by the provision of a qualified stage for its appreciation. The stairways that run along the project provide the perfect seating area for the glorious sunset, “the most beautiful one in the world”.


© Leonardo Finotti
© Leonardo Finotti
© Leonardo Finotti
© Leonardo Finotti



An important element of the project is the light. During the day, the sunlight and its reflections in the Guaíba waters guide the spectacle; after the sunset, architecture starts its own show, with a lightning project that creates, on the pavements of the park, a semblance of the night starry sky.


© Arthur Cordeiro
© Arthur Cordeiro
© Arthur Cordeiro
© Arthur Cordeiro
© Leonardo Finotti
© Leonardo Finotti
© Leonardo Finotti
© Arthur Cordeiro
© Leonardo Finotti
© Leonardo Finotti
© Leonardo Finotti
© Leonardo Finotti



The landscape project is mindful of the ecological aspects of the riparian habitat and seeks to reintroduce the native species of this environment, conducing to its regeneration. The native remaining vegetation was left undisturbed and the architectural features accommodated themselves around it. To each “microclimate” (for example, the areas subject to natural floods, and drier areas higher up), specific species were selected, including the creation of an indigenous aquatic plants garden. Overall, it works not only as a environment regeneration project, but also as a permanent, live and open environmental education class.


© Leonardo Finotti
© Leonardo Finotti
© Leonardo Finotti


从自然环境的恢复和新的充满活力的地址的创造出发,公园将成为城市中一个文化和艺术表达之地,既有传统的表现形式,如Semana Farroupilha (民俗庆典),也有新的文化和艺术形式。

Departing from the recuperation of the natural environment and the creation of a new, vibrant address is the city, the Park will become a place for cultural and artistic expression, both of traditional manifestations, such as the Semana Farroupilha (folkloric celebration) and new cultural and artistic forms.


© Arthur Cordeiro
© Arthur Cordeiro



The built heritage present in the region – the Gasômetro cultural center, the Cais Mauá docklands and the Civic Center – will gain new visibility and connectivity. The constant inflow of people at the park will spill over the entire downtown area, increasing the public for these attractions, as well as injecting new pace for the economic activities in the region. Finally, it impacts positively the social fabric of the city; by recuperating a degraded space in Porto Alegre, it also increases the sense of belonging, and demonstrates the care of the city for its heritage and its people.


© Arthur Cordeiro



By the intelligent use of architecture, landscaping and light design, in conjunction with a wide array of activities, Porto Alegre will gain a sustainable, vibrant place that shows how the “marriage” of manmade interventions and nature can have a positive impact on both. It is the physical and symbolic re-encounter of Porto Alegre and its waters, creating a vibrant and sustainable address.


© Arthur Cordeiro
© Leonardo Finotti
© Leonardo Finotti




建筑与景观设计:jaime Lerner Arquitetos Associados
团队成员:jaime Lerner -主管;arqº Fernando Antônio Canalli -项目经理和施工顾问;arqº Paulo Kawahara; Arqº Valéria Bechara; Arqº Gianna Rossanna De Rossi; Arqº Ariadne Dahe; Arqº Felipe Guerra; Arqº Fernando Popp;arqº Taco Roorda; Engº Agrônomo Carlos;oliveira Perna
景观:carlos Oliveira Perna
建筑开发:grifo Arquitetura
建设:consÓrcio Orla Mais Alegre;procon Construções Indústria E Comércio;sadenco – Sul Americana De Engenharia E Comércio Ltda;sh Estruturas Metálicas
地形:prisma Topografia
深度测量:aerogeo Aerofotogrametria;geoprocessamento E Engenharia Ltda
基础:emepe Fundacoes
混凝土技术:daher Tecnologia Em Engenharia Ltda
混凝土结构:as Estruturas Engenheiros Associados S/s
钢结构:andrade Rezende Engrenharia De Projetos S/s Ltda
木结构:koga Engenharia
玻璃:solutemp SoluÇÕes Em Vidros
水力、天然气、水和防火:eduardo Ribeiro Escritorio De Projetos
水、污水和排水:serenco Servicos De Engenharia Consultiva
电气与逻辑:imperio Engenharia Eletrica
照明:luzurbana Engenharia
空调:michelena Engenharia De Climatizacao
考古和艺术品复原:prefeitura Municipal De Porto Alegre – Secretaria Municipal Da Cultura
预算:planor Engenharia Ltda
摄影:leonardo Finotti; Arthur Cordeiro

Project Name: Guaíba Waterfront Urban Park
Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil
Client: Porto Alegre City Hall
Completion Year: 2018
Área Do Projeto: 5,7ha

Architecture And Landscape: Jaime Lerner Arquitetos Associados
Team Member: Jaime Lerner – Supervisor; Arqº Fernando Antônio Canalli – Project Manager And Construction Consultant; Arqº Paulo Kawahara; Arqº Valéria Bechara; Arqº Gianna Rossanna De Rossi; Arqº Ariadne Daher; Arqº Felipe Guerra; Arqº Fernando Popp; Arqº Taco Roorda; Engº Agrônomo Carlos; Oliveira Perna
Landscape: Carlos Oliveira Perna
Architectural Development: Grifo Arquitetura
Construction: ConsÓrcio Orla Mais Alegre; Procon Construções Indústria E Comércio; Sadenco – Sul Americana De Engenharia E Comércio Ltda; Sh Estruturas Metálicas
Topography: Prisma Topografia
Bathymetry: Aerogeo Aerofotogrametria; Geoprocessamento E Engenharia Ltda
Site Investigation: Fundasolos
Earthmoving: Engecram
Foundations: Emepe FundaÇÕes
Concrete Technology: Daher Tecnologia Em Engenharia Ltda
Concrete Structure: As Estruturas Engenheiros Associados S/s
Steel Structure: Andrade Rezende Engrenharia De Projetos S/s Ltda
Wood Structure: Koga Engenharia
Glazing: Solutemp SoluÇÕes Em Vidros
Hydraulic, Gas, Water And Fire Prevention: Eduardo Ribeiro EscritÓrio De Projetos
Water, Sewage And Drainage: Serenco ServiÇos De Engenharia Consultiva
Electric And Logic: ImpÉrio Engenharia ElÉtrica
Lighting: Luzurbana Engenharia
Air Conditioning: Michelena Engenharia De ClimatizaÇÃo
Archaeology And Art Pieces Recovery: Prefeitura Municipal De Porto Alegre – Secretaria Municipal Da Cultura
Budget: Planor Engenharia Ltda
Photography: Leonardo Finotti; Arthur Cordeiro



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