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玳山建筑设计: HAY COFFEE是一家深耕社区的独立精品咖啡店,至今开业已有六年时间,此次委托玳山建筑设计为HAY COFFEE的门店进行改造设计,同时也是其第二次空间设计与更新。

Turtlehill Architecture and Design: HAY COFFEE is an independent boutique coffee shop that goes deep into the community. It has been in operation for six years. Turtlehill Architectural Design was commissioned to renovate the coffee shop, which was also the second spatial renovation for it.


▽主入口 Entrance



当我们讨论一个门店的迭代时,总会期待它给以人耳目一新的惊喜,然而另一方面,我们也不甘看到过往的痕迹被完全抹灭,尤其是面对一家能够与社区产生连接的社区咖啡店时。因此玳山建筑设计期待此次针对HAY COFFEE的空间改造设计不只有品牌风格上的更新与优化,同时也能让这个场所中积累的故事与温情在此延续。

When discussing an iteration of a store, we always expect it to be a refreshing new look. However, we are not willing to see the traces of the past completely erased, especially when it comes to a coffee shop that deeply connects with the community. Therefore, Turtlehill Architectural Design expects that the interior design for HAY COFFEE will not only update and optimize the brand style, but also continue the stories happened in this place.


▽半室外咖啡区02 Semi-outdoor coffee area02


▽由半室外咖啡区看向小区 view to the neighborhood from the semi-outdoor coffee area



这不禁让人联想到广州极具地标性的景点:北京路千年古道。北京路是古代广州城的中轴线,这条中轴线延用了近千年,游客们能透过玻璃钢罩看到从唐代至民国共11 层不同朝代的路面遗迹,每个朝代厚度不一,层层迭压,犹如一个个历史的剖面,方寸之间浓缩的是上百年的岁月。如果把餐饮门店的每次变化也比作朝代的更替,空间设计更新便是历史累积的见证。那我们是否也可以像北京路古道遗址这般,通过建筑部件的留置,展露场所历史?

This reminds us of the landmark scenic spot in Guangzhou: Beijing Road Millennium Ancient Road. Beijing Road is the central axis of the ancient city of Guangzhou, which has been in use for nearly a thousand years. Through the glass floor, visitors can see the pavement relics of 11 different dynasties, from the Tang Dynasty to the Republic of China. The thickness of each dynasty is different, layer by layer, just like the sections of history, condensing hundreds of years into a square inch. If we compare the changes in catering stores to changes in dynasties, the updates in design become the witness of historical accumulation. Then, can we also reveal the history of the site through preservation of building components like the Beijing Road Ancient Road Ruins?


▽由小区看向半室外咖啡区 view to the semi-outdoor coffee area from the neighborhood


▽外立面景窗近景 Close shot of exterior window


▽无收口材质细节 Details of materials




With this in mind, the original decoration was preserved deliberately while meeting the functional requirements of the owner, trying not to destroy the old appearance as much as possible. We only removed the debris and cleaned. The new design is attached directly to the original wall, like a new layer of history.


▽室内咖啡区 Indoor coffee area




Additionally, several windows are placed on the new partitions. In these windows, you can see the cut plane of the space and the layers of historical traces as if excavating an archaeological site. The cut surfaces of these openings are not treated with any decoration. The materials and structures, such as the light steel keel, water and electricity pipelines, plywood, the old elm, and white latex paint, are all exposed to the public. They are not intended to show the exquisite skills of craftsmen or compare the value of materials, but to exist as a section of time.


▽室内咖啡区局部 Details of indoor coffee area


▽室内咖啡区局部 Details of indoor coffee area


▽墙面景窗 Windows in the partition




The design tries to regard every spacial iteration as a history of dynasties and preserves the past life and history of the space, while connecting the past and present of this community.


▽外立面景窗 Exterior window


▽平面图 Plan


▽A-A剖面图 A-A Section




摄影师: 张超建筑摄影工作室、猫瞳工作室

Project name: HAY COFFEE
Year completed: 2023
Project area: 125㎡
Project Location: No. 43, Qiaoyi Street, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Design company: Turtlehill Architecture and Design
Company website: http://turtlehill.cn
Contact email: info@turtlehill.cn
Chief Designer: Guo Zhenjiang
Design team: Feng Siyi, Chen Jiaxuan, Gu Yueru
Graphic design: CONSPROS
Photographers: Zhang Chao Architectural Photography Studio, Cat Tong Studio




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