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A&N Shangyuan landscape:While continuing the traditional space and cultural elements, the design combines modern artistic techniques to create an ideal living environment, pays attention to the harmonious unity of man and nature, introduces nature into life, and integrates life into nature。




There are bustling markets and fireworks on the outside,and there is seclusion and tranquility and a leisurely life when entering。The scenery of the four seasons is always accompanied the flowers are lingering。It’s a spiritual home with a poetic life. The courtyard hides landscape, the garden hides dense shade





Hefei, Anhui, located in the core of Anhui Province, is a historical capital that has been infiltrated by regional culture for a long time. “Hui culture” has accumulated for thousands of years, bringing together the poetic beauty of the mountains and rivers in Huizhou, and the spiritual soul of humanistic feelings. It is deeply rooted in the urban spine of Hefei and affects the daily life of local residents.


▽项目区位 The project location



This case is hidden in the center of the old city in the Shushan District of Hefei. Relying on the cultural heritage of the city, it is embedded in the lush neighborhood parks. In addition, the old camphor trees shade the sun and shade the road. It is noisy in the city and quiet in the The courtyard, quiet in the midst of the hustle and bustle, enjoys the tranquility of one side alone, and also conveys the elegant temperament of high-end seclusion.




The design starts from the dimension of products, takes “Hui culture” as a touch point, and combines the “Huizhou mansion” pattern, “Huizhou Garden bonsai”, “Twenty-four solar terms” and “Brush, ink, paper and inkstone” and other cultures and project characteristics, and use the The expression of contemporary design language links products and customers, so that people living here can find a spiritual belonging and identity. At the same time, in the culturally infiltrated scene, they can feel the respect and courtesy of the Huizhou mansion, find the living atmosphere familiar to the local people, and create a continuous line. ideal contemporary living.




The spatial deduction process of Huizhou mansion is also a process of repeated deliberation on how to solve the problem. From the initial design of “entering through the courtyard” to the current choice of “returning home with the garden”, one is progressive from nature to life, the other is It is the interpenetration of life and nature in the progressive layers. We chose the latter, which can better reflect the philosophical thought of Huizhou mansion originating from nature and blending with nature, and the harmony between man and nature.


▽设计分析 Design analysis



The elegance of Huizhou houses lies in “simple and ancient, elegant and elegant”. We found “Chengzhi Hall” as a model of Huizhou’s high-end residential buildings. Its spatial pattern and detailed decoration all reflect the architectural characteristics of Huizhou mansions.


▽空间布局 Space layout

▽元素演绎 Element deductive



The design interprets and reproduces from the current perspective, completes the continuation of culture and the inheritance of space, and presents the whole project as a mansion with four courtyards. In the project, the overall positioning and tonality of this case’s exquisite elegance is conveyed.


▽“山水人文”时空对话的空间格局 The spatial pattern of spatial-temporal dialogue of “Landscape and Humanity”


一进 /门楼/ First / The Gate/

尊崇——木雕门楼,礼仪归家 Respect – wood carving gatehouse, etiquette home


The respected hotel-style drop-off layout conveys the exquisite and elegant quality of the project. The deep house compound, separated by a wall, isolates the hustle and bustle of the street, and enjoys the tranquility and peace of home. The use of Huizhou architectural symbols also creates a strong local cultural heritage.


▽入口空间效果图&实景图 Effect drawing & real scene drawing of entrance space

▽形象景墙LOGO Image landscape wall LOGO



The large green camphor tree stands and extends, softening the boundary between the inside and outside of the site, conveying the secluded atmosphere of the city.




When returning home, no matter the morning light or the twilight, the lights and shadows indicate the arrival of home, so that the simple daily life of returning home is decorated with a warm and ceremonial sense of ironing.


▽徽派建筑元素的延续与运用 The continuation and application of Hui-style architectural elements




The gatehouse is one of the highlights of Huizhou architecture and an indispensable part of the Huizhou residential mansion. Grasp the spatial distance, and at the entrance of the car dealership, you can glimpse the courtyard scene behind the gatehouse.

The neatly woven wooden gatehouse is like an entrance to a tranquil environment, attracting people to enter. The temperature of light and shadow penetrates through the gap between the logs and hits the face. This dialogue with time and space officially begins.



二进 /明厅/ Second / Welcome Courtyard/

礼遇——迎客盆景,四水归堂 Courtesy – welcome bonsai, four waters return to the hall


Water gathers the heart of the sky, four waters return to the church




Passing through the wooden corridor, the shadows and shadows are intertwined like time and space, awakening the memories of the past. Under the square patio, the bonsai is used as a garden, suitable for both rain and shine, and the scenery at all seasons, whether it is quiet or sparse, always welcomes you.



三进 /后厅/ Third / Inkstone Garden/

闲赏——诗画墨砚,闲淡人生 Leisurely Appreciation – Poetry, Painting and Inkstone, Leisurely Life


In the long-screen scroll of natural landscapes, we seek the realm of luxury and elegance, and enjoy a leisurely life.




Along the corridor of Mingtang, stepping into the transition space of the back hall, the inkstone courtyard is vaguely visible. Returning home slowly, the gray walls and wooden fences form an aesthetic container, and the giant inkstone composed of Sheyan stones is decorated with mottled tree shadows and beautiful flowers.


▽墨砚庭院效果图 Ink inkstone courtyard rendering

▽墨砚庭院实景图 Real picture of ink inkstone courtyard

▽庭院连廊 The courtyard nest



Pen, ink, paper and inkstone originated in Huizhou and flourished in Huizhou. She graphite black and rough, used as the base of the inkstone pool, breaking the traditional application method, and presenting the scene of writing and swaying thousands of years ago.


▽徽州山水墨砚台&墨砚池 Huizhou Mountain ink ink stone & Ink ink stone pool



Facing this giant inkstone, find a corner to sit and feel the high degree of integration of landscape, architecture and interior, the penetration and unity of indoor and outdoor, the rising of water mist, which makes people peel away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and feel the beauty of the natural secrets. The ultimate luxury of introducing landscape into home”.




The life of modern people is complicated. When we are in this long-screen picture, we only need a hot tea and a rattan chair to get a moment of leisure and enjoy the leisurely life in the aftertaste of breathing.


▽透过玻璃呈现一幅美好的自然画卷 Through the glass presents a beautiful picture of nature


四进 /徽园/  Fourth / The back yard

归心——自然徽园,写意山水 Returning to the Heart – Natural Huiyuan, Freehand Landscape


“It may be done by man, but it may be done by heaven. Ingenious in borrowing, fine in the body appropriate “, Hui-style gardens pay attention to the harmony of man and nature, nature into life, life into nature.


▽后场口袋公园设计分析 Design analysis of backfield pocket park



Thanks to the talent resources, there is a 3,000-square-meter pocket park on the east and west sides of the project, which encloses and wraps the core mansion, creating a high-end living picture in the natural setting. In the picture scroll, we incorporate the theme of a kaleidoscope of plants, hoping to bring a rich natural experience of “being in the city as in the wild” to future owners and community residents.


▽后场口袋公园 The back pocket park




The process of landing is also a process of sticking to the original intention. We track the placement of every detail, and use detailed disclosure texts, process proofing, seedling tracking, seedling scene placement simulation, landscape stone sculpture construction, and later on-site inspections. …and other means to ensure zero mistakes and deviations in the landing, and perfectly present the most beautiful life expectations to local customers.


▽详细的交底文本&施工过程 Detailed disclosure text & construction process



In order to restore the designed scene atmosphere, we selected each tree according to the model, and edited the identity code to ensure that the 360-degree picture after landing, from every angle, is a perfect picture of Huizhou landscape in miniature.


▽苗木场景落位模拟/Seedling scene placement simulation

▽苗木场景落位模拟实际呈现/Actual presentation of seedling scene placement simulation


设计师语 At the last


Surrounded by the hidden beauty of the mountains, Huizhou’s landscapes are in sight, and the aesthetics of Huizhou’s life touches my heart: it does not reject moss, does not reject roughness, does not reject ivy, does not pursue extreme perfection and delicacy, but shares life with the wind and rain of time. The space, which reconciles human creations with beautiful landscapes, integrates the aesthetics of the past with the current life scenery. This dialogue between landscape and humanities is pure and freehand.




项目名称:合肥 城改·万科 观山隐秀

摄 影:雪尔空间摄影,效果图由艺元视觉提供,局部样图由行知影像XINZEE提供

Project Name: Hefei Urban Reform · Vanke Guanshan Hidden Show
Project address: Shushan District, Hefei City, Anhui Province
Developer: Hefei Urban Reform Investment & Construction Group Co., LTD. / Hefei Vanke Enterprise Co., LTD
Project type: Residential demonstration area
Design style: Modern
Landscape design area: 9,936 m2
Design time: 2021.10.12-2022.03.17
Presentation time: May 2022
Landscape Design: A&N Shangyuan landscape
Landscape design technical guidance: Zou Yuda
Project DESIGN: WANG Xiaoli, WANG Jihong, ZHANG Zhichao, Ma Ni, ZHAO Chen, Chen Xiaolan, ZHANG Kun
Construction drawing design: Ye Huiping, Liang Jie, Li Chunxiang, Qin Jiao, Wang Yiyu, Zou Ju, GUI Liangze
Post service team: Yan Lun, Tao Cong
Design Team of Party A: Gao Yanrui, Wang Dongfang, Lin Jun, Zhang Gang

Architectural Design: Shanghai Zhengxiang Architectural Design Office Co., LTD
Interior design: Vertical and horizontal matrix
Landscape Construction: Shenzhen Pudao Landscape Co., LTD
Flood Light Design: Chengdu Zuoyi Lighting Engineering Design Co., LTD
Logo Design: Shanghai Baixi Logo Design Co., LTD
Photography: Shier Space Photography, effect pictures provided by Yiyuan Vision, local sample pictures provided by Xingzhi image XINZEE



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