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ASL : Shenzhen Merin INJOY Mall is a regional benchmarking commercial project of one of excellence’s three product lines.  Opened on August 26, 2016, the commercial building area reaches 100,000 square meters, with two floors underground and three floors above ground.  The surrounding residential areas and industrial parks are dense, seamlessly connected with Shenzhen Metro Line 4 and Line 9, with obvious geographical advantages.




According to our investigation and analysis, the sunken plaza is old and poorly lit.  The entrance of the sunken square is connected to L entrance of subway ground, and negative second floor is connected to the subway.  In the subway, more people use escalators to enter and exit the shopping mall through negative first floor entrance , and less use long steps from first floor to second floor. The customer acquisition rate of shops on the second floor is very low. And escalator on the south side from negative first floor to second floor, not in the mainstream traffic line, basically no one use.


▽项目区位 Project location

▽前期调研分析 Preliminary investigation and analysis

▽场地鸟瞰 Bird’s eye view of site



With continuous development and maturity of science and technology and change of people’s shopping habits and concepts, the way of “scene + shopping” is more and more applied in offline business experience, and the business scene construction gradually tends to be “IP” and “third space”, so that consumers can get more scene-based experience.  Shenzhen INJOY Shopping Center gradually optimizes business environment, and improves merchant brand and business format, under the background the business scene upgrading and transformation project was born.



策略 Strategy


What to keep? What memory does it hold in the hearts of merlyn? It’s something we’ve been asking and thinking about in the transformation.


▽下沉广场人群分析 Crowd analysis of sunken square


演绎草地音乐节,共享自然的高定 Interpretation of the grassland music festival, sharing the high nature



Merlyn INJOY Club has successfully operated grassland music festival for several years in the surrounding green land. It not only brings commercial value, but also becomes the cultural name card of Meilin area. We want to inherit site gene and deduce site memory.

Through combination of vertical greening and sense of rhythm of ecological curtain wall, the addition of rest seats and fashionable light signage devices designers create a place for people to gather together and truly interact with society and environment, so that people and nature can coexist harmoniously in a sustainable way. The improvement of the space creates a round-the-clock experience for different types of people.



具体改造措施 Concrete transformation measures


1. Add commercial brand logo wall to sunken square increasing visibility.
2. Add ecology of sunken square and create natural atmosphere through three-dimensional greening and mini flower pool.
3. Increase lighting of the site to create a night economy place.
4. Remove the south elevator and increase outer commercial area of negative second floor.


▽下沉广场总平 Sunken square master plan

▽改造后的入口logo墙 The reconstructed entrance logo wall

▽改造后的立面 The facade after renovation

▽改造后的负二层商业界面 Business interface of negative second floorr after transformation

▽改造后的负二层商业空间 Commercial space of negative second floor after transformation



The project transforms the original single commercial sunken plaza into a composite business mode combining commerce, culture, art and public facilities to meet needs of diverse user groups. The design improves original scale imbalance and separation from city, turning unused scarce public space into a walking network connecting various public Spaces. Through space optimization, the original inefficient sunken commercial space is transformed into an open, light fashion, life-oriented and communicative commercial block.


▽场地情景动图 Site scene GIF


材料 — 竹木的运用 Materials – use of bamboo and wood


The combination of vertical greenery and the rhythm of bamboo and wood curtain wall designers create an experience centered on biophile design. A variety of vertical greenery, with climbing plants that change with the seasons, ensures flowering throughout the year, incorporating nature into every aspect of the design. which not only enriches the visual sense, delights physical and mental health, but also promotes carbon neutrality of the commercial project itself and significant.


▽下沉广场立面图 Elevation of sunken plaza

▽下沉广场材料及物种设计 Materials and species design of sunken plaza



The outdoor theatre composed of leisure steps continues urban memory of ” INJOY Meadow Music Festival”, and the commercial walkway space with a strong sense of forest creates a vibrant atmosphere and brings visitors into vibrant commercial space.



激活 Activation


The original dark and lifeless sunken space has been transformed into a natural and shady urban space, making INJOY defined as a warm urban service brand, committed to providing more comfortable and convenient services and space for the public. There are also many cases where targeting public service leads to more long-term, impactful and sustainable business success.



建造纪实 Documentary of construction



The site was built for a long time. At beginning of the transformation, we measured site, reviewed architectural drawings and optimized the transformation design according to stone size.

In the construction process of the sunken square, there are still differences between actual material size and the drawing. The designer adjusted width and height of vertical greening of the wall according to the size of dry hanging stone on the wall and position of split seam, confirmed situation of the construction side, and ensured display of design effect. At the same time bamboo and wood seat sample section were made on scene, designers adjust joint and other issues, and finally determine implementation of the process.


▽施工过程 Construction process



未实施的艺术装置 An unimplemented art installation


Due to change of investment situation, art halo installation on the covered bridge was cancelled.


▽效果图 Rendering


装置规格 Equipment specifications

Outer ring diameter: 5600mm
Inner ring diameter: 4720mm
Ring side width: 500mm
Material: Ferrari transparent film
Lighting configuration: LED single point control


▽3D模型 3d model






Project Name: INJOY Business scene transformation and upgrading
Year of completion: 2021
Project area: Sunken square 1000 square meters
Location: Shenzhen Zhuoyuehui Shopping Center
Design company (landscape/architecture) : Shenzhen ASL Landscape Planning and Design Co., LTD
Company website: http://www.art-spring.com/
Contact email: 3365492166@qq.com
Chief designer: Wu Dandan
Design team: Li Qian, Tong Anran, Chen Huangquan, Wang Jinwei, Guo Cong, Huang Yongsheng, Huang Di, Chen Li, Luo Limei
Client/developer: Shenzhen Zhenbao Industrial Co., LTD
Photographer: Arhat



审稿编辑: Maggie

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