KMDG :   自1847年以来,肯尼迪广场已成为普罗维登斯交通网络的核心。在城市的地理中心,广场坐落于1878年建立的第二帝国市政厅和1908年完成的美术艺术联邦大楼之间。令人印象深刻的书籍构成了广场的两端,而长边与Burnside公园到西部和许多城市的最高的建筑东部。

KMDG :   Since 1847, Kennedy Plaza has served as the heart of the Providence’s transportation network. At the geographic center of the City, the Plaza sits between the Second Empire City Hall built in 1878, and the Beaux Arts Federal building completed in 1908. The impressive bookends frame the short ends of the plaza, while the long ends are contrasted by Burnside Park to the west and many of the City’s tallest buildings to the east.



新的资金来源使得城市和罗德岛公共交通管理局(RIPTA)能够重新审视广场,通过提供更有效率的公交泊位,并每天更好地定位成千上万的RIPTA车手,从而减少对交通的关注。 ,并创造了一个改善广场的地方感,作为非高峰时间的活动和节日的场所。使用策略增加Burnside Park与广场之间的视觉连接,并利用减少的交通车道和增加广场空间,设计部署了长长的树丛和现代铺路调色板,以加强广场作为突出规模的地方在通勤中乘坐公共汽车的人的规模也很好的城市。

New funding resources enabled the City and the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) to take on a re-visioning of the Plaza that reduces the focus on transportation by making more efficient bus berths and better orienting the tens of thousands of RIPTA riders every day, and also creates a sense of place that improves the plaza as a venue for events and festivals during non-peak ridership times.  Using a strategy to increase visual connectivity between Burnside Park and the Plaza and take advantage of the decreased traffic lanes and increased Plaza space, the design deploys long groves of trees and a contemporary paving palette to reinforce the Plaza as a place of prominent scale of the city that also functions well at the scale of individuals catching the bus on their commute.



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