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ZAN Landscape: Love in the landscape, free unruly.





Whether it is a Chinese garden or a Japanese garden,Its beginning is people’s longing for the natural environment.

The ancients liked to build houses close to mountains and rivers, and later derived into building mountains and rivers, Modern people pay attention to the quality of the living environment and introduce the mountain and wild sentiments into their homes. In the final analysis, the direction of the heart is the word “natural”.


▽自然诗意的花园景观 Natural poetic garden landscape


01世中山居-清幽恬静,凝练素雅 seclusion in the city-Quiet and quiet, concise and elegant



The project is located in a low-density high-end villa community. When I first arrived at the site, I was not in a hurry to design. Instead, I spent more time observing the site, talking with the space, and looking for the required visual relationship and scale relationship.

Using the garden to serve the overall space and improving the quality of the living environment is the focus of this design. Using the method of building mountains and regulating water, the garden owner can return to the simplicity in his heart and look for another restrained luxury.





The garden uses stone walls to create a sense of enclosure, the natural surface texture is more mountainous, and the slope is shaped like a “green island” in it.

Proper plant configuration forms a winding scene, and visual changes are used to create surprises. When walking, you can enjoy different appearances of the landscape from every angle. The planted flowers and trees, stones, and garden sketches create a rich and interesting mountain landscape.




Inside the gazebo is a yoga room. The Zhangzi paper door can be flexibly opened and closed, and the indoor and outdoor environments are transparent and coordinated, giving the space a leisurely turning visual depth, and instantly integrating the courtyard and the interior.


▽凉亭 Summerhouse



The light is carving the shadow, the shadow is dancing, the change of movement and movement touches the heart, the immersion experience from the secular isolation of the feeling, the appreciation of beauty is the second, edifying sentiment is Quaker.




At night, fireflies light up, the trees sway in the cool breeze, the flowing water murmurs, and the moss exudes a unique smell. All five senses can enjoy this quiet and peaceful environment.



02空间似画作-水林野趣皆藏于院 space like a painting-Water, forest and wild interests are all hidden in the courtyard


The stone lanterns and squatting are full of ancient charm, and the viewers can cleanse their bodies and minds, and quickly substitute into the wildness of the water forest. The arrangement of each stone and the collocation of plants all carry the agility and weight of traditional culture, and practice the traditional concept of building gardens .


▽石灯水景点缀其间 Stone lanterns and water features adorn it



Under the turbulent and busy rhythm of life, the courtyard is a symbol of escaping from the hustle and bustle of the world. Being in it, even a moment of tranquility is enough to let us get rid of anxiety and breathe out.



幽微之处见大美, 石缝间,地面上覆满的青苔,起到调节内部气候,湿润空气的作用,造就了一个浑然天成的氧吧,微风拂过,依稀能嗅到枝叶间的草木香,颇有自然意趣。

Great beauty can be seen in the subtleties. Between the cracks of the stones, the ground is covered with moss, which can regulate the internal climate and moisten the air, creating a natural oxygen bar. The breeze blows by, and you can faintly smell the fragrance of plants and trees among the branches and leaves.




Flowing water, fog, and plants inject new dynamic vitality into the courtyard, condensing the natural atmosphere of the outside world into the home, and the distance between man and nature is infinitely close.



03雅致生活的拆解-铅华洗净,珠玑不御 Dismantling of elegant life-Wash away the pretense of secular appearance, without hiding the scheming, with a fresh and refined temperament



The design of the front yard garden abandons complicated elements, and believes that modern life is the core of courtyard landscape construction, which should allow modern people to live in harmony with the natural environment.

It does not deliberately stick to traditional construction, nor will it show itself self-willedly. Through the refinement and modern interpretation of natural spaces such as forests, streams, and valleys, it creates a relaxed and freehand outdoor living place.





The main body of the building adopts a modern sense. To combine the podocarpus with its own sense of pen and ink, it is necessary to have some ingenuity in the technique.

Raw stones are used to pile up planters, and the combination of vigorous Podocarpus pine and modern waterscape creates not only stunning at first glance, but also more intriguing as time goes by. The combination of movement and stillness gives a sense of returning home.





When selecting materials for the courtyard, pay attention to the connection between indoors and outdoors, and choose beige real stone paint for the walls, so that the courtyard landscape has the same texture as the exterior facade of the villa, and it is warm and harmonious under the illumination of wall lamps at night.

The combination of olives and processed stones is matched with plants of the same color, tranquility and wildness coexist, and everything is so harmonious.





The side yard walkway on the first floor is long and narrow, so a “modern and natural” landscaping technique was proposed to break the rigid space limitation.

Return to nature in a natural way, so that residents can find a place of seclusion and tranquility in the fast-paced urban life.




The two sides of the aisle are full of miscellaneous trees with different postures. The breeze blows, and only the shadows of the trees are heard. Looking back, there is a piece of falling water. Behind the wall is a busy traffic. Being in the garden seems to be outside the world.



04匠心倾注-不负每刻归家的心 Ingenuity poured into-Live up to the heart of going home every moment



We did not design many complicated layouts, but left more space for the landscape, paying more attention to the atmosphere of the environment than the form.

As large as the terrain and water bodies, as small as the embellishment of plants and trees, all of them have been meticulously compared and repeatedly scrutinized in order to pursue the ultimate effect and ingeniously carve out a quality and warm living environment.




The natural style garden is devoted to the landscape, integrates thoughts and values into it, creates an ideal spiritual world, adds emotions from a simple environment, and brings a unique living environment.


▽负一层平面图 Minus one floor plan

▽一层平面图 One floor plan




Project Name:Lin jian xi
Project Site:Foshan Guangdong
Design unit:ZAN Landscape
Construction:ZAN Landscape
Content: Conceptual design, in-depth drawing design, engineering construction
Company website: www.zaaan.cn
Design area:260㎡
Completion time:2022.11



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