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Makhno Studio:深吸一口气,发动汽车,关掉导航仪,漫无目的地行驶,最终你会发现自己来到了Makhno度假村。这是新一代娱乐综合体的概念产品,它可以出现在基辅附近、哈尔科夫、敖德萨或者卡缅涅茨-波多利斯基,任何需要的地方。行驶一个小时后,你会发现自己置身于只有鸟、树和风才能打破的寂静之中。

Makhno Studio:Exhale. Get in your car, turn off the navigator and go wherever the road takes you. Sooner or later you’ll find yourself at Makhno Village Resort. Makhno Village Resort is a recreation complex concept of a new generation that can be located near Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, or Kamianets-Podilskyi — wherever it’s needed. An hour behind the wheel — and you find yourself amongst silence that can be broken only by birds, trees, and wind.




Makhno Village Resort is a space for those who need a restart. We know you’re tired. Constant traffic jams, endless skyscrapers, and every minute haste made us hostage to everyday life and emotional swings. Makhno Village Resort welcomes all fugitives from routine and stress. Come here for a day or stay for life. Makhno Village Resort is a time to be silent and breathe. The infrastructure of the complex is built in a way to help its visitors relax, let go of burdensome thoughts, take a breath and allow themselves the luxury of doing everything or doing nothing.



It has everything you need: clay eco-houses, a greenhouse, an observatory, a spa complex, restaurants, places for spiritual practices, swimming pools, and a bunch of trails that go somewhere. There is enough space for everyone — Makhno Village Resort can accommodate up to 100 eco-houses. The area of ​​each varies from 80 to 350 square meters — choose the best for yourself.




Makhno Village Resort offers a range of activities. In the greenhouse, for example, you can plant flowers, pick berries and even sleep — there will be special capsule rooms. You can also do yoga, vipassana meditation, Ayurveda, or forest jogging. You can sculpt jugs, listen to the trembita (Ukrainian musical instrument), or take part in a tea ceremony. You can spend the whole day in the library and night — in the observatory watching the stars. Or you can just shelter in your house and finally get some sleep. The only rule is no mobile, no internet, and no television. You can’t check the news feed on Facebook, but you definitely can regain a healthy sleep.

▼天文台 Observatory


▼温室 Greenhouse



Makhno Village Resort is a face-to-face conversation with nature. There are no fences, only solid bio-corridors. The architecture of the complex is integrated into the surrounding space: the glass monolith of the greenhouse borders on hemp concrete, clay, and reed, and the restaurant shares its space with trees — they permeate the building with living verticals and saturate the interior with life. Every step leads to a new water source. Every path is a way to the wildwood. Together, it is the ecosystem with you being in the center of it.



Makhno Village Resort is a new tradition. The resort has absorbed the depth of Ukrainian traditions and changed the angle of their perception. Clay became the membrane of all buildings, reeds became a fashionable attribute, the Tetrapod 3D-tiles enveloped the walls with rhythmic waves, and DIDO art toys like true talismans of every home became the guardians of the silence. Makhno Village Resort is the birthplace of a new Ukrainian tradition.




Makhno Village Resort is the way home. Exhale and go on a journey to yourself. At Makhno Village Resort, you will regain the ability to notice, listen and feel yourself in this world. Wherever you come from and wherever you go, here you will always be at home.



▼材料细节 Material detail




设计公司:Makhno Studio
设计师:Serhii Makhno, Bogdan Agafonov

Project name: Makhno Village Resort
Type: visual architectural concept
Year: 2021
Design company: Makhno Studio
Architects: Serhii Makhno, Bogdan Agafonov
Editor: Jiangyan Shou


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