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柒合建筑设计:驱车穿过山岚,驶入绿野,村庄于熹微薄雾中若隐若现。山坡上,白房灰瓦的建筑藏匿于一片绿茵中,愈发熠熠生辉。缦舍·山居精品民宿酒店正安静地坐落在这片环境清幽的山村——北京市延庆区大庄科乡 · 霹破石村内。

QIHEDESIGNWORKS : The village is looming in the mist when you are driving through the fog of mountains to the green fields. The white buildings with gray tiled, which are hidden in a greenery on the hillside, are becoming more and more shining. The Manshe B&B Hotel is located tranquilly in this quiet and beautiful mountain village- Piposhi Village, Dazhuangke Township, Yanqing District, Beijing.


▽隐于绿野中的民宿小院清丽而自然 The B & B courtyard which hidden in the green field is beautiful and natural

▽日间的缦舍·山居一角 Manshe Hotel in the daytime



The original space is a typical northern dwelling with the courtyard of three-section compound. After undergoing a reincarnation, the overall style of the upgraded buildings are inspired by the aesthetics of mountain dwellings. The space has become a living space that provides residents with both traditional dwelling characteristics and contemporary comfort. Only when you are far away from the bustle and hustle of the city, can you truly appreciate the gifts from the mountains and nature, and finally understand the exquisite feelings of escaping the world from the verse” Leisurely, I see the southern hill” written by Yuanming Tao (365–427), the best-known Chinese poet and politician during the Eastern Jin dynasty.


▽缦舍·山居总平面图 General layout of Manshe Hotel

▽缦舍·山居远景 The distant view of Manshe Hotel



How to make rich level changes in a small space, grasp the scale relationship of each part of the space accurately, and integrate the building into the natural landscape are several challenges in the upgrading process.


▽场地原始现状 Original status of the site

▽场地中原有的两颗山楂树得以保留 Two hawthorn trees in the site were preserved




The brand positioning of Manshe Hotel has become the core of our thinking since the beginning of the design. It can be quiet and peaceful, or it can be warm and full of world’s life just like home.

Manshe is not simply a boutique hotel, it is more like a healing home hidden in the foggy mountains and reunited after a long time leaving: turning the clouds and seeing the moon, turning the complex into simplicity. This simplicity is even more intriguing against the background of the green fields in the mountains. Like a cup of tea, the simplicity looks plain, but after you taste it carefully, you can taste the sweetness of life.


▽精致的细节展示 Exquisite display of detail



The three buildings with white walls and gray tiles are independent and echo each other, which forms a harmonious and comfortable composition with the two hawthorn trees kept in the courtyard. The courtyard is the soul of this house and a transit point to the pure rural life. The flexible flow of people is responding silently the relaxed taste of life after retreating to nature.


▽多功能水吧区、兼具自助餐饮、会议、社交娱乐功能 The muti-functional bar area has the function of self-service catering,meeting and social entertainment



The opened site layout and processing techniques of design are embracing this beautiful mountain view inadvertently at all times. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow the exterior scenery to penetrate into the interior layer by layer. From the stairs behind the courtyard to the outdoor viewing deck, you can have a panoramic view of the foggy mountains. The mountains also seem to lean over and look at the courtyard under the mist of the sunset. ” I see many charming Castle Peak, Castle Peak to see me as is expected ” (Written by Qiji Xin (28 May 1140 – 3 Oct 1207), a Chinese calligrapher, military general, and poet during the Southern Song dynasty). Aarchitecture and nature have a continuous and pleasant conversation in the valley.


▽斜阳夕照下的缦舍·山居更富有朦胧美感 Manshe Hotel which under the sunset is far more hazy and beautiful



From prosperity to the mountains, from running to leisure, and from impetuousness to tranquility, switching between different scenes is also a change of different mentality. The energy of this “home” is slowly being released to heal the stress experienced in life, and the travelers who have stayed here will continue to create new beautiful memories.


▽静谧温暖的场景 A quiet and warm scene



The same site not only experiences the changes of the four seasons in nature, but also records the living conditions of different people in the site at different times. People and scenery will eventually be transformed into a warm emotion, which is slowly permeating every corner of the space. “Every time I look at this corner of the courtyard, there will be new surprises and new feelings, and I will never get tired of it.”


▽夜幕下的缦舍·山居 Manshe Hotel at dawn

▽毛石堆砌的入口矮墙 Low entrance wall of rubble



The interior continues the comfortable and warm style of the mountain courtyard. We kept the simple artless color tone, the original wooden beam structure of the building, the clear and beautiful temperament and a lazy atmosphere as well.


▽室內整体氛围温暖而明亮 The interior atomsphere is warm and bright



A dialogue slowly unfolded between architecture and nature, and a drama about space and life, combine warmth with tranquility, roughness with refinement, nature with artificial things. The rest is left with the chat of friends, the long-term company and gaze of the parents, and the children’s running and playing in the shade of the trees and mountains, and gradually growing up in nature. “Here, slow down and feel the meaning of life.” The significance of Unadorned House· This is the beauty of Manshe Hotel‘s existence.



项目地点 : 北京市,延庆区霹破石村
品牌策划:柒合设计 · 龚湜

Project Name: Manshe Hotel -No.3
Project Location: Piposhi Village, Yanqing District, Beijing
Project Type: Boutique Hotel
Project Area: 1800 square meters
Building Area: 600㎡
Construction time: 2021.6-2021.8
Owner: Manshe (Beijing) Hotel Management Co., Ltd.
Project Coordination: Haiquan Li
Engineering Director: Jie Wan
Media Director: Jingtao Ouyang
Design Director: Xiaolu Wu
Project members: Ruiqi Li, Yadong Xing, Guiping Liu,Simeng Jiang, Rui Liu, Ling Duan,Buyao Zhao
Brand planning: DESIGNWORKS · Shi Gong
Project Photography: Yan Zheng
Main materials: stone, wood veneer, metal, glass, cotton and linen



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