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Taller Capital该项目是墨西哥州几个城市计划所建立的一组战略干预措施的一部分。Papalotla自然蝴蝶花园和公共空间位于该市首府,试图通过公共空间项目来恢复城市的特征,也因此,其与当地3963名居民的生活息息相关。

Taller Capital:This project is part of a group of strategic interventions, established within an action plan for several municipalities in the State of Mexico. The Papalotla Natural Butterfly Garden and Public Space, located at the head of the municipality of Papalotla, with a population of 3,963 inhabitants, is relevant as it seeks to restore the character of this town through a public space project.




One of the general objectives is to promote orderly urban growth, respectful of the environment and of the communities settled in the area, taking advantage of the existing infrastructure, human capacities, so that the project primarily benefits the people who inhabit the surrounding area, based on a short, medium and long term vision. The fundamental premise on which this project is developed is the construction of the amphitheater and public space of the municipality of Papalotla, which is located on Insurgentes street. The new natural butterfly farm and public space will strengthen the sense of identity of the residents by reinforcing the essence of the municipality and will be a site of cultural and recreational exchange, as well as being a space where the population of butterflies, typical of the region, coexists.


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The program contemplates an exterior butterfly garden and an interior one in a pre-existing construction that is intervened with a contemporary language. The outdoor butterfly garden includes a walkway covered by vines, a dry river which creates an environment that changes depending on the season of the year, an orchard of fruit trees and pollination islands. The service spaces are located in the public square of the property, which consist of a sanitary module within an existing building and a pre-existing storage basement. The public areas consist of a basketball court above the existing basement, a children’s play area and a ramp with stairs to generate a continuity of accessibility between the different levels of the square to make it a 100% accessible space.




The natural butterfly garden is made up of a garden with typical flora of the region and a covered interior garden inside a rescued building. It also includes a public playground for children, a student basketball court and the reuse of another existing building to house a health center and a commercial space. The proposal seeks to provide the property with an endemic environment that houses common flora species of the region. This with the purpose of attracting butterflies and other insects naturally without human intervention, which allows the enjoyment and contemplation of specimens without the need to keep them in captivity or the construction of specialized infrastructure for their reproduction.



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项目名称:Mariposario en Papalotla
项目地点:墨西哥 墨西哥州 Papalotla
设计公司:Taller Capital
首席建筑师:José Pablo Ambrosi、Loreta Castro Reguera
设计团队:Manuel Abad、Gina Rey
客户:SEDUO (墨西哥州城市发展和公共工程部)
照片来源:Melanie Rodriguez、Manuel Abad Ventura、Alan Perez Ortega

Project Name: Mariposario en Papalotla, Edo. Mex.
Completion Year: 2021
Scale: 5248 sqm
Project Location: Papalotla, Estado de México, México.
Landscape/Architecture Firm: Taller Capital
Website: https://tallercapital.mx/category/espacio-publico/
Contact e-mail: info@tallercapital.mx
Lead Architects: José Pablo Ambrosi、Loreta Castro Reguera
Design Team: Manuel Abad、Gina Rey
Clients: SEDUO (Secretaría de Desarrollo Urbano y Obra Pública del Estado de México)
Photo Credits: Melanie Rodriguez、Manuel Abad Ventura、Alan Perez Ortega
Photographer’s Website: https://rafaelgamo.com/




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