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Landscape Collaboration :Mega Food Walk位于曼谷Mega Bangna大型美食街内庭,是一个延伸的半户外扩展区,项目于2017年底完工。项目主要包含了一个由木质台阶组成的放松露天剧场,将游客带入到一个充满活力,极具森林质感的餐饮商业步行通道空间,通过互动景观装置,能让游客在一个舒适的小气候环境下拥有一个愉快的体验。


Landscape Collaboration :Mega Food Walk, located in the inner atrium of Bangkok’s Mega Bangna Food street, is an extended semi-outdoor extension area. The project will be completed by the end of 2017.Project mainly includes a relax amphitheater, composed of woodiness step into bringing visitors to a vibrant forest texture dining business channel space walk, through the interactive landscape device, can let visitors in a comfortable microclimate environment with a pleasant experience.

“Reconnecting Urban Life with Nature Through A Flowing Shopping Experience”




The designed ” forest” uses plants from subtropical to tropical climates as its environmental palette, including delicate ferns and mosses, creating a unique commercial landscape atmosphere that blends the surrounding restaurants with natural green.




The design has created a new way to experience different levels of landscapes and shops. But more importantly, people can enter the lower level square from the higher main entrance level of the shopping center. These passages are friendly to all users, have slight slopes, and can be used by persons with disabilities.




In order to create a sunken square space for planning various activities, the curved theater with wooden steps provides a comfortable audience for tourists during the day and night.




Through the commercial forest corridor, the experiential boardwalk floating on the water surface intersects with the huge marble flagstone road, showing the double contrast between refined and unrefined material forms and different colors.





The microclimate of pedestrian street is controlled by landscape design and innovative engineering. the integrated cooling system provides additional advantages for space. By controlling humidity and temperature, plants can grow at an ideal temperature. Flowing waterscape is one of the successful atmosphere catalysts.
Here, adults can enjoy the environment surrounded by forests, while children can wait in line for interactive waterscape. The interactive waterscape device for children uses stainless steel water bars as a highlight of interactive design. The handle of the control lever is specially designed for the user to feel the cold water delivered through the heat conducting pipe.




The cool summer water flows along various features of the landscape. with the changes in the physical form of meandering water flow, ripples and waterfalls, unique splash and evaporative cooling effects are produced on each bend. In addition, the hidden jet fan will produce a breeze blowing air flow, emitting cool moisture from the water surface.




Landscape design is a very interactive and experienced space, which encourages visitors to come into contact with its material design.



Mega Food Walk的景观是一个引人注目的设计,可以说各个角落都充满了吸引力,包括在一个终点站的喷泉广场。

Mega food walk’s landscape is an eye-catching design. it can be said that every corner is full of attraction, including fountain square at a terminal.




The outer landscape divides the inner and outer interfaces with green body blocks, while the pleated stone strips embedded in the lawn enhance the guiding and sequence sense.


▼平面图  Plan


景观设计: Landscape Collaboration
建筑设计: FOS
客户: SF开发有限公司

Landscaping: Landscape Collaboration
Architects: FOS
Client: SF Development Co., Ltd.


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