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Parallect Design: Life seems to be a dream in reality and fantasy. It can be seen and understood. It emits light at the end of the memory. It is the moment when the memory is rewinding, and it is the feeling of reshaping oneself. Memory is the source of the story, and every moment in the mind is the time for reconstruction.


▼互动艺术装置:触发 a  Interactive Art installation:Trigger a



By presenting the story behind the jewelry, we create a space full of experience and let the space and the story have a dialogue, so that every customer who enters the store can become the protagonist of the story and find his own piece of diamond.


▼互动艺术装置:重塑 c  Interactive Art installation:Reshaping c


武汉 K11 购物艺术中心店位于解放大道和武胜路交汇口附近,商场外立面以其曲面造型,呈现一种后现代金属质感与艺术装置感。商场内部公共区采用非线性雕塑造型结合金属材质。商铺位置位于商场平面中部通高中庭南侧,原始空间为天花吊顶下净高 4m,开间 20m,进深 4-10m 之间的狭长线性空间,空间平面呈现曲折结合的不规则轮廓,且整体界面受结构柱体、广告牌、门头等影响较大,基于现有的空间条件,设计师采取化整为零、多点激活的空间布局策略。

Fanshi Jewelry·Wuhan K11 Art Mall is located in the K11 shopping mall near the intersection of Jiefang Avenue and Wusheng Road in Wuhan. The external facade of the shopping mall is shaped into a curved form, which has a sense of art installation and metal texture. The internal public area adopts non-linear sculpture modeling combined with metal materials. The store is located on the south side of the high atrium in the middle of the shopping mall. The original space is a narrow linear space with a clear height of 4m under the ceiling, 20m of bays, and a depth of 4-10m. The space plane presents irregular contours combined with twists and turns, and the overall interface is greatly affected by structural columns, billboards, and door heads. Therefore, based on the existing space conditions, the designer adopts a spatial layout strategy of breaking up into parts and activating multiple points.


▼空间互动艺术装置 Interactive Art installation in Space

▼重塑记忆瞬间 Memory Rebuild




The project is based on the concept of “reshaping the moment of memory” and fits the overall style of the metal texture and artistic sense of the K11 mall, and extends the design concept to the store space and interior installations, creating a comprehensive story experience for customers. The designer hopes to create a brand-new visual spatial image of the store and a space that can carry stories, while satisfying the aesthetic needs of customers.

We create a commercial space integrating communication, exhibition, retail, check-in and other functions, responding to multiple needs in a limited space. And we set up multiple check-in points in stores and establish a complete streamline in the space through check-in devices with different meanings, in order to meet customers’ aesthetic and experience needs. At the same time, it forms a kind of organization and guidance for customers, and when people move in the space, they can perceive a continuous and changing experience.


▼门头外观 Store Façade


概念解读:重塑平行时空的记忆瞬间|Concept interpretation: Reshape the memory moments of parallel time and space

对于人类而言, 遗忘一直是常态, 而记忆是例外。在这个不断发展日益更新的数字时代下,设计师通过对话、触发、重塑、循环这四个阶段进行故事的叙述和延展,将空间作为容器,承载并引导着故事的发生,并激发出消费者与空间的相互关系。在这里,独具匠心的打卡装置、深灰色的墙面、闪耀夺目的珠宝乃至消费者们,都找到了最适合自己的位置。记忆重塑,故事开启,一眼瞬间,一念永恒。

For humans, forgetting has always been the norm, and memory is the exception. In this ever-evolving and increasingly updated digital age, designers narrate and extend stories through the four stages of dialogue, triggering, reshaping, and circulation, using space as a container to carry and guide the occurrence of stories and stimulate the relationship between consumers and the space. Here, the unique clock-in device, dark gray walls, dazzling jewellery and even consumers have found the most suitable position for them. The memory is reshaped and the story opens, one glance is instant, and one thought is eternal.


▼平面图 Floor Plan


1.触发:跨越时空的记忆在脑海触发 Trigger: The memory that spans time and space is triggered in the mind


Memories across time and space are triggered, parallel time and space, false universes, brainstorms, and countless moments are reshaped in my mind. The branches represent the birth of life, and the light strips symbolize the dynamic process of thinking explosion. The three olive-shaped devices are Klein blue, which can be reminiscent of the famous non-directional space “Klein Bottle”. The Klein Bottle has no distinction between inside and outside, and its surface will not end, that means it represents the infinite space, and also symbolizes the infinite and endless love behind the jewelry.


▼互动艺术装置:触发 b Interactive Art installation:Trigger b

▼装置拆解图:触发 Disassembly Drawing:Trigger



Customers can stand in the middle of the device to take photos. The outward-radiating device symbolizes the explosion of thinking, and it gives consumers a strong sense of experience to guide consumers to better participate in the story.


▼互动艺术装置:触发 c Interactive Art installation:Trigger c

▼细节 a  Detail a


2.对话:与平行时空的无数的自我 Dialogue: Dialogue with countless selves in parallel time and space


Standing in front of a row of mirrored prisms, we look at the countless reflections of ourselves, falling into a dialogue with ourselves between parallel time and space. Are there countless ongoing but unsolvable closed loops in countless parallel space-times? Is it a collection of your innumerable choices that have created a life of vastly different but may lead to the same goal?Free time and space and memory interweave the past, present, and future together, weaving the suite of the past and the future. The mirror prisms are arranged in sequence. The mirror space amplifies the visual senses, and at the same time gives people a visual impact, isolating external interference, and makes consumers more purely immersed in the space.


▼互动艺术装置:对话 & 空间材质  Interactive Art installation:Dialogue & Material


3.重塑:层叠的记忆交织重塑 Reshaping: Layered memory interweaving reshaping


Consciousness is a layered interweaving of bidirectional flow. The memory of the future and the past intersects, and some of the forgotten moments of the past may be reshaped and pieced together in the memory.Time is reversed, and the interweaving of ideas brings immersive perception, giving people the illusion of falling into a new world, while the new world still retains the wreckage of the old world.The modern TV screen symbolizes the new world of the future, and the figure statue symbolizes the old world. The designer weaves a rich layer with elements such as light strips, artistic figure sculptures and modern TV. Under the light and shadow, the statues of artistic figures seem to contain memory marks, and the modern screen interprets the undefined future.


▼互动艺术装置:重塑 a   Interactive Art installation:Reshaping a

▼细节 b  Detail b



The walls and sales showcase tabletops are all decorated with dark gray stone surfaces, and the showcases are made of custom-made metal to create a coarse-grained yet refined spatial tone that echoes the products.


▼互动艺术装置:重塑 b Interactive Art installation:Reshaping b


4.循环:眼中出现无限的世界 Circulation: an infinite world appears in the eyes


The eye-shaped device symbolizes the infinite world in the eye. For the people in it, the moment of discovering, recognizing and reshaping themselves has become eternal. Although people are born lonely, we are always together somewhere in the infinite world.


▼互动艺术装置:循环 a Interactive Art installation:Circulation a

▼装置拆解图:循环 Disassembly Drawing:Circulation



The inside of the black box is an infinite scene reflected by a mirror. The eye-like metal device surrounds the box. Some key products in the store are placed at the opening of the box, which has the effect of wrapping the products in an infinite space. At the same time, it has become a visual surprise and memory point in the store, cleverly injecting a futuristic atmosphere into the space and attracting customers.


▼互动艺术装置:循环 b Interactive Art installation:Circulation b

▼互动艺术装置:循环 c  Interactive Art installation:Circulation c




项目名称:重塑记忆瞬间 · 梵誓ONESWEAR武汉 K11 购物艺术中心店
项目地址:武汉 K11 购物艺术中心店

Project name: Memory Rebuild · ONESWEAR Jewelry store in K11 Shopping Center
Designer: Shanghai Parallect Architecture Design Studio
Project Accomplish Date: 5/2021
Design Team: Mingfeng Xiao, Bo Yang, Di Huang, Yitong Wang, Guijiadong Lin
Project Address:K11 Shopping Center in Wuhan
Partners: Suzhou Re-design Studio
Building Area: 120㎡
E-mail: di.huang@parallect-design.com
Editor: Wang Qi


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