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L&A design: Abandon artificial works and unnecessary decorations in the space, aim for humble techniques, and look for the beauty of peace and nature to help people find a spiritual “quietness”. We use the power of nature, embracing a poetic space. Let’s guard the beauty and quietness of the landscape.


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Ningbo is a gentle southern city and an open harbor city as well. Here is the start for the young to set sail with ambition, and also the hometown for many. The site is on both sides of the river. Buildings cluster in the center, leaving more spaces for landscape design. The inner garden on the west bank is an important public space for the community. The outer garden on the east bank is for future life functions use.


© 奥雅设计
© 奥雅设计
© 奥雅设计



We hope to make the complex site have the same welcoming feeling as the city and create a comfortable and energetic residence.



家是永远的岸 Home is always the shore


The courtyard enclosed by the building and the river derives a sense of natural tranquility. Instead of using stacked stone waterfalls or modern scenery, it is better to return to the site inventories and let the landscape guide the daily life activities here.


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Plants, stacked rocks, and water features, these natural elements can calm the busy minds. The combination and arrangement of the elements, just like the different circumstances of life, describe a peaceful spirit.



转角的安宁 Turn to the Peace


An ideal home is a place full of warmth and happiness, which can isolate the hustle and bustle of the outside world and draw people away from the endless busyness. Passing Ruyimen is a clear pond. The setting of the water surface is extremely humble. It is enclosed by elegant plantings and simple ashlar, creating a relaxing space.


© 奥雅设计
© 奥雅设计
© 奥雅设计



The water surface is flowing tranquility, and the stone is the guard of silence. With determination and tenacity, it becomes the link between time and eternity. The three mountain rocks in the pool have different heights, balancing the corners of the pool and making people gradually forget the time. Koi fish and floating lotus add more vividness to space.


© 奥雅设计


空间的转换 Space transformation


Responding to the tranquil water feature, lawns and paths divide the site into a more reasonable scale. The inner space is compatible with nature and life and becomes a suitable place for the family to play. The main scene takes the atrium concept of crane and tortoise. The design adopts modern techniques to translate. We arrange a group of stone sceneries with green plants to balance the rigid and soft textures. The families can play together between the stone scene and the lawn and explore the wider world.


© 奥雅设计
© 奥雅设计



The buildings next to the lawn enhance the tranquility of the interior with natural and elegant design language. Under the tree shades, people witness the growth of landscape with time together.


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© 奥雅设计
© 奥雅设计
© 奥雅设计



The outer garden enclosed by the river and roads has both the flexibility of community functions and ecological nature. Around the open space on the shore, the design combines elements such as points, lines, and surfaces to explore a wider world. Instead of a grand gate, a 9-meter-long, 2.5-meter-high monolithic stone is used as a natural nameplate, reminding visitors the end of the hustle and bustle and the start of our journey to welcome a poetic nature.


© 奥雅设计


小径的憧憬 A vision of the trail


On the way home, the curvilinear flagstones indicate the movement of the river. The repeating material as the courtyard reflects a familiar intimacy.


© 奥雅设计
© 奥雅设计
© 奥雅设计
© 奥雅设计


▼板岩细节 Detail of  the flagstone

© 奥雅设计


板岩是厚重的起笔,竹径舟石是刚柔并济的承接。在空间的密林探索,前方等候的是一片 “舟石”,仿佛在迎人前往竹林夹道,浸入一片关于自我的天地。

The flagstone adds volume to space. The bamboo path and boat stone is a combination of rigidity and flexibility. Exploring in the dense forest, with “boat rock” waiting in the front, visitors are lead by the bamboo forest path and immersed in a secrete world.


© 奥雅设计
© 奥雅设计
© 奥雅设计



To ensure the construction of the sculptured stone, the design team and the construction team made mockups and checked the scale to ensure the best effect on site.


舟石的小样制作和加工 Mockup and process of the “Boat Rock”


自然的回归 Return of Nature


Behind the corner of the bamboo path is an open riverbank lawn. The contrast between vast space and depth of the dimension forms a sequence space with rich rhythms while ensuring the public functions.


© 奥雅设计
© 奥雅设计



Existing willow trees are remained to keep the memory of the site. The breeze is blowing the willow branches, and the curved bridge connects the banks. At the end of each busy day, the waiting lights will guide people home.


© 奥雅设计
© 奥雅设计


▼归家明灯指引方向 The waiting lights will guide people home

© 奥雅设计


设计师说 Designer’s words



Although there is no classical landscape of stacked stone waterfalls or grand entrance gatehouses, there is a relaxing, natural, greenery, and comfort in the city. Here, the landscape is not a temporary decoration, but a carrier of eternal life. It is real and poetic and becomes more precious with time going.

We control our desire to express, use exquisite greenery to create serenity, let home return to our hearts, and give back our thoughts and moods to peace in nature. One of the most beautiful languages in the landscape is nature, which can bring surprises of time change with the growth of time and become the guardians of the peace. Especially, L&A Design is grateful to the trust and support of our client. We reached a consensus on the design direction and jointly explored, and strive to create the rare “simple and beautiful green environment” in the current complex.


© 奥雅设计



景观设计:奥雅设计 上海公司 项目二组

采编 / 奥雅设计 上海公司 项目二组
编辑 / 不定项
摄影 / 韦立伟
视觉 / 周莉

Project Name: Ningbo Youngor Songjiang Mansion
Project location: Ningbo, Zhejiang
Project type: residential, park
Park area: 8000㎡
Building area: 300㎡
Landscape area: 7700㎡
Client: Youngor Property Holdings Co., Ltd.
Landscape design: L&A Design Shanghai Office Project Group 2
Architectural design: Shanghai Tuoguan Architectural Design Office
Interior design: Ningbo Hanya Interior Design Co., Ltd.
Construction: Hangzhou Shengong Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd.
Design time: October 2018
Completion time: August 2019

Written / L&A Design Shanghai Office Project Group 2
Edit / Budingxiang
Photography / Wei Liwei
Visual Effect / Zhou Li



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