ASL:The project is located in the north bank of the jinshui port of zhouzhuang, kunshan city, across the water from zhouzhuang. Zhouzhuang is famous for its unique pattern of water network in the world. The town of zeyuan, surrounded by water and close to each other, needs to move forward. Zhouzhuang pullman hotel is the first five-star resort hotel in shuixiang town. The hotel integrates the functions of business travel and tourism vacation, and is equipped with Chinese and western restaurants, swimming pools, banquet rooms, hot spring area, wetland park and green park.




The landscape design of the hotel continues the planning structure of zhouzhuang natural ecological lake swing and zhouzhuang ancient town of shuixiang, adopts modern design style, inherits jiangnan culture, and interprets Chinese style space with freehand brushwork. Designer extraction town besides land, dean, bridge, port, porch, pavilion, the traditional culture elements such as the formation of space-time dialogue on landscape elements and materials in the hotel building to build a “besides,” let people taste the unique flavor of zhouzhuang town of China’s first.




The core landscape of the project is divided into three parts: entrance space, overhead space and axis landscape space. The entrance space starts with the avenue lined with bamboo forest, and the space becomes open in the drop-off area, creating an open and open space experience. The overhead space is located under the drop-off area, and its core landscape is a crystal ship made of hanging “water flowers”. The water pool under the crystal boat echoes the outside man-made lake in the sight. Axial landscape space, space on either side of the building to strengthen the “besides” space, ying ying water strewn at random have send, step or Christian, or Bridges the way, is more jagged stone in a stream such as boat line in besides. People swim in different sceneries, or walk by the water side, or stand in the middle of the water. The sky of luxuriant grass and wood buildings reflects on the water.




项目类型:酒店 度假

Project name: zhuiyue zhouzhuang pullman hotel
Project location: north bank of qishui port, zhouzhuang, kunshan city, jiangsu province,China
Project type: hotel vacation
Completion date: 2017
Landscape area, 35000 ㎡
Design team: ASL


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