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John Wardle Architects:位于悉尼市中心齐本德尔(Chippendale)的凤凰中央公园是一个艺术表演空间,杰出的艺术慈善家Judith Neilson期望这里是建筑与艺术的交融地,让空间相互协同,使视觉艺术与表演艺术相互交织。两家建筑设计事务所将设计结合在一起:John Wardle Architects设计了东翼的画廊,Durbach Block Jaggers设计了表演空间,各部分由庭院和花园集中连接。

John Wardle Architects: Phoenix Central Park is a gallery and performance space located in Chippendale, in inner-city Sydney. The vision of remarkable arts philanthropist Judith Neilson, the building is a partnership of architecture and artistic fields. The intention is to have the spaces working together, to have visual arts interwoven with the performing arts. Two architects bring the design together: John Wardle Architects designed the gallery in the east wing and Durbach Block Jaggers designed the performance space. The components are linked centrally by a courtyard and garden.


©Trevor Mein




Inherently, both gallery and theatre need to be separated from the outside world to control light, humidity, temperature and acoustics. This allowed each architect to explore their own language of material and forms within their interior worlds. As such, gallery and theatre are in perpetual dialogue through their function, and their proximity. They are bound together by a continuous external skin of brickwork that encloses everything – a skin that was designed by both architects working together, iteratively, with conversation and debate, both rigorous and polite, with irreverence, humour and respect.

Through this exterior surface the idiosyncrasies of each interior emerge and erupt in windows, doorways and portals. A defining element exists in the dialogue between gallery and theatre, inside and outside – an exploration in how a building can be two things at once, both/and as it were.


©Trevor Mein


画廊 The Gallery


Neither house museum nor public gallery, this sequence of spaces choregraphs a journey from intimate rooms for the display of single works to expansive areas to showcase collections. Cast with walls of concrete painstakingly made on site, it comprises a complex stack of differing volumes interconnected by stairs and bridges. Each volume acts as an individual setting for art but also retains an awareness of the overall ensemble. Unexpected views, natural light drawn from above, and stairs of material inventiveness attract the curious. A field of skylights set across a low wide space provide dramatic release from the darker atmosphere of its lower realm. Angular and sharp, they reflect and filtering the light into a soft, ‘fuzzy’ glow.


© Martin Mischkulnig
© Martin Mischkulnig
© Trevor Mein
© Martin Mischkulnig
© Trevor Mein
© Trevor Mein



Two prominent moments in the gallery, of containment and release, are set around circular windows, oculi that are the focus of internal spaces. At the opposite reaches of the gallery, below the garden is a small cave-like chamber with a single ocular skylight to the world above. It is an intimate space for quiet contemplation of a work whilst maintaining a tenuous link to the fluctuations of the day above. The brick surface facing the street has been pressed inward to create a circular dimple at the centre of which is a large oculus window, and a smaller offset companion window. Internally, the dimpled wall concentrates attention on this figured opening to the world beyond the gallery.


©Trevor Mein


表演空间 Performance Space


The performance space is a singular bell-shaped clearing, made by stepped and contoured timber ribs, embedded in a fabric of lobbies and circulation. Like an Elizabethan theatre, the action is in the round, seen from many vantage points. A projecting balcony loops into the volume, creating an alternate stage or viewing box. The circulation is direct or via a gracious set of stepped landings, scaled for arresting movement and inviting overview.


© Julia Charles
© Anthony Browell
© Gavin Green



The over-scaled gold window allows glimpses and light from the street in an otherwise dark space. The theatre is lined with timber fabricated from digital templates in the factory and assembled on site.


© Martin Mischkulnig
© Elin Bandmann Photography
© Anthony Browell



Above, a meeting space for artists and its companion garden courtyard are modelled in brightness and whiteness, capturing unexpected planting, local vignettes and sky views.


© Tom Ferguson



The outer brick surface is a binding element of the overall building, finding a singular expression to contain the diverse interior worlds within. DBJ’s wall cants, curves and steps for a street garden and multi-figured ‘cloud window. The bricks themselves are unusually long and flat, akin to a stacked stone and emphasising the mortar joints. A thin veil of mortar has been washed over the bricks to exaggerate the continuity of surface. This surface is then dimpled, twisted, cut and vaulted around openings where inside and outside worlds meet.


©Trevor Mein



The co-authored project has been guided by open discussion by both architectural firms. The project is perhaps a more compelling proposition for the input and insight of the other. This idea seems to echo the primary intention of Phoenix Central Park: to be an artistic hub where visual and performing arts are in constant dialogue with one another.


平面 Plan



[表演空间]:Durbach Block Jaggers Architects
[画廊]:John Wardle Architects

画廊:John Wardle Architects – John Wardle, Stefan Mee, Diego Bekinschtein, Alex Peck, Luca Vezzosi, Adrian Bonaventura, David Ha, Ellen Chen, Andy Wong, Manuel Canestrini, Meron Tierney
表演空间:Durbach Block Jaggers Architects – Neil Durbach Camilla Block, David Jaggers, Simon Stead, Anne Kristin Risnes, Deb Hodge, Xiaoxiao Cai, Adam Hoh

项目规模:场地面积717平方米;建筑面积1185平方米;六层- 三层地面上,三层地下室

项目经理:Aver 2015-2017; Colliers 2017-2019
岩土工程:Pells Sullivan Meylink
建筑服务工程:Evolved Engineering
交通和行人建模:GTA Consultants
消防工程:Affinity Fire
声学顾问:Marshall Day
标识和导向:Studio Ongarato
建筑勘测:Philip Chun & Associates
无障碍顾问:Philip Chun & Associates

Bellevarde Construction 2016–2018 [早期工程和上部构造]
FDC Group 2018–2019 [结构和装配]


Project Name: Phoenix Central Park
Completion Date: December 2019

Attribution: Phoenix Central Park by Durbach Block Jaggers Architects/ John Wardle Architects
Durbach Block Jaggers Architects [Performance Space]
John Wardle Architects [Gallery]

Project Team
Gallery: John Wardle Architects – John Wardle, Stefan Mee, Diego Bekinschtein, Alex Peck, Luca Vezzosi, Adrian Bonaventura, David Ha, Ellen Chen, Andy Wong, Manuel Canestrini, Meron Tierney
Performance Space: Durbach Block Jaggers Architects – Neil Durbach Camilla Block, David Jaggers, Simon Stead, Anne Kristin Risnes, Deb Hodge, Xiaoxiao Cai, Adam Hoh

Location: Chippendale, Sydney Australia
Project Size: 717sqm site area; 1185sqm GFA; 6 levels – three above and three basement levels
Typology: Public / Commercial

Project Manager: Aver 2015-2017; Colliers 2017-2019
Planner: Mersonn
Structural Engineer: TTW
Civil Engineer: TTW
Geotechnical Engineer: Pells Sullivan Meylink
Building Services Engineer: Evolved Engineering
Traffic and Pedestrian Modelling: GTA Consultants
Fire Engineer: Affinity Fire
Acoustic Consultant: Marshall Day
Landscape Architect: 360º
Signage and Wayfinding: Studio Ongarato
Building Surveyor: Philip Chun & Associates
Accessibility Consultant: Philip Chun & Associates
Façade Engineers: Inhabit
Lighting Design: Bluebottle

Custom Bricks: Krause Bricks
Bricklaying: Favetti bricklaying
Architectural steelwork and art hanging doors: TILT; All styled, Active Metal
Off form concrete: Hi-Form
Gallery Roof: ARC roofing with ARMA
Timber Source: Dinesen
Timber and Joinery: Top Knot Carpentry and Joinery
GRP Ceilings: Shapeshell with DDI
Stone Seat: Sourced from Hendersons Quarry in Harcourt and worked by Studio 2
CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) Performance Space Ceiling: Hess Specialty Render: CoverUp Dynamics
Brass basins: Bespoke House
Brass Linings: Bronzeworks
Tiling: Nash
Joinery: Debrich
Commercial Kitchen: Austmont
Speciality Glass: Ozsea; Definitive Glass
Brass DBJ Hardware: Chant
Hardware : Keeler
Joinery and Upholstery: Infracraft
Specialty Composite Fabricators: Shapeshift
Custom emergency luminaires: Bluelab Design

Bellevarde Construction 2016 – 2018 [early works and superstructure]
FDC Group 2018 – 2019 [structure and fitout]

1. NSW Architecture Medallion – NSW AIA Awards 2020
2. Sir Arthur G. Stephenson Award for Commercial Architecture – NSW AIA Awards 2020
3. John Verge Award for Interior Architecture – NSW AIA Awards 2020



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