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Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd:Close to Songhua River,Its turbulent tide feeds generations of northeast.It’s one of the most unforgettable images on the black earth.We integrate its symbolic meaning with the design vocabulary. Imagine the “Museum of Art Experience” landscape.



We always want to have eternity easily.But I can’t walk into the same river twice.In motion and impermanence,Fast change is life.


故事,在松花江上开始 Story begins at Songhua River


“Songhua River” is transliterated from Manchu “Songali Ula”, which means “Tianhe River”. The project takes “Tianhe Yongqi” as the design theme, extracts Songhua River culture and natural form: rivers, ice cracking elements, abstract into broken lines, as the design language of the overall scheme, through the integration of light and shadow, texture, artworks, exhibition windows, stars, flowing water and other elements and design language to show the space.


手绘总平面图 Hand-drawn master plan

方案手绘草图 Hand-drawn conceptual sketch



Here, a long-brewing emotional line of landscape, with the pace of progress: Opening River – Blooming Rivers – Frozen River – Night River, immersed in the atmosphere of Songhua River natural temperament and modern art, opened an encounter in the river.



虚实之间,偶遇在天河之上 Meet at the Galaxy between void and reality


The ” Opening River ” section of the entrance lays an elegant tone for this project with unique visual impact. The gate uses the oblique angle to cut into the wall, which integrates the spatial orientation and visual level, and stands here. This encounter on the Galaxy is just around the corner.



The portico is based on the bow of the ship on the Songhua River. The simple lines delineate the entrance space of the atmosphere and the Oriental temperament. The front fence is like the waves on the river rushing to welcome visitors from afar.



Scenic walls adopt pure atmospheric walls, exquisite stone seams, delicate rose gold inlaid in transparent glass curtain walls, springs beat under the illusion of reality, forming a large-scale integrated design of extended display.



起伏之中,进入缥缈意境 Step into misty realm in the waves


Entering the ” Blooming Rivers ” atrium space, gray stone paving makes the whole space simple and refreshing. The vertical bevel elements break the rules of horizontal and vertical, bringing fresh fashion sense. Walking on the tortuous road, the Green Island continues to rise and fall, extracting the space settings of Songhua River “boating” elements, and reproducing the impression of riverside by modern means.




The rhythmic grid wall echoes the ups and downs of the green island to form a spatial rhythm, and the running water and boats tell the story of the Nine Curving Galaxy. The undulating waves, floating islands, boats and running water permeate each other as if they were in the hazy mood of the Songhua River.



江水渐凝,生命却不曾停止 Life never stops even river drys up


” Frozen River ” Shuiyuan space can make people feel the illusion of time and shadow in the process, half hidden, quiet water scenery gradually emerged.




The innovation of keeping pace with the times and being loyal to myself is the basis of our design. We put the Songhua River cultural spirit in the bones of the Northeast sons and daughters into a box, let it float on the water like a boat, and lead people to search for those memories in the lost years.




Five-meter-high floor glass window is the dialogue window inside and outside the courtyard, and also the biggest highlight of the project.Specially customized sculpture of “Dream-by-Dream” implies a variety of flowing thoughts, which can be interpreted as flowing time, subtle dreams, floating thoughts… All kinds of known and unknown thoughts rush out of our minds and fly up and down in the light and shadow. We intend to awaken time and give space life in the light and shadow flow.




The flowing water is the Enlightenment of the source of Songhua River. From the perspective of hearing, the whole space of Shuiyuan is alive. The water flows down from the black crystal sand wall, connecting the preceding and the following in space, adding mystery and depth to the landscape.




The mist diffuses in the water garden. The light boat is like a boat on the river. It is happy and self-satisfied. The irregular shape lamps with clear water scenery shine like bright stars.



泛舟江上,划向未知远方 Access to distance with boating on the river


As the end of the whole emotional line, the backyard space “Night River” plays the last movement gently: one flower, one tree, one boat, one month, in the art garden, the night on the river like a mirage projected here. Between the circles, the rhyme is endless, natural stretching, as if the ripple of fine water has been extended to the unknown distance in time and light.



结语 conclusion


For thousands of years,The River beats against the bank, and the moon rises and falls.The story never stops,It’s just a sign of the times.The same river that cannot be accessed twice,Will let us learn to cherish the present.




Project name: Poly TianYue-Harbin
Client: Poly Group
Landscape Design: Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd.
Project location: Harbin, Heilongjiang
Area: 6000 m²
Design time: March 2019
Build time: August 2019


项目中的材料运用 Application of materials in this project


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