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Shma Company Limited:这座豪华高层公寓位于素坤逸101号,靠近Punnawithi BTS轻轨站。公寓作为城市画廊,以“具有城市生活美的绿地”为主要概念,将生活中各式各样的感觉嵌入景观设计之中,以此获得生活体验。Quinn Sukhumvit 101是室内和室外无缝过渡的代表,居民在踏入场地的第一步即可感受到他们与自然纯净的联系,充分享受他们所拥有的生活质量。

Shma Company Limited: Quinn Sukhumvit 101, a luxury high-rise condominium, is located at Sukhumvit 101 road near Punnawithi BTS Skytrain Station. As an Urban Gallery, a “Green area with urban life appreciation” is represented as the main concept of this site. We’ve approached an experience of living by embedding all senses of living into the landscape design. Quinn Sukhumvit 101 is represented as a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor. Residents can appreciate their living quality to the fullest with the connection of nature purity instantly from their very first step into the site.


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地面层 Ground Fl.


Before arrival, residents will feel the luring sense of coming home with the sight of the Sculpture Pavilion in the secret garden visible from the BTS station. A welcoming entrance has been designed with the sense of continuity using the public walkway as an intimate connection between the stripped plaza and retail. Here, step planters are placed as green boundaries to guide residents to a proper pathway. Residents can also enjoy various outdoor activities through facilities and different spaces we’ve created such as; taking a walk in the secret garden, relaxing in the outdoor lobby, and chilling in the plaza area.


▼入口区 Entrance area

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▼雕塑亭细节 Detail of the Sculpture Pavilion

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第七层 7th Fl.


The swimming pool is located in the south of this site high up on the 7th floor, where there is access to sunlight all day. Using simple architectural language, we’ve created a 25 meters lap pool, a Jacuzzi area, and a kids pool. Moreover, the therapeutic outdoor shower is provided to enhance the living standard you deserve. Finally, on this floor, residents can sit down and relax in the sunken flower court which we have planted with various species of flower around the seat to increase privacy and signify this area.


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第二十五层 25th Fl.


The sitting cabana is located on the 25th floor, residents will be greeted with a stepped planter upon arrival. This zone intends to create private spaces for residents to enjoy individual activities that suit their mood, which will allow them to experience a vivid sphere enclosed by plentiful flower species.


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▼阶梯式种植池 The stepped planter

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屋顶层 Roof Fl.


Above the sky lounge, the BBQ terrace is located on the roof floor. We have defined another key element for seamless connectivity between the landscape area and the sky lounge with step planters that can be seen through a glass wall. This area leads them to the upper platform where the BBQ co-kitchen terrace is located. Residents can relax and enjoy the scenery we have framed for a better experience while sitting in the Upper cabana.


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位于繁忙城市中心的Quinn Sukhumvit 101旨在为居民提供绿色城市画廊的体验,将花园和花卉视为艺术品。室内外的无缝过渡确保所有访客都能获得最顺畅的参观体验,增强了轻松感和避世感。

Locating right in the center of the busy city, Quinn Sukhumvit 101 aims to give residents the experience of a green urban gallery viewing gardens and flowers as forms of artwork. Seamless transitions assure the smoothest visit for all visitors enhancing ease and sense of escape to the neighborhood.


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项目名称:Quinn Sukhumvit 101
客户:MBK Real Estate
建筑设计:Somdoon Architects
室内设计:PIA Interior
机电设计:GEO Design
C&S工程:SPC Design
摄影:Panoramic Studio

设计总监:Yossapon Boonsom
景观设计师:Charnchai Chitpanapaibul,Phakarat Leesakulthip,Natchr Voradanarit
园艺师:Supaluk Paorik

Name of Project: Quinn Sukhumvit 101
Client: MBK Real Estate
Category: Residential
Location: Sukhumvit 101 Road, Bangkok, Thailand
Design Period: 2016
Completion Year: 2021
Site Area: 2.7 Rai
Architect: Somdoon Architects
Interior Company: PIA Interior
M&E: GEO Design
C&S Engineering: SPC Design
Photographer: Panoramic Studio

In house Data
Design Team
Design Director: Yossapon Boonsom
Landscape Architect: Charnchai Chitpatanapaibul, Phakarat Leesakulthip, Natchr Voradanarit
Horticulturist: Supaluk Paorik
Landscape Area: (EIA Approved) 1418.47
Building Scale: High-rise Building


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