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Studio Lotus:RAAS酒店位于印度拉贾斯坦邦(Rajasthan)焦特布尔(Jodhpur)的中心地带,占地1.5英亩,空间位置特殊,位于梅兰加尔堡(Mehrangarh Fort)地下。该项目希望能在焦特布尔老城区创建一个拥有39间客房的豪华精品酒店,促进新旧之间的交流。酒店在材料和工艺方面十分奢华,希望能在古城的历史背景下为游客提供全新地触觉和感官体验,而不是单纯地模仿旧城。这个项目包含三个美丽的历史建筑(17 -18世纪),传统工匠使用了石灰砂浆和焦特布尔砂岩等原始材料对他们进行了精心的修复。36个房间分布在三个新建筑中,这些新建筑使用了与传统建筑相同的材料和工艺,希望能在视觉和空间关系上与历史建筑和堡垒相交融。

Studio Lotus:Set in the heart of the walled city of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, RAAS is a 1.5-acre property uniquely located at the base of the Mehrangarh Fort. The brief was to create a luxury boutique hotel with 39 rooms in the context of the Old city quarter of Jodhpur. This has been translated into a project where there is a dialogue between the old and the new. Luxury was about being authentic both in terms materials and workmanship, and in providing visitors a tactile and sensual experience within the historical context of the old city of Jodhpur without aping the old. The property was inherited with three, beautiful period structures (17th-18th century) which have been painstakingly restored with traditional craftsman in the original materials such as lime mortar and Jodhpur sandstone. 36 rooms have been created, spread over 3 contemporary buildings, (using the same materials and skills as the traditional buildings) inserted into the site in a manner that they frame the visual and spatial relationship among the old buildings and the Fort, creating a dialogue between the old and the new.



▼新旧建筑分布及功能 Building distribution & function



Inspired by the age old double skinned structures of the region, (the traditional stone latticed jharokha forms of Rajasthani architecture – which perform multiple functions of passive cooling and offering privacy to the user) these buildings act as lanterns framing the site. The drama of the stone jaali (lattice) is heightened by the fact that these panels can be folded away by each user to reveal uninterrupted views of the fort, or can be closed for privacy and to keep the harsh Jodhpur sun out.



▼新建筑剖面 New building section



Crafted by over a hundred regional artisans and master-craftsmen, the development – building and interiors – is conceived and executed using the fundamentals of sustainable architecture. 70% of the materials and people used on site have been sourced locally, most within a 30 km radius. Every element is handcrafted with a focus on simplicity, and function – beauty being the skill and care of the craftsperson that has gone in to creating the piece. Materials include hand cut stone, poured in situ pigmented cement terrazzo on floors, walls and as furniture. Locally crafted furniture and cabinets in sheesham (a local Indian hardwood).





The large central courtyard houses the three restored heritage buildings. These become nodes, shared spaces such as dining areas, a spa, and break away spaces, to be enjoyed by all the guests. These also house 3 heritage suites. All the services have been planned with Green methods and technologies. All the rainwater runoff from the buildings and rest of the site is being harvested through pits that are an integral part of the landscape. 100% of the wastewater generated is reused at site using a Sewage treatment plant. The fact that Jodhpur is one of the sunniest cities in India has been harnessed and all hot water in guest rooms is solar heated. The air-conditioning system is Variable Refrigerant Volume based, which is amongst the greenest technologies available currently for air conditioning and enjoys a Platinum LEEDS rating.



▼平面图 Plan


▼剖面图 Section


▼场地建筑干预 Architecture intervention




主要设计公司:Studio Lotus, Praxis Inc
设计主创:Ambrish Arora (Studio Lotus,新德里) & Rajiv Majumdar (Praxis Inc,班加罗尔)
设计团队:Arun Kullu, Radha Muralidharan, Anuja Gupta, Ruchi Mehta
室内设计:Studio Lotus and Praxis Inc
景观设计:Akshay Kaul
纺织面料:Ruchi Mehta
结构:Manjunath & Co.
机械电器管道:Abid Husain Consultants
承包商:Buildkraft India & Moolchand Stone mason
客户:Walled City Hotels Private Limited

Name of the project: Raas Jodhpur
Location: Rajasthan, India
Built-up area: 65,000 sq ft
Year of completion: 2010
Lead Design Team: Studio Lotus, Praxis Inc
Lead Designers: Ambrish Arora (Studio Lotus, New Delhi) & Rajiv Majumdar (Praxis Inc, Bangalore)
Design Team: Arun Kullu, Radha Muralidharan, Anuja Gupta, Ruchi Mehta
Interior Design: Studio Lotus and Praxis Inc
Landscape Architect: Akshay Kaul
Textiles: Ruchi Mehta
Structural: Manjunath & Co.
MEP: Abid Husain Consultants
Contractors: Buildkraft India & Moolchand Stone mason
Client: Walled City Hotels Private Limited
Editor: Jiangyan Shou


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