TROP:Terrains+Open Space :泰国雨树公寓 Rain trees 是TROP:Terrains+Open Space与Architects49 建筑公司合作的一个最新的私人住宅景观,建筑以矩形盒子错落堆砌,一个非常现代硬朗的建筑轮廓,外观看似一个公共空间,景观中这次trop不仅仅应用了擅长的地形塑造了养马场空间,同时应用了不少生态自然的手法处理了通行空间。

TROP:Terrains+Open Space :Rain trees in Thailand’s rain trees apartment is the latest private residential landscape in the cooperation of trop: terrains + open space and architects 49 construction company. the buildings are strewn in rectangular boxes, with a very modern and hale architectural outline. the exterior looks like a public space. in the landscape, trop not only uses the terrain that is good at shaping the horse farm space but also uses a lot of ecological and natural methods to deal with the traffic space.



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