RMIT Bundoora校区的新长廊解决了整个校区缺乏吸引力和清晰连接的问题。

The new promenade at RMIT’s Bundoora Campus resolves a lack of attractive and legible connections across the Campus.


校园中心与Plenty路之间的长廊连接和公共交通连接。 它提供了一个慷慨的行人通道,对现有的景观条件作出反应,并沿其长度布置了一系列座位,露天剧场和活动中心。长廊沿着蜿蜒的路线,从邻近的河流中提取线索,并在现有的重要桉树中交织。

The promenade links between the centre of the Campus to Plenty Road and its public transport connections. It provides a generous pedestrian walkway, that responds to existing landscape conditions and is furnished with a range of seating, amphitheatres and activity hubs along its length.The promenade follows a meandering alignment that takes its cues from the adjacent river patterns and weaves in and amongst existing significant Eucalyptus trees.




Instead of a formal alignment typical of many University spines, the designs informal geometry allowed a sense of the surrounding landscape to be incorporated into the pedestrian experience.

Photos by John Gollings and Andrew Lloyd.

竣工日期: 2014年
建筑预算: 1500万美元

Client: RMIT University
Location: Bundoora, Victoria
Completion Date: 2014
Construction budget: $15m

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