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OFL Architecture:Saintorto是一项国际竞赛的互动花园获奖方案,在纽约Moma博物馆展会上展出过。这是一个充满活力的空间,由弗朗切斯科·利巴里、瓦妮莎·托达罗和费德里科·贾科马拉在2013年罗马创客嘉年华(Maker Faire Rome)上首次构思并展示了最初的方案,这是一个充满活力的空间,特点是有一系列“满与空”序列的三角剖分结构,这些三角元素按照聚焦教学的多功能路径排布。

OFL Architecture: Saintorto is an interactive garden winning proposal of an international competition, which drawings have been exhibited at the Moma Museum in NY during the Cut’n’Paste exhibition. Saintorto – which original scheme has been conceived and presented for the first time at the Maker Faire Rome in 2013 by Francesco Lipari, Vanessa Todaro and Federico Giacomarra – is an energetic space characterized by a succession of full and empty triangulations, which follow one another according to a path with multiple functions focused on teaching.


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Sainthorto项目结合了四个紧密相关的因素:功能、美学、制作和教学。生产制作必须是布局设计的基石,这样栽培的有效面会根据设计而进行调整。栽培和空间设计是相互分开的,从人体工程学的角度 (适合于栽培的高度和深度) 和教育/受欢迎的角度来看,这些花园是为孩子们设计的,他们将能够以简单的方式去观察花园并在里面进行互动。


The Sainthorto project combines 4 strictly connected factors: functionality, aesthetics, production and teaching. Production must be the cornerstone when one want to  design the layout, so that the useful surface for the cultivation changes according to its contexts configuration. The cultivation and the design of spaces, which are parted among themselves, appear both from an ergonomic perspective (height and depth suitable for cultivation operations) and at an educational/popular level because they are drawn up for kids, who will be able to watch in a simple way the garden and its interactions playing in it.






Sainthorto可以通过一台特殊的电脑实时创作歌曲,音乐作品(以及音频信号)由文森佐·科尔(Vincenzo Core)创作,曲子会以一个单音为基础,然后根据类似的原理自动演奏出来。没有采样音色,所有声音都是通过减法合成和物理模式合成实时生成的。音乐会根据安装在花园里的气象站所捕捉到的环境变量进行调节:风速的变化会产生声音集群,温度会影响声音的音色,湿度会随着回声和混响改变声音。


The sound design of Sainthorto is part of the idea of organic unity too.

Thanks to a special computer, Sainthorto can create in real time a musical composition by Vincenzo Core, (and audio signals) starting from a single tune that will be worked out automatically according to homothetic principles. There is no sampled timbres but all sounds are generated in real time through subtractive synthesis and physical patterns synthesis. The music is then modulated on environmental variables captured by a weather station installed in the garden: the variations in wind speed creates clusters of sounds, the temperature influences the timbre of voices, the humidity changes the sound with echoes and reverberations.





Anyway the melody reveal itself just through the human interaction. Sonic harps, provided with sensors that can detect the touch, are installed in the garden. The same sensors are also attached on some vegetables. If someone touch plant racks, harps or vegetables that will produce notes allowing to improvise music. By touching once any plant racks, harps or vegetables in a few seconds the garden goes in “resonance” and plays the melody without any manipulation.





Sainthorto的另一个特点是它与“对象网络”世界相结合,受其他传感器花园的启发,也多亏了有Jardimpu创始人Alberto Serra的经验,设计师决定安装一个新的技术系统,通过与Twitter和Paraimpu的连接,实现对植物的实时监控和“社交”灌溉管理。花园的管理可以通过部分预设信息在线进行,例如: #激活灌溉 #停止灌溉。工具:可以测量土壤湿度、温度、空气湿度和光线的环境传感器,电磁阀和喷头,开源硬件Arduino和其他可编程电子工具,Paraimpu监控摄像头。


Another main feature of Sainthorto is its integration with the “objects web” world. Taking the cue from other sensor gardens and thanks to the experience of Alberto Serra, founder of Jardimpu (www.jardimpu.com), the designers decided to install a new technological system that allows the monitoring of the plants in real time and a “social“ irrigation management by connecting with Twitter and Paraimpu. Management of the garden can be made online using several preset message such as: #sthorto drop on (to activate irrigation) or #sthorto drop off (to deactivate it). Tools: Environmental sensors to measure soil moisture, temperature, air humidity, light. Solenoid valves and sprinklers, Arduino and other programmable electronic tools, Monitoring Webcams  via Paraimpu.




▼声波竖琴吊线细部 Sainthorto details

©Salvatore Giglia


▼植物栽培 Cultivation

©Giuseppe Guarneri
©Giuseppe Guarneri


▼平面 Plan▼透视图 Drawing perspective


▼功能方案 Functional Scheme



▼技术方案 Technological Scheme





设计: Frabcesco Lipari 和 Vanessa Todaro
团队: Vincenzo Core (作曲家)、Marco Scalet (互动设计师)、Viviana Cannizzo (沟通)
客户: Maker Faire Rome, Coldiretti Sicilia
面积: 140 mq
城市: 意大利罗马-锡拉库扎
年份: 2013 – 2017年
摄影: Anotherstudio, Francesco-Lipari, Salvatore Giglia, Giuseppe Guarneri

Architecture: Frabcesco Lipari and Vanessa Todaro
Team: Vincenzo Core (composer), Marco Scalet (interaction designer), Viviana Cannizzo (communication)
Client: Maker Faire Rome, Coldiretti Sicilia
Area: 140 mq
City: Rome – Siracuse
Year: 2013 – 2017
Photography: Anotherstudio, Francesco-Lipari, Salvatore Giglia, Giuseppe Guarneri


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