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Fusion Design: Designers should be poets, using architecture as a language to write and recite poems as time changes. When Sanyea and Fusion Design think in the same frequency and place the architecture in the mountains and forests, the rhythm and admiration of life will be added to the recited voice.




In the joining of people and scenery, the space changes with time. People also change their moods in the space and become quiet, like a tree waiting for the moon.



一:林中剪影 One: Silhouettes in the forest



The mountain is silent, yet hides surprises. As visitors walk toward the mountains, their feet step on the ground mixed with stone and soil, and a slight tickling sensation comes from the center of their feet, soothing one’s tired state. As the walk continues, visitors will find more surprises.


▽项目与周边环境 Project and surrounding environment,overall view 


▽项目鸟瞰 Aerial view




In “Garden Forging”, Ji Cheng points out that “mountains and forests are the best sites for the traditional garden”. The topography of the mountains and forests is diverse, with high and low points, curved and deep, so the houses built here are of natural interest. Fusion designed six buildings on prime terrain to create a natural forest habitat.




The mountains and forests are covered with greenery, so the traditional color scheme of white walls and black tiles was chosen for the building in order to avoid the overall color being abrupt. The geometric lines on the building show rational thinking, yet become sensual because of the cultural atmosphere of the Lingnan region. The sunlight reflects parallel lines on the wall, swaying gently in the wind, just like a plucked string, adding an artistic atmosphere to the space.


▽光影投射下的艺术美 Artistic beauty projected by light and shadow


二:眼前花 Two: blossom in front of the eyes



Chinese culture advocates implication, so the gate is hidden behind a winding mountain path. Push the door and enter, under the guidance of the moving line, each functional partition becomes clear. The irregular installation gallery is very eye-catching and unique among other low-key designs.


▽蜿蜒的山道入口 Entrance to the winding mountain path




Passing through the corridor, the shimmering light weaves casually between lines and gaps, alternating colors and casting shadows. In the song of trees and birds, the buildings slowly appear, and a different kind of elegant interest arises among the mountains, forests and grasses.




The mountain architecture does not emphasize exterior garishness and carries a sense of calm relaxation, humbly leaving the highlights of the design to the interior. The reception space is divided into two by the door in the middle, and the functional areas are designed in different styles according to the needs of different people.


▽接待空间 Reception room



Outside the window drizzle, inside the house tea is cooked in the flickering candlelight. What an elegant atmosphere. The lounge area on the other side is matched with sculptures and furniture full of literary sense, giving a more relaxed vacation feeling.


▽充满雅致的壁画 Full of elegant murals


▽下午茶休息区 Afternoon tea lounge area



Light and shadows gently brush against different objects, bridging classical and modern styles, imbuing the space with a sense of wabi-sabi time, an experience unlike anywhere else.


▽侘寂感空间氛围 Wabi sabi space atmosphere




The restaurant occupies a separate building, and the micro-geometric wall is like a bridge in the air connecting the two blocks of the building at both ends. The large white space that extends away from the building shows a calm tension. The space under it is all diluted, leaving only a pond of vernal water and a pine tree.


▽餐厅景观空间 Restaurant landscape space




The outdoors offers artistic imagination, while the interior tends to return to everyday life. The basic arrangement pattern is used to meet the needs of diners, and then some square openwork walls are used to divide the space. The light and shadow moving between the walls increases the permeability of the space and gives a casual feeling.


▽餐厅室内空间 Dining Room Interior space



In the day and night, taste the various flavors of life, is also a kind of romance of life.





Collect some sunlight, and the mountains will have an extra touch of warmth. A huge wall is erected between the upper and lower staircases, dividing the whole space by the movement of light and shadow, yet it is repaired by the sky light introduced by the round window on the ceiling. The rich colors are applied like oil paintings in dappled layers, eventually melting back into the bright daylight shining on the trapezoidal windowsill.


▽圆形天窗与油画般浓郁的色彩生发出斑驳的层次感 The circular skylight and the rich color like oil painting create a mottled sense of hierarchy



Born here, return to this place.




The space hidden behind the doorway quietly awakens at the arrival of the returning family. Stone and wood are the main materials of the living room, together with the greenery of the branches, echoing the temperament of the mountains and forests, understated and simple, yet vibrant. White cotton stools, fabric sofas and vintage chairs are neatly distributed along the moving line, showing their unique texture in the flow of light and dark.


▽客厅空间 Sitting room space




The sunlight from the mountains falls through the courtyard and into the interior, staining the wall cabinets and fabrics with exquisite light and shadow. The greenery outside flows in with the breeze and blends with the interior space, depicting a dynamic painting of the four seasons.

Between the mountains and forests, wandering leisurely, the space gives visitors a gentle care in the passage of time.


▽室内空间 Interior space


▽青琅泳池庭院套房 Qing Lang Pool Courtyard Suite



It is only when you enter the mountains that you understand the meaning of lush foliage. The climate of Lingnan has nurtured the temperament of the mountains, and when you live here and look at such mountain scenery, you will gradually gain inner clarity.


▽青琅露台大床房Qing Lang Terrace Queen Room



The interior plan changes dynamically as the space shifts. The original flat ceiling rises upwards here to reveal the original girders. Interspersed with the lines of the design, an irregular geometric aesthetic is constructed.


▽荔雪山景大床房Li Xue Mountain View Queen Room




The dominant colour of wood is a continuation of the forest, and the link with the mountains in the layouts is thus nourished by the generosity of the mountains. Focusing on spiritual healing, the choice of external objects is more restrained. The furnishings are few, simple, yet meticulous and elaborate. The stone is thick and the wood is smooth, showing the aesthetics of the design in the right way and giving it a simple philosophy of life.


▽青琅海景大床房Qing Lang Ocean View Queen Room

▽客厅与室外泳池 Living room and outdoor pool



▽青琅泳池庭院套房Qing Lang Pool Courtyard Suite




The expanse of the mountain escape gives the designer a little more freedom. The swimming pool occupies an open space all to itself, jumping from a mountain full of greenery into another. The patchwork of squares and circles breaks the fixed form of the pool and is full of interest.

Immersed in the water, it is difficult to feel the flow of the building, as is the case with time. Immersed in the water, it is difficult to feel the flow of the building, as is the case with time. We float in it as quietly as we like, or as hard as we want.Fortunately, there is not just one choice in life. Choose as you wish, and you will always achieve something.


▽公共泳池休闲空间 Public pool leisure space




Following the flow of water, the action stops at an enchanting mountain dinner. The candlelight, the wine and the food are soothing and relaxing. And then, you can fall into a beautiful dream you’ve been waiting for.


▽户外山林就餐区 Outdoor mountain dining area



三:心里事 Three: Matters of the heart



Shenzhen, at 22°N latitude, has a beautiful winding coastline. Freedom and romance are the keynote of life here, but the pursuit of material life has neglected the creation of a quiet and peaceful humanistic atmosphere. Therefore, it is rare to find a place where you can live in the mountains and forests to escape from the world and calm yourself. This is the reason why Sanyea chose to land Forest Retreat here after Sjor Resort.


▽夕阳下的美好景象 A beautiful view at sunset



Fusion Design has understood Sanyea’s ideas and is constantly adapting the layers and dimensions of the design. The natural environment is the first order of this design, and the tone of the design can be considered complete only after achieving the unity of style between space and environment. The expanse of the mountains and forests gives more possibilities for aesthetic art and functional superposition, so that abstract thoughts contain silent poetry among the dependence of nature, and derive a tangible material existence – a mountain residence that satisfies multiple experiences.


▽满足多种体验的山间居所 A mountain retreat catering to a variety of experiences





After the dusty hustle and bustle is over, go to the forest and rediscover the poem in your heart.




项目地点:中国 深圳

Name:SANYEA-Forest Retreat
Location:Shenzhen, China
Building/Landscape/Interior/FF&E Design:FUSION DESIGN
Chief Design:Josh Wen、Suki Li
Design Team:Alvis Yao、Willem Xiang、Holly Huang、Billy,Li、Pengshan Tang、Jojo Wang
FF&E Design:Aurora Wang、Mayra Hu、Hui Miao
Project Area:5000㎡
Copywriter:Alina Chen
Photographer:Yun Ouyang
Client:Shenzhen Sanyea Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd.



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