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微木花境:“精卫衔微木,将以填沧海” 。——《山海经·北山经》

以自然为灵感之源 重构生活的想象

WEMOOL STUDIO:Jingwei holds the title of micro wood and will fill the vast sea with it.—— Classic of Mountains and Rivers· Beishan Classic

Reconstruct the imagination of life inspired by nature



项目区位 Project location


The project is located in Yongfeng Street, Songjiang, Shanghai, 200 meters west of the intersection of Rongle West Road and Sanxin Road in the Investment Promotion Yunlan Bay Exhibition Area. It is approximately 5km away from Songjiang South Station and adjacent to the tram Sanxin North Road Station, with convenient transportation. On the west side of the exhibition area is the water area of Zhongqiao Port, where there is a natural water source called Harvest River, with obvious hydrophilic characteristics.


©微木花境 ZZB摄影


设计主题 Design Theme

云涧秘境 典藏花园 The Secret Realm between Clouds and Streams, the Classic Collection of Gardens


Songjiang is the birthplace of Shanghai’s historical and cultural heritage, also known as “Yunjian”. Above the terrain, the design draws on the waterfront advantages of the site, responds to nature, introduces water charm into the interior of the site, and tells the story of the site through natural language. Using villa, water, light, forest, and flower as media, create a collection style waterfront art museum.


©微木花境 ZZB摄影
©微木花境 ZZB摄影


空间意境 Spatial imagery

若水听风 记忆云间 Like water listening to the wind & “Yunjian” in memory


Falling water and clear spring, welcoming guests with flower beds. The 130m long municipal image interface at the main entrance of the exhibition area is created in the form of green plants combined with scenic walls, forming a highly indicative open urban forest interface. It will also be the main entrance and exit for the return home movement line of the region in the future. The entrance site permeates with nature, and a large area of flower beds descend with the cascade of flowing springs. The reflection of the flowers is shattered by the water waves, as if it has sprinkled a pool of romance, shining brightly under the sunlight.


©微木花境 ZZB摄影
©微木花境 ZZB摄影



The flower border color at the entrance of the front court is elegant and bright, enhancing the high-end and elegant welcoming feeling of the entrance interface; The combination of virtual and real elements in the landscape wall creates a poetic and hazy spatial feeling through the intricate and continuous water scenery, mist, flower beds, and tree shadows, enhancing the fun and experience of the travel route.


©微木花境 ZZB摄影
©微木花境 ZZB摄影


林水环绕 湖光梦境 Forest and water surround the lake, creating a dreamland of light


The front garden of the sales office draws water into the entrance, outlining the scene of memories of the river, connecting the spatial transformation of the entire place with the form of water, interpreting the tranquil, elegant, artistic, and eternal waterfront urban secrets, experiencing romantic vacations and observing the bustling riverside life.Under the backdrop of mist and hollowed out landscape walls, the water mirror and flower border create a dreamy and ethereal lake light, as if wandering through the clouds.


©微木花境 ZZB摄影

©微木花境 ZZB摄影


心灵归处 自然心川 The home of the soul the natural river of the heart


The landscape space is arranged by water, with a large area of water features and a zigzag garden path interweaving and interacting, creating a feeling of living with nature and enjoying the forest by water. Traveling through it, the water surface microwaves circulate, the fragrance mist shrouds in the air, as if entering the heart of nature.


©微木花境 ZZB摄影
©微木花境 ZZB摄影



Through the panoramic glass curtain wall of the sales hall, when looking indoors and outdoors, the first sight is the wide screen river view. Above the open and comfortable water mirror, there is a vibrant touch of green, and the body and mind face nature at the Cloud Aesthetics Art Museum.


©微木花境 ZZB摄影


纯真纯粹 本色自然 Pure and pure The natural color of nature


The overall color of the building is mainly elegant white and champagne gold, low-key and exquisite. The floral and plant colors are relatively pure and restrained, with green as the base. Within the same color scheme, different visual, tactile, and emotional sensations are created through changes in color brightness, plant shape, and leaf texture, resulting in an overall atmosphere dominated emotional temperature change.


©微木花境 ZZB摄影
©微木花境 ZZB摄影




The design selects Acacia podalyriifolia and Acca sellowiana as skeleton shrubs. The leaves of these silver gray and grayish green plants are wrapped in grayish white soft hairs, and as the new and old leaves alternate, they present subtle changes in leaf shape or color. Whether it is the tree posture or color, it is a beautiful scenery. In addition to skeleton shrubs, the floral design is complemented by Aspidistra elatior Blume and conventional green materials to provide a natural connection and transition. The dark green one leaf orchid has a wider leaf surface, and the planting in clusters also serves as a background for other floral materials. The layers of the plants overlap before and after, creating a mix of virtual and real elements.

Ilex crenata Thunb.and Teucrium fruticans L.,with colors darker and lighter, serving as supporting materials for the floral structure. The green content is stable, forming a contrast between light and dark, unified in the overall green color scheme’s halo dyeing changes. At the same time, we selected plants with strong lines and contours such as New Zealand hemp, evergreen iris, blue leaved mountain orchid, and golden edged phoenix orchid as embellishments, forming differences with materials such as willow leaved starry river, hibiscus chrysanthemum, golden leaved stone calamus, and big Wu wind grass that are either fine or rough. Blue snow flowers, saliva, and juice balconies are used as the main colors, coordinating with the overall color of the building and landscape walls, allowing the surprise of blooming flowers to touch the warm winter sun.


©微木花境 ZZB摄影
©微木花境 ZZB摄影


阳光熙和 心情透亮 The sunshine is warm and the mood is clear


The Plumbago auriculata Lam. teasing the water surface and the Farfugium japonicum (L. f.) Kitam. like children playing in the water, as if hearing their joyful and lively play; The quiet and introverted hibiscus chrysanthemums, the blue Dianella ensifolia (L.) DC., and the tranquil and solemn Gomphostigma virgatum (L.f.) Baill. are the quiet existence in this lively area… Living in the water environment, using nature as a catalyst, perceiving a warm living environment.


©微木花境 ZZB摄影



Clear springs reflect guests, and the artistic realm of forest and water. Swimming in the streams above the clouds, experiencing the art of natural flow.


©微木花境 ZZB摄影


植物配置 Plant Configuration


The project was constructed in November, and safe wintering is an issue that cannot be ignored in this floral design. Therefore, in the process of plant pairing, we consciously increased the proportion of evergreen and long-lasting plants, especially in the floral framework to fully ensure its stability.


©微木花境 ZZB摄影



In every project practice, we will try some new materials for flower border performance, which is also related to the dynamic changes of market seedlings. During the seedling planting process, we can always find some plants in very good condition, which undoubtedly creates some surprises for the display. In this project, plants such as Equisetum, White Rose “Wedding Road”, perfume Grass (Heliotropium arborescens L.) are used. The lines of Equisetum elongate the vertical skyline of the flower border, which will make the whole group more energetic and straight after the stable growth in the later period; The color collision of pure white roses and deep violets is pure, cold and luxurious, full of luxury, and more in line with the temperament and tone of this project’s “Cloud Stream Secret Realm, Collection Garden”.


©微木花境 ZZB摄影
©微木花境 ZZB摄影

▽主要植物配置 Material selection




结语 Conclusion


The ideal of life has always been an ideal life. Having dreams in the heart, what’s wrong with being far away.

▽施工花絮 Construction highlights



设计寄语 Design message


The total area of this flower border is 198 square meters. Centered around the overall landscape positioning of “Cloud·Stream·Chinese fir·Habitat”, the floral design revolves around the theme of “Cloud and Stream Secret Realm”, creating a collection style garden with forests and water.Landscape uses water as a medium and regional cultural symbols to weave and construct a poetic, hazy, natural, and artistic urban living space. The implantation of flower borders makes every natural experience a scene of future life. Light and shadow, water and gas, flowers and trees, architecture, landscape walls… all elements are more tightly intertwined, delicate, and warm under the connection of nature. Walking through it, every scene can be perceived, understood, and remembered, becoming a part of the city’s image and also a part of the meaning of life.





Project Name: Shanghai Investment Promotion · Yunlan Bay Exhibition Area Long lasting Flower Landscape
Project address: 200 meters west of the intersection of Rongle West Road and Sanxin Road, Yongfeng Street, Songjiang District, Shanghai
Owner: China Merchants Shekou Shanghai Company
Flower border area: 198 square meters
Completion time: November 2023
Flower border design: Micro wood flower border WEMOOL STUDIO
Construction unit: Shanghai Shangnong Landscape Environment Construction Co., Ltd
Landscape design: Shanghai Qicheng Architectural Planning and Design Co., Ltd
Flower border photography: ZZB photography



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