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boll Design Studio:The garden surrounded by huge and square buildings has a deep sense of depth.


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也许在丛林边缘 In a Daze of Jungle Edge


Designers uses streamlined planting blocks running through the whole space, and with plants staggering in height, creating a spatial order with different temperament, from enclosure to seclusion, and then to openness.


© 朱海
© 朱海



After midsummer, the plants are becoming more natural and wild, making the originally clear boundary fade away and full of mystery.


© 朱海
© 朱海



Walking in the garden, we can tell the trees increase the visual level while maintaining a transparent space. The ground cover under the forest is evergreen and easy to manage, combined with seasonal flowers. Like exploring on the edge of the jungle, the feelings of privacy and control, and the fields of vision of shielding and opening appear continuously, and the seemingly antagonistic factors form the spatial experience.


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植物细节 Plant Details


Cherry blossom, river birch and evergreen white pine support structure, balance the building volume, ensure the control of vision, and invite you to explore more and more. The understory ground cover plants such as Farfugium japonicum, Houttuynia cordata, Pachysandra terminalis, Pteridium, etc. provide stable coverage according to the distribution of light conditions.


© 谢璕
© 谢璕
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Acanthus mollis, Mahonia fortunei, Cornus kousa and Hydrangea quercifolia are used as ornaments and connections in the middle layer. Bulbous plants add colors, in early spring comes Narcissus pseudonarcissus, Tulipa, Hyacinthoides hispanica and Lilium regale in summer and autumn, show seasonal changes.


© 朱海
© 朱海
© 朱海


停留点 Viewing Point


When walking to the hollow of the garden, the central waterscape is becoming the focus of attention. Designers selected natural stone to process, water gurgling and flowing, attracting birds and other animals to take water sources, and enriching the garden experience.




People also may stop or take a seat at the rest bench to experience the courtyard from different perspectives and distances. The original large north wall and tall Metasequoia are relatively severe and abrupt. In addition to increasing the middle-level landscape and deepening the depth of field, vines are planted near the wall to increase the seasonal performance of the wall, so that the line of sight becomes rich and quiet.


© 谢璕
© 谢璕
© 朱海
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庇护所 Shelter


An independent teahouse on the east side is hidden in the garden, half buried into the ground, and the arc roof forms a cave like shelter. The planting vegetation reserved on the roof imitates the meadow ecology and further eliminates the shelter.


© 谢璕
© 朱海



The garden scene unfolds like a picture screen in the room. What you can see is the stone texture, plant branches and shadows on the ground. In a position more downward than the shadow, you’ll gently explore these details and catch a glimpse of the farther and deeper places full of vitality.


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▽庭园平面图 Plan

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Project Name: Shanghai private W residence garden
Garden Design: boll Design Studio
Conceptual Design: Yuan Zheng
Design Team: Yuan Zheng, Wu Biying
Studio Email: info@boll-lab.com
Garden Area: about 800 ㎡
Construction time: 2021.4
Completion: December 2021
Construction unit: Shanghai Tinghe Garden
Planting Construction: Shanghai Yingxia Garden Landscape
Photography: Zhu Hai, Xie Xun
Teahouse architectural design: Studio Ku Kan Nai



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