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SUNYATAmong the renovation of Shanghai’s traditional neighborhoods, Xintiandi is considered as the most fashionable and elegant one; Tianzifang is the one with the exclusive local sense of Shikumen; and to talk about who is the most artistic and stylish fashion project in town, it’s going to be the freshly renovated, popular destiny of young ages, the Yuyuan Road.




Yuyuan Road, running across Changning and Jing’an, was once named after the other “Shangzhijiao” of Shanghai, as well as Xiafei Road. There are a lot of historical and cultural buildings along the road, and they’re the inheritors and witnesses of history, telling the stories happened during the grown of Shanghai. As one of the most representative neighborhoods in Shanghai after several years of urban renewal, many outstanding urban-renovating projects such as “Yuyuan Public Market”, “Yuxiang”, “Yuyuan” and “Yuyuan Department Store” were born on the Road. Recently, a new change is about to laid out on Yuyuan Road, and that’s the bock No. 984-1008 Yuyuan Road! The brand new experience of “Yuyuan Road Art Live Studio” in being equipped upon the century-old block!


▼区位图 Location map



No. 984-1008 Yuyuan Road is located at the intersection of Yuyuan Road and Jiangsu Road, close to Exit 7 of Jiangsu Road Station of Metro Line 2/11, the commute here is rather convenient. The structures were aged-residence originally. This whole project is designed by Sanyi Architects, aiming to integrate the four strategies of “form update, function upgrade, resource integration and memory continuation”, and to plan “cultural and creative business, community and people’s livelihood, art and culture” as the three main contents into the project, to create a new lifestyle with content, fun, warmth and future.


▼原建筑与改造效果图 Original building and renovation renderings



After the construction of a year, the block is about “ready to go”. As the frontline of the Yuyuan Art Life Street in Changning District, what new highlights and experiences will it bring to us after all? Let’s see it together!


▼重新焕发生机的街景 Revitalized street scene


01  引领年轻艺术创造力的生活方式| Leading a lifestyle of young artistic creativity



Start from the “head”,A new platform for the exhibition of young art of the Z generation.

Genzero occupies No. 1000 Yuyuan Road, its grand opening was just held. The store is located right at the “head” plot of Yuyuan Road, and the theme of the store is also related to “head”-it is a hat shop. GENZERO is currently the largest off-line hat merchandise brand in the state. The name of the store GENZERO can be understood as “Generation Z”. The owner of the store is a post-00 generation, and most of the product designers and shop assistants are post-00 generations as well. The decoration of the store adopts popular industral tooling style, all sorts of hats are neatly displayed on the steel rack, which is simple but not cold.


▼店铺外立面 Store facade




Not only a retail store, it is also a new platform for young art to display, incorporating different unique experiences such as installations, designer joints, private events, exhibitions, products, and so on, to create a lifestyle of young artistic creativity.


▼年轻艺术展现的新平台 A new platform for young art


▼还原00后涂鸦艺术家石润泽的创作实景空间 Restoring the creation space of post-00 graffiti artist Shi Runze


▼极具孤独感的背身人体模特,由光影展现情绪“思”的状态 A very lonely mannequin with a back body, showing the state of emotional “thinking” by light and shadow


▼空间尽头错落摆放的烤漆架由拆房遗留下的老木头与现代铁架组成  The paint racks randomly placed at the end of the space are composed of old wood and modern iron frames left over from the demolition of the house



02  朝九晚五之余的治愈| Rescue after 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

星空为顶,花园为底——建筑的二层别有洞天,藏着建筑师特别设计的秘密花园,一个可以让人静谧的,拥有故事性、离奇性的roof courtyard。

The starry sky is the ceiling and the garden is the floor—the second floor of the building has a unique space, which is a secret garden designed specially by the architect, a roof-courtyard, which allows people to stay quiet, start a day dream, or just be unique.


▼花园露台  Garden terrace



The terrace is transformed from the original roof, based on its original layout, the design concept emphasizes on the “sharing, relaxation, and freedom”. It can be used for meditation, or even hold a party. The architect hopes that every visitors on it could face the old and new friends in a relaxing mood, enjoy the freedom and excitement of time running slow.


▼屋顶露天音乐派对  Rooftop outdoor music party



Nowadays, we already have all kind of ways to get outdoors, touch the nature, so to escape from the city, while to compare with the ritual holidays, if we can have such a secret base with a starry sky ceiling and a gardening floor in our daily lives, It will be the best cure after work hours.


▼街道夜景  Street night view


03  FM愚园电台正在路上| FM Yuyuan Radio Station is on the way



In addition to GENZERO, “Yuyuan Road Art Live Studio” will move in Shanghai’s public welfare landmark FM Yuyuan Road Radio Station sooner as well, it will make Yuyuan Road a “sound road”, people can check in the cultural landmarks and touch the century-old structures by listen the sound in the air.

What’s more, a memerable taste of northerners is also being landed – the taste of Ermending·Hutong, a place people can experience both the exquisite quality of the magic city and the aged soul of the north, in an old house of Shanghai alley.




Project name: Shanghai Yuyuan Road Art Live Studio
Project address: No. 984-1008, Yuyuan Road, Shanghai
Design unit: Shanghai Sunyat Architecture Design Co., Ltd.
Photography: GENZERO shop photos GENZERO; architectural photos Shanghai Sunyat Architecture Design Co., Ltd.



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