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Belt Collins: Everything is free, let the heart feel the space.


▽项目鸟瞰 Aerial view


理想的住区应该是什么样的?What should an ideal settlement look like?


Residents are the important foundation of residential areas, and the “good” and “bad” landscapes require residents’ experience. Therefore, how to create a comfortable and practical residential environment is the first thing we need to consider. While respecting the traditional way of life, we are also excavating a design that conforms to the way of life of modern people; therefore, to create a healthy, living, convenient, natural, ecological and leisure community is the result of residents’ influence on the residential area. Prerequisites for a sense of belonging and identity.


▽项目入口 Project entry


引入“活力+”景观体系,为居民打造理想住区 Introduce the “Vibrant+” landscape system to create an ideal residential area for residents


A large area of activity area is reserved in the atrium of the park to provide outdoor leisure places for people of different ages. Combined with the psychological effect of color, the designer uses the scientific plant color ratio to mobilize people’s mood and create a pleasant living space.


▽中庭活动区 Atrium activity area

▽特色麋鹿雕塑 Featured Elk Sculpture



A reasonable planting ratio of plant communities is the key to determining the amount of oxygen released. The designer uses the seasonal wind direction to adjust the plant space and increase the dust retention effect. When the natural environment is more comfortable, people will feel more peaceful. The outdoor pavilion is wrapped in nature and surrounded by plants, people’s activities will be more protective and private.


▽中庭景亭 Atrium View Pavilion



The flexible spring brings ripples slowly and activates the atrium space. The combination of tree shadows and clear springs plays the most beautiful notes about nature. In the hot summer, the children who are hydrophilic and happy come here to feel cool, sparkling, and bursts of crisp laughter.


▽中庭水景Atrium water feature


健康环境,零距离亲近自然 Healthy environment, close to nature


By taking people’s health needs as the guide, the space and facilities are designed so that users can achieve good health. Provide residential health trails, so that owners can better enjoy the gifts of nature.



童语寻踪 Children’s Pursuit


Rich colors are very attractive to children and can stimulate their interest and curiosity. Before deciding on the design of the children’s activity area, we did a full research on children’s psychology, using different types of amusement facilities to increase the slope of the activity area, conform to their climbing intentions, and satisfy children’s joy of exploring the world .


▽儿童活动区 Children’s play area


夜色忽入 Night Intrusion


The sun, the moon, the stars, the rain falling in the wilderness.




When night fell, the cheers of the day disappeared with the night. When everything is quiet, it does not seem lonely here. Under the soft wrapping of warm light, the prelude to the night world is reopened.





Project Name: Shenzhen Yanheng Park Century I
Project Location: Longgang District, Shenzhen
Area: 116107㎡
Client: Shenzhen Longweixin Investment Industrial Co., Ltd.
Landscape Design Style: Modern Style
Landscape Photography: Inch-Inch Photography Studio




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