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GM LANDSCAPE: A natural art house that folds time and space on the city’s riverside



概念 Concept


With “star” as the origin, combined with forest, sea, river and other elements, into the local culture of Shanghai school, enhance the exquisite sense of the scene and the sense of luxury, to create a boundless forest art city community with natural artistic conception.


▽设计草图 Design sketch



Integrate the star elements into the space, converge into a brilliant star river, and arrive at a bright life.


▽场地空间布局 Site spatial layout


策略 Strategy


From the space, plants, materials, soft decoration and super symbols, we create a place environment with both texture and artistic conception, so that the human body can feel the unique space aesthetics and emotional resonance.



场景 Map


Starting from the international settlement positioning that integrates with the city, we create 12 future life scenes around the “four marks of star life”, and reshape the new experience of contemporary neighborhood social interaction with a high-frequency dynamic field.


▽功能多元的生活场景 Multi-functional life scene


超级星界面 Superstar interface


Through the integration of design language and design techniques, it emphasizes the star-lit scene sense and creates a strong declarative character. The mirror water feature combined with art sculpture emphasizes light luxury and bright cover image.


▽设计草图 Design sketch

▽水景艺术雕塑 Waterscape art sculpture



The ground pavement is spliced with curves, echoing the theme space of the star-flowing scene. From the space to the details follow the unified design language and style tone, combined with the theme of lighting to set off the star mark.




The super-scale extension interface connects the bright home gate and builds the pan-star home super interface.


▽设计草图 Design sketch

▽城市界面 Urban interface



The exquisite block three-dimensional garden is integrated into the home flow line, creating an exclusive sense of private sphere in the city.


▽立体街区花园 Three-dimensional block garden


极致星归家 The ultimate star returns home


The metal screen and the Hermes grey luxury stone facade are combined with the super-scale door head, and the customized community integral mark is combined with the smart water feature to create a dignified and elegant main entrance drop-off space of hotel style.


▽入口空间 Entrance space



The welcome water scene is starlit, and the bright spring in the light and the star screen each other, shining.




Through the lobby to the Welcome Water courtyard, the three spatial feelings enhance the sense of homecoming ceremony. Through the translation of arch Bridges and ripples, it integrates the gardening techniques of classical gardens and interprets the elegant artistic conception in Eastern aesthetics, as if man and nature, tradition and modernity have reached a harmonious integration at this moment.


▽迎宾水院 Welcome water Courtyard



The green waves are rippling, and there is a delicate and luxurious living room in the water garden, which seems to be a pearl left between heaven and earth, quietly inlaid in the starlight stream.


▽设计草图 Design sketch

▽水院会客厅 Water courtyard meeting room



Literati or here to compose poems and paintings, or to drink alone on the moon, enjoy the relaxed and elegant beyond the noisy.


▽精致的细节设计 Exquisite detail design



Japanese black pine is planted at the front of the porch frame, which is steady and heavy. The residents rest on the shore, listening to the flowing water, is a pleasant gathering place for viewing tea.


▽观景品茗区 View and tea tasting area



The folding bridge waterfall is hidden in a corner of the floating island, like a dynamic ink scroll, slowly unfolding. The special design of Chinese Tallow combined with Green Island to create a welcoming water courtyard, creating a quiet space atmosphere, with the change of plant seasons will bring the beautiful scenery of the four seasons to the atrium.


▽水中折桥 Submerged bridge



Along the wind and rain corridor slowly forward, both the quiet of the world, but also the vivid, let people in the walk to find the habitat of the soul. The sense of order and welcome lights set off the circuitous etiquette of home experience moving line.


▽风雨连廊 Wind and rain corridor



Under the color principle of gray tone, metal, luxury stone, rough and delicate surface are used to form a contrast, conveying the aesthetics of materials.


▽精致的细节设计 Exquisite detail design



The stone in the corner of the quiet gallery contains the artistic philosophy of the Oriental garden. Cast mottled shadows in the interlace of light and shadow, and the green plants complement each other.


▽景观廊架 Landscape pergola



Every morning or sunset, the dance of light and shadow creates a subtle and subtle artistic conception, which not only lengthens the depth of space, but also adds a flowing rhythm to the quiet environment, making people feel the poetry of time still and quietly passing.




Through the living room, the time is quiet and fragrant, which sets off the sightseeing mood for the dream world that is about to step into.



无限星体验 Infinite star experience


Look in the forest, look up at the stars, the Milky Way is within reach. Inadvertently break into the country of stars, the Milky Way flows in the forest, the stargazing houses are hidden among the trees and grass, children can explore the mysteries of nature in this oasis forest full of vitality.


▽隐藏预草木之间的观星茑屋 Hide the pre-vegetation among the stargazing joss house



Through the delicate collocation of plants, we create a warm and vibrant outdoor living space, weaken the boundary sense of soft and hard scenery, and bring green into life.



结语 Conclusion


SHINING PARK is not only the habitat of life, but also the destination of the soul, so that people can find a pure land in the busy modern life, breathe with nature, and grow together with art.




方案团队:刘征 ,郑博,李庆泽, 冉芸嫣 ,周倩
后期团队:刘雪峰, 唐伟瀚, 罗蓉, 李悦
植物团队:侯飞飞, 廖媛媛 , PLAN DESIGN 璞澜设计
水电结构:黄梦舟, 殷良友

Landscape design: GM Landscape
Landscape area: 7000 ㎡
Design Director: Gao Fang
SD Team: Liu Zheng, Zheng Bo, Li Qingze, Ran Yunyan, Zhou Qian
CD Team: Liu Xuefeng, Tang Weihan, Luo Rong, Li Yue, Huang Mengzhou, Yin Liangyou
Plant Team: Feifei Hou, Yuanyuan Liao, PLAN DESIGN
Client: Dahua Group One Company
Client Team: Zhang Haituan, Li Dawei, Qin Haidong, Xia Shaoqiang, Zeng Wenjing, Li Na, Wu Feiliang, Bi Min, Chen Qi
Architectural Design: Shanghai Tianhua Architectural Design Co., LTD
Interior Design: Shanghaizheng Decoration Design Co., LTD., Shanghai Mudi Interior Design Engineering Co., LTD
Construction Companies: Shanghai Yaolv Garden Engineering Co., LTD., Maoyuan Environmental Technology Development (Shanghai) Co., LTD., Nantong Haocheng Doors and Windows Curtain Wall Co., LTD
Image Credits: IAM Image




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