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澳大利亚IAPA设计顾问有限公司:保利智慧云城(CLOUD CITY)位于佛山顺德杏坛,作为湾区战略交汇的中心,更是佛山造城实践的革新地,产城一体及宜居水乡的城市特色吸引了以外来青年和年轻家庭为主体的城市新居民。

IAPA Pty. Ltd.: POLY CLOUD CITY is located in Shunde, Guangdong, China, where is the strategic intersection center of the Greater Bay Area. The integration of Industry and urbanization, livable water town are the features of this city attracts new urban residents that mainly from youth and young families.


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PART ONE 保利智慧云城-与城共进的活力社区 CLOUD CITY-A vibrant community that grows with the city


We hope to condense the local people of Xingtan in Shunde with suitable design, CLOUD CITY not only a platform for daily life of community residents, but also a friendly public space for surrounding citizens. It creates a sense of homecoming ceremony for community residents, and also brings a sense of urban homecoming for the local new youth community, retains people in the city, and creates an imagination space with infinite possibilities for the future community.


▽林荫广场俯瞰图 Aerial view of Tree-lined plaza

▽多功能剧场俯瞰图 Aerial view of Multifunctional theatre


PART TWO 设计语言-把空间主场留给生活 Design languages-Leave space for life

林荫之下 共享至上 Tree Array Community


Tree-lined can improve outdoor thermal environment quality and human comfort, also good for produce good people-friendly effect and shaping the recreation activity space. We create shared space under the forest with tree-lined, and the concept of haring community is implanted in the whole plot, and the whole area is integrated with the tree-lined greening system, which adapted to Shunde’s weather, and provides green shade in summer and warm sun in winter, the shared space under trees encourages people to stay, socialize and rest.


▽林荫广场景观动图 A GIF of shady Square landscape


▽林荫广场俯瞰图 Aerial view of Tree-lined plaza

▽多功能艺术剧场 Multifunctional theatre

▽户外吧台休闲区 Outdoor bar lounge area

▽ 户外洽谈休闲区 Outdoor leisure area

▽展示中心户外休憩区 Outdoor rest area of exhibition center


像素之妙 艺术趣味 Artistic Pixel Element


The community landscape framework is based on a pixelated, block-like grid system. Multiple areas and levels are integrated with pixel elements from the overall design to the paving, materials selection and color using, according to repetitive, splicing or combination. Interesting pixel art becomes a visual representation of the moving line indication and function partition.


▽社区入口俯瞰图 Community Entrance

▽像素乐园俯瞰图 Aerial view of Pixelland

▽乐活运动区俯瞰图 Aerial view of loho Sports Area

▽像素”元素金属树穴盖板细节设计 Detail design of pixel “element metal tree cavity cover plate


留白空间 亲人尺度 Comfortable Human Scale


Based on pleasant space scale and comfortable walking scale, creating a flexible and diversified space, allowing the community to preset the possibility of a variety of activities. Dark gray pavement as the base, partially embedded in the white block surface to form stay places, wood tone soften the cold feeling of dark pavement, make the community more friendly and create open but clear partition space composition.


▽林荫广场俯瞰图 Aerial view of Tree-lined plaza

▽归家之路俯瞰图 Aerial view of the way home

▽多功能剧场俯瞰图 Aerial view of Multifunctional theatre

▽展示中心入口水景 Water view at the entrance of exhibition center


橙黄点缀 温暖治愈 Friendly Warm Colour


In order to make CLOUD CITY more coherent, we used “Mi Orange”, “Medium Yellow” color in floor painting, facility and soft decoration to gives a strong visual impact, and makes the whole places show a warm, healing, youthful, and friendly community atmosphere in this high saturation color combination.


▽乐活运动区俯瞰图 Aerial view of loho Sports Area

▽3VS3篮球场俯瞰图 3VS3 Basketball Court

▽像素乐园儿童活动动图 Pixel land gif

▽像素乐园儿童活动区鸟瞰 Pixel land



Foshan is famous of Chinese ceramics and have deep root of ceramic culture, we continue the local ceramic culture with “Mi Orange” color ceramic fragmentation design, through the new use of traditional materials, we want to express a hope for the development of the community in the future.


▽以“小米橙”点缀的陶瓷碎拼池底细节 Ceramics broken-patterned of the pool

▽以“小米橙”点缀的陶瓷碎拼种植池 Ceramics broken-patterned of Planting Bed

▽以“小米橙”点缀的陶瓷碎拼种植池及坐凳 Ceramics broken-patterned of Planting Bed and Stone Bench



Attitude, interesting, publicity, personalized landscape aesthetics is the subconscious requirement of youth group to the future community and living space. For this purpose, we integrate different design techniques and use diversified sensory dimensions to promote human behavior change. On the basis of maintaining spatial consistency, balance the coexistence of leisurely retreats and community vitality, bring warm happiness to new residents and enhance their sense of belonging to the city. At the same time, the design leaves space for people’s activities, promote social life in a community, and development with the city.


▽林荫广场俯瞰图 Aerial view of Tree-lined plaza



▽展示区总平面 Plan of the Exhibition area

▽展示区功能分区图 Function Partition Diagram of Exhibition Area




主创设计师:彭勃 Paul Peng

Project Name: Shunde Poly Cloud City
Completion Time: April, 2022
Client: Poly Developments and Holdings Group Co., Ltd.
Landscape Area of Exhibition Area: 11000㎡
Landscape Design: IAPA
Chief Designer: Paul Peng
Director Team: Stoney Yu, Gary Ye, Shibin Wei
Landscape Design Team: Qianqian Zhang, Sihui Ye, Yipei He, Mingjia Shen, Yanying Liang, Qifeng Zhou, Guanda Li, Jie Chen.
Photographer: Chao Yue Shi Jue
Special Thanks: Poly Southern Group Co., Ltd.
Cooperative Greening Design: PB Design
Cooperative Children Zone Facilities: V-onderland – L&A Design



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