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WTD:  In every design, we are thinking about the transmission of spiritual value of the landscape in addition to vision and function. Standing in the small town of Yanlai Lake and looking at the west mountains, we hope to find a more pure and extreme way to interpret space.




The venue is located at the foot of the West Mountain, and you can view the West Mountain 180° from a distance. Sunlight shines through the clouds in the forest, forming a flowing light and shadow, and a large area of native waterscape creates a good foundation for the landscape. After entering the site, the designer had the most intuitive thinking about how to find the link between the site and the sky, and dialogue with Xishan, so as to establish a place spirit of “heaven, earth, god, and man”.


夜景  Night view


在西山的起点,遥望西山  At the beginning of Xishan,Looking at the West Mountain in the distance.


Since it is at the foot of the mountain, we do not prevent it from interpreting it as the place where the mountain begins, and then expressing the “sense of ritual entering the mountain” in an artistic way-the design uses parallel walls to cross vertically to form a 6mx6mx6m white open cube, and A circle is cut out from the top of the cube, so there is a landscape structure called the “round sky”, which we call the Gate of the West Mountain. Step through this gate and walk into the West Mountain.


设计手稿  Design of the manuscript

模型推敲  Model scrutiny

项目鸟瞰图  Aerial view of the project



The structure grows in a patch of old trees. In sunny weather, the angle at which the sun is transmitted through the day changes and presents different forms of light and shadow at different time periods. The light is cut and regenerated through the square and the circle, as if it has gained new life, sometimes warm, sometimes soft, sometimes bright, and sometimes dim.


光影在一天中的变化  Light and shadow change throughout the day



People will also be infected by different spatial emotions when they are placed in them, which will derive their own unique experience in such a space. Just as the architect Louis Kahn firmly believed-light gives all existence.




In terms of vertical treatment, we lift the structure to the same height as the building, and establish a contrast with the building through a straight and symmetrical scale. The waterscape reflects the Metasequoia forest on both sides, and the light passes through the shade in an orderly manner. At this time, the light transforms from a concrete “shape” to an orderly “line”, creating a fantastic sense of hierarchy.


夜景  Night view



The size of 6mx6mx6m reduces the proportion of people in the space, and the steps also strengthen the sense of ritual when entering the mountain. When someone looks up from the stairs from the bottom up, such a pure white tall cube construction will make people deep in their hearts. Give birth to a nameless awe, awe of the divine nature, life, and time. After walking up the stairs slowly into the space, the cut light and shadow, the guided emotions, they seem to be some kind of power guiding us forward.



柔美而温婉,雁来湖小镇  Soft and gentle,Yanlai Lake Town


The love story of “Sleeping Beauty” also laid the soft and graceful temperament for Yanlai Lake town at the foot of the West Mountain. In the introduction section of the exhibition area, the design uses the convenience of Kunming’s “Flower City” to create a romantic flower sea among the native woods. Restore our impression of Xishan with a soft image, create a graceful atmosphere, and then create a sense of wrapping through the combination of micro-topography and plants in the sea of ​​flowers, bringing an immersive experience.




Continue along the straight water axis in front of the “West Mountain Gate”. The beech trees on both sides form a forest, just like the lush scene when you first walked into the site. The water feature extends to the front of the building, forming an open water surface surrounded by a circular lawn, echoing the circle at the top of the structure.




The design has made a straight line and guided it towards the building at the position of the golden section and folded it into a corner space. At this time, the line of sight can not only look at the corner of the horizontal plane of the building, but also not look to the end, so that people can continue to keep the desire to explore forward.




Passing through the building, there is an open water. The building links up and down, connecting the front and back waterscapes into one. As a cultural tourism town, comfortable experience and pure sense of vacation are indispensable.




From the mountain to the forest, from the forest to the water, the mood of the space gradually relaxes with the initial ritual and solemnity. We expanded the original water surface of the site to create a waterfront space that can be completely relaxed in the ecological and natural landscape, and also form an interaction with the water.




At the same time, we extend the narrative of light from the landscape structure to this point, creating a form of light and shadow that is completely different from before. The light breaks the previous sequence and sense of cutting, and becomes more casual. The clear and interesting combination of light and shadow interacts with the light spots on the lake surface to form a leisurely and diffuse light world.



场所,光线 ;旋律,空间  Place, light ;Melody, space


These are all indispensable parts of the spiritual value of the design. The sun follows the day, and the waves deepen. We use the narrative of light and the pure and natural whiteness to bring a place endowed with spiritual value to a site at the foot of Xishan Mountain. We are in awe of nature, life and time. At this point, space is no longer just a cold construction, but an infinitely extending nature, in which people breathe, listen, and move, becoming a part of it. When the sun sets, the venue is dyed into a golden area by the afterglow of the setting sun, which becomes more mysterious and profound. We are as if we were here for the first time, looking at the West Mountain in awe of nature.






设计团队:杨灿 李婉婷 吴春 戴甘霖 李文翔 蔡雪莲 李理 何洁 李俊毅 唐晓娇 杨根 廖春霆 邓玲 王利如 宋照兵 姚淞骅 熊典葳
业主方管理团队:黄茜 刘璐 周斐俐 周伟 毕建权 张毅 刘飞 丁杨
建筑设计:上海大椽建筑设计(方案) 四川华西建筑设计院(施工图)

Project Name: Sunac Yanlai Lake Town
Owner: Sunac China Southwest Regional Group Yunnan Real Estate
Landscape area: about 105,000 square meters (including 48,000 square meters in the second phase)
Project address: Taiping New Town, Anning City, Yunnan
Landscape Design: WTD
Design team: Yang Can, Li Wanting, Wu Chun, Dai Ganlin, Li Wenxiang, Cai Xuelian, Li Li, He Jie, Li Junyi, Tang Xiaojiao, Yang Gen, Liao Chunting, Deng Ling, Wang Liru, Song Zhaobing, Yao Songhua, Xiong Dianwei
Owner’s management team: Huang Qian,Liu Lu,Zhou Feili,Zhou Wei,Bi Jianquan,Zhang Yi,Liu Fei,Ding Yang.
Architectural design: Shanghai Big Rafter Architectural Design (plan) Sichuan Huaxi Architectural Design Institute (construction drawing)
Landscape construction: Chongqing Tongqi Garden Co., Ltd. Yunnan Branch
Completion time: 2020
Photography: Outside photography


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