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JL Design:In the bustling Suzhou City, lotus flowers are all over the pond with music in the distance; Flowers on Pingjiang Road are fragrant, people are chatting and laughing holding oil-paper umbrellas.

— From Chinese ancient poem “Suzhou City”




Suzhou, a city that many intellectuals dream to live in history, where small bridges and flowing water, ancient tea and alleys are everywhere. The beauty of Suzhou is in its mountains, rivers, and the renowned Chinese gardens.




项目挑战 Project Challenge


The site of exhibition area is in Hushuguan, Suzhou New District, with a noisy and desolate surrounding environment. The golden triangle of the site faces the city’s pedestrian flow line, with a diameter of about 35 meters and a length of about 55 meters.


▽现场照片 The scene photos



Based on the current situation of the site, we believe that there are three key challenges. First, the exhibition area is too hidden inside the middle of the two municipal roads. How to establish an image guidance system? Second, the area is quite small. How to maximize the extension of the walking space circulation and enhance the spatial experience? Third, how to create a pleasant living atmosphere, where tranquility and joy coexist?


▽外部资源分析 External resource analysis



▽内部资源分析 Internal resource analysis



设计策略 Design Strategy


The design team refers to the landscape paintings of traditional Suzhou garden to establish an image interface in a way of enclosing, and establish a visual guide surface at the crossroads, which can not only add new tour routes, but also avoid the surrounding noisy environment, creating a relatively tranquil and comfortable space.


▽景观节点 Landscape nodes



At the same time, the story lines are connected by landscape nodes to enrich the fun of the tour, allowing visitors to enjoy an immersive landscape experience and start a exploration which involves traveling, walking, watching and living.



▽项目鸟瞰 The project have a bird’s eye view of




Seek light-Light and shadow in the painting with floating clouds


The main image of the street corner is as bright as moonlight and crystal clear. The image surface is formed by the project logo and a spot tree, and the details are enriched by sequence changes on both sides to avoid being too rigid.


▽形象LOGO墙 Image of the LOGO wall




The design makes use of the new material U glass as the main character of the image interface, expecting to create a modern glaring interface like the windows along the street, and enrich the visual effects inside and outside the gallery through lighting, metal decoration, and light and shadow effects.


▽细节展示 The details show



▽U玻效果反复调试 U glass effect repeated debugging



Crossing the water-Create a universe within a small space


How to stimulate vitality of the small entrance space? The design establishes a box space which separated from the image interface to form a strong feeling of guidance.


▽盒子状入口 Box entrance




On the left, the lively spring with bursts of ripples lays the groundwork for the quiet space in the venue, while on the right, the metal landscape wall guides the traffic flow into the box space through a certain inclination angle. The superimposed metal mesh outlines the shape of a half-moon, with glass bricks dotted inside flickering with the light and shadow.






It looks like a painting of the Yangtze River landscape quietly in the front when passing the first window in the box space, which seems to reach another universe, quiet and mysterious, making people unable to stop moving forward with curiosity.






Standing by the window, it is like standing in the cabin of an awning boat looking at a river, with a panoramic view of the garden. The grid frame in the shape of the roof echoes the shape of the building. Looking out from the frame, the line of sight is wide, and the building is reflected in the water with sparkling waves, forming an open, enjoyable and peaceful atmosphere.


▽透过窗子看外景 View the exterior through the window





Rowing the boat-A peek at the peach blossom forest


When visitors continue to walk along the space enclosed by the U glass, the breeze is rippling, the tree shadows are swirling, and one can enjoy the light and shadow effects of the outside world which bring a distinctive perception.





At the viewing point facing the building, the design lowered the site elevation by 600mm in order to see the whole architecture from an upward angle. The atrium supports the building through a piece of water and is connected with the huge floor-to-ceiling glass and the tallow trees of different shapes in the pool.


▽中庭景观 The atrium landscape




The cascading falling water divides the waterscape into two, creating a sense of spatial disparity. Standing under the corridor and looking at the building from afar, it is like standing in the cabin of a boat. The nearby water swings with the boat, and the static surface in the distance is attached to the building, forming a vivid picture. The sculpture is like a leaf falling into the water.


▽层叠水景倒影下的画面 A reflection of the cascading water features





The inspiration of the boat concept comes from the connection between interior space and exterior space. The leaves that fell from a tree at the corner of the space evolved and sneaked through the gap under the corridor, turned into lines, and the lines were intertwined to form a small boat which has the exact shape of a leaf in the forest. The sculpture sitting at the end of the boat thinking in a daze, floating on the tranquil water with the boat.


▽水面上的一叶扁舟 A boat on the water




The light boat frame not only echoes the metal installations at the entrance, but also better integrate into this small-scale space. The sparkling sequins on the hull increase the overall sense of agility. When the breeze passes through, the whole hull is like swaying in the water, ethereal and beautiful.


▽精致的雕塑细节 Exquisite sculptural details



Around the mountain-Falling water cascades to reflect mountains and forests


At the entrance of the sales center, the opposite scenery is formed by continuing the water falling effect of the courtyard. The relationship between the landscape gallery and the building echoes the entrance, and the gallery becomes a bridge connecting the two entrances. The falling water is matched with an artistic leaning tree to form a scenery, which weakens the visual impact of the corner.


▽层叠转折的流线空间 The streamline space with overlapping turns



Looking back from the sales center, there is a small boat floating in the atrium, standing quietly in the forest and water. The outer corridor avoids the noisy environment and forms a beautiful painting scroll with the forest.


▽坐于室内看向中庭景观 Sit inside and look out over the atrium





Project Name: Suzhou Sunac Lakeshore·Park Art Exhibition Area
Developer: Nanchang Municipal & Sunac
Project Location: Hushuguan, High-tech Zone, Huqiu District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
Project area: 2000 square meters
Design time: May 2020
Completion time: January 2021
Landscape Design: JL Design
Special thanks to: Sunac China Shanghai Group Suzhou Company Landscape Team
Design Director: Zhang Zhang
Concept design: Zhang Zhang, Zhifangfei Li , Junlu Wang
Detailed design: Jianhua Zhang, Jun Zheng,Tao Liu,Jieyi He,Jing Yang,Ying Wu, Jing Zhang
Architectural Design: Shanghai PT Design
Landscape construction: Suzhou Renhe Garden Co., Ltd.
Landscape sculpture: Shanghai Chaoqun Sculpture Art Co., Ltd.
Gallery construction: Shanghai Kaiyou Industrial Co., Ltd.
Landscape Photography: Prism Photography



审稿编辑: Maggie

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