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Lab D+H:项目共六个地块和一条东西向的中轴大道,近 30 公顷的土地作为住宅进行整体城市化建设开发。无论对于企业,还是地方政府,这既是机遇也面临着挑战。挑战并非来自于产品的消化速度,而是来自于快速大规模的建设,可能会对城市的空间活力以及人文塑造产生较大的消极影响 , 这一矛盾的逻辑也 普遍存在于中国目前以数据为标准的建设模式。

Lab D+H:The project consists of six plots of land and a east-west central axis avenue. Nearly 30 hectares of land will be used as residential buildings for overall urbanization development. This is both an opportunity and a challenge for businesses and local governments. Challenge is not from the digestion rate of products, but from the large-scale construction fast, may be on a city’s space vitality and humanity shaping a large negative impact, the logic of this contradiction is widespread in China at present on the basis of the data for the construction of the model.



万科公园大道,无论是地方政府还是万科都迫切的想做出些新的尝试,并能符 合规划许可、建设规范以及地方法规。LAB D+H 的景观规划设计师,提前融入整体开发团队,并为项目外部空间特质、人的行为模式、人文艺术植入等提 供一系列的规划标准,并注入景观灵魂和情感。这一新的工作方式,为项目带 来了突破,为城市带来了机遇和温情。

Vanke park avenue, both the local government and vanke are eager to make some new attempts and comply with planning permission, construction regulations and local regulations. LAB D + H landscape planning designer, integrated into the overall development team in advance, and to project the outer space characteristics, behavior patterns, arts and humanities into provide a series of planning standards, and into the landscape spirit and emotion. This new way of working has brought a breakthrough to the project and brought opportunities and warmth to the city.


▼项目总平面图 Master Plan



LAB D+H 希望公园示范区场地,实现它作为都市客厅聚集、交流、娱乐的基 本需求,同时从地方特征和艺术的角度出发,赋予场地独特的艺术与空间韵律, 设计师将江南 – 苏州的水文化作为场地艺术的表达方式,并将这一表达方式贯 彻在景观设计的场地、装置和细节中,来强化人们对于场地的认识和唤起水文 化印象的传达,真正做到用景观解读文化。我们进而提出“水的织锦”的设计 理念。

LAB D + H hope park demonstration sites, implement it as urban living room together, communication, entertainment base this demand, from the perspective of local characteristics and art at the same time, gives rhythm site unique art and space, the designer to ground the jiangnan water – suzhou culture as the expression of art, and the expression way penetration in the field of landscape design, and details, to strengthen the people to the understanding of the field and arouse the hydrological impression to convey, truly interpretation of landscape culture. We further put forward the design concept of “water brocade”.


设计团队,希望将儿童活动设施巧妙的融合进场地里,创造出更符合童趣和益 智功能的儿童游戏区。设计了分年龄段使用的四个不同主题的游乐区,有序的编织在公园场地里, 周围搭配草坡绿植,形成半围合空间,这里成为了专属于孩子们的欢乐天堂和 活动亲子空间。

The design team hopes to skillfully integrate the children’s activity facilities into the field and create a children’s game area more in line with the children’s interest and intelligence functions. Designed by age using four different themes of recreation areas, orderly weave in the park site, around the slope green plant collocation, forming half surround close space, it became a captive to the children’s happiness heaven and parent-child activity space.



设计重点要素与互动科技的结合:设计在公园西段核心水秀广场,利用景观装 置及落水效果,结合科技感强的数控水景,将整个公园的视觉与体验推向高差, 形成公园场地的地标空间,也有效地带动了草阶剧场和覆土景观建筑设施。

Design key elements and the interaction of science and technology: the combination of the western core water show in the park plaza design, use of decorative landscape and water effect, combined with strong sense of science and technology of CNC water scene, the entire park’s vision and experience to the elevation difference, form the landmark park ground space, also effectively drive the grass order theatre and facilities covering the landscape architecture.




Site thinking: planning consideration of the east and west axis as an open park, and the influence of the preliminary design language of landscape on the site “the tapestry of water”.




Think site: the landscape space interface and behavior patterns, optimization, and generate a friendly interface and penetration, landscape for planning intervention of story theme and logical relation, integrity and rich.






设计时间:2016 年 12 月
建成时间:2017 年 8 月(公园西段)
项目面积:18 公顷(公园 4 公顷)
景观设计:Lab D+H

Location: Kunshan, Suzhou, China
Design time: December 2016
Built in: August 2017 (Western Park)
Project area: 18 hectares (4 hectares in the park)
Owner: Sunan Vanke
Landscape design: Lab D+H
Design team: Miao Lin ,Rong Cao , Xianwei Chen ,Jiahui Shan ,Zongjie Liang

Art Consultant: Seven Painted Culture Creative Co., Ltd.


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