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Mecanoo : The 1.7km long former railway line crossing downtown Taichung was an important catalyst for the development of the old city. The railway’s historical value plays an important role in the revitalisation of the urban realm on which it sits.


▼穿过台中市中心的绿色线性走廊  The linear green corridor crossing downtown Taichung

©Ethan Lee
©Ethan Lee


可持续性生活、历史和文化的统一  Sustainable life, sustainable history & culture

虽然该条铁路线曾经将人们联系在一起,但如今其废弃的状态更像是一道阻隔的屏障。由于它紧靠河流且位于堤坝之上,并不利于轨道两侧的流通。项目重新对其进行利用,以可持续的方式连接城市的不同部分,为生物多样性创造绿色走廊。同时建立自行车道和人行道,以更好地满足沿线社区的需求。在这个线性场地上,可持续发展理念在广泛的规划设计中得以体现,包括城市更新、公众参与、历史保护、蓝绿资源以及行人和自行车的流通路线。在Mecanoo设计事务所丰富的城市规划经验的指导下,设计塑造了一条以人为本的城市绿色走廊,与Green River水岸相得益彰。

Although in the past the rail line functioned as  way of connecting people, the disused railway acts more as a barrier due to its challenging location on the dyke, which impedes circulation from one side of the tracks to the other. The design reuses the rail line to connect the different parts of the city in a sustainable way by creating a green corridor for biodiversity and including bike/pedestrian lanes to better cater for the needs of the community. Within this linear site, the sustainable development covered a wide range of planning and design factors including urban regeneration, public participation, historic preservation, green and water resources, and circulation routes for pedestrians and bikes. Relying on Mecanoo’s extensive urban planning experience, the design shapes a people-oriented green corridor, complementing the Green River’s waterfront.


▼舒适的步行和骑行环境  Comfortable walking and cycling environment

©Ethan Lee
©Ethan Lee


▼桥下的阶梯式座椅供市民休憩  Stepped seats under the bridge provide rest for the public

©Ethan Lee


意义  Inspiration  


To maintain the area’s strong historical character and set a coherent, recognisable theme for the project, the new circulation system layout relies on the track pattern of the junction railway. Based on the visual language of the railway infrastructure, the routes branch out to integrate the existing and future planned functions.


©Ethan Lee
©Ethan Lee
©Ethan Lee
©Ethan Lee


市中心的线性公园  A linear park in the city centre 


We define the green corridor as a continuous public park in the centre of the city, which will support the conservation and development of the area’s flora and fauna, while improving the connections for pedestrians and bike users in Taichung centre. The project integrates existing and newly added functions to the area into a coherent linear park.


▼沿线的高差处理  Elevation difference treatment along the line

©Ethan Lee
©Ethan Lee
©Ethan Lee


所有人的向往之地  A destination for all 


The green corridor will become a destination and invite users to explore and enjoy the green qualities of the park. Its urban location makes it an ideal place for leisure and recreational activities. The park is designed to intensify the use of the area for the local and wider Taichung community, while promoting a more coherent city infrastructure.


©Ethan Lee
©Ethan Lee


▼总平面图  Master plan


▼堤坝两侧斜坡上原有的铁路基础设施:保留现有的斜坡,并建立一条连接堤坝上下的公共路径  Former rail infrastructure on a dike with slopes on both sides: keep the existing slopes and create public routing up  and down the dike.



▼堤坝墙上原有的基础设施:保留现有的墙体,并在其上方和下方分别建立公共空间  Former rail infrastructure on a dike with walls: keep the existing walls and create public spaces in the upper and lower level.


▼和其他基础设施的联系:激活和水面的联系  Connection to other infrastructure: activate the connection to the water level.


▼原有的桥梁:保留现有的桥梁并为其创建新的关系和公共联系  Former rail infrastructure bridges: keep existing bridges and create new relations and public connections.




设计团队:Mecanoo 和当地景观公司 S.D Atelier, ARIA architect & planners

Programme: Taichung Green Corridor, Taichung, Taiwan
Design team: Mecanoo and local landscape firm S.D Atelier, ARIA architect & planners
Design: 2017
Realisation: 2018-2020
Client: Taichung city government, Taichung, Taiwan



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