Department :对于曼谷或任何其他现代大都市来说,生活条件和空间形式都在不断演变。繁华的都市没有太多的户外空间。曼谷人现在渴望一种新的户外生活空间的可能性,The Commons是市中心的一个小型零售开发项目,旨在试图创造一个新的活跃的室外空间,这种空间必须具备能有效地应对热带的炎热和密集的生活条件,让人们在一年中的任何时候都能舒适地享受它。

Department :For Bangkok or any other modern metropolis, living conditions and space forms are constantly evolving. There is not much outdoor space in a prosperous city. Bangkok people are now eager for the possibility of a new outdoor living space. the commons is a small retail development project in the center of the city, aiming at creating a new active outdoor space. this space must have the living conditions that can effectively cope with tropical heat and dense, so that people can enjoy it comfortably at any time of the year.



The Commons这是一个台阶和坡道与平台和座位结合在一起的景观,被上面的结构很好地遮蔽,保护整个空间不受太阳和雨水的影响。空间垂直和水平流动,进出整个建筑,并整个允许自然通风。这种通透的半室外空间与各个层次的花园融为一体。它是一个在任何时候任何季节都可以散步和放松的地方。它成为一个活跃的垂直城市生活区。

The commons is a landscape of steps and ramps combined with platforms and seats. it is well covered by the above structure to protect the entire space from the sun and rain. The space flows vertically and horizontally, entering and leaving the entire building, and allowing natural ventilation as a whole. This transparent semi-outdoor space is integrated with gardens at all levels. It is a place where you can walk and relax at any time and in any season. It has become an active vertical urban living area.



The Commons还提供了一种解决方案,以应对多层零售大楼如何将人们吸引到高层的经典挑战。宽阔的“地面”以循序渐进的台阶和平台连接着街道和二楼,自然地吸引着人们悠闲地走上去。第三层和第四层的一系列开口进一步增强了垂直空间的连续性。从“地面”的不同角度可以清楚地看到上层的商店。人们毫不费力地流向每一层。

The commons also provides a solution to the classic challenge of how multi-storey retail buildings attract people to high buildings. The broad ” ground” connects the streets and the second floor with step-by-step steps and platforms, naturally attracting people to walk leisurely. A series of openings in the third and fourth layers further enhance the continuity of the vertical space. The shops on the upper floor can be clearly seen from different angles of the ” ground”. People flow to every floor effortlessly.




  Photos by Ketsiree Wongwan / W Workspace.

项目名称:The Commons
建筑设计: Department
开发商: he Commons Co., Ltd.

Project name: The Commons
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Completed: 2016
Area: 50000㎡
Architects: Department
Client : he Commons Co., Ltd.

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