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!MELK:An unprecedented and unique urban infill project in Las Vegas has just been completed.
The notorious Las Vegas Strip, today, is the most visited tourist destination in the world. The Strip recently received its first-ever park, a spectacular public space designed by !melk, that is destined to become the most trafficked park in the world.




What makes this project remarkable is the fact that private corporations, the owners of the properties along Las Vegas Boulevard, recently came to realize the value of investing in outdoor public space versus traditional (buildings) real estate development. They also see the economic and marketing value of sustainable, authentic, and contextual design. A more complete and mature urban condition has begun to form as a contrast to the prevailing thematic and artificial attractions that gave Las Vegas its familiar reputation to date.



“The Park”用最前沿的设计展示了莫哈韦地区的环境,恢复了拉斯维加斯曾经的样子——沙漠中的绿洲。

The cutting-edge design of “The Park” celebrates the context of the Mojave region and reinstates what Las Vegas once was – an oasis in the desert.



拉斯维加斯位于极具挑战性的干旱地区,暴露在阳光、炎热、沙尘暴和缺水的环境中。所有的设计元素都缓和了这些极端因素,创造了一个令人愉快的城市体验。“The Park”采用了“最佳管理实践”可持续用水指导方针,标志性的遮阳结构,水景,和沙漠植物与耐旱树木有助于缓解拉斯维加斯的炎热。

Las Vegas exists in an extremely challenging arid location, exposed to sun, heat, dust storms, and scarcity of water. All design elements mitigate these extremes to create the most enjoyable urban experience possible. Iconic shade structures, water features, and desert plantings with drought resistant trees help temper the Las Vegas heat. “The Park” utilizes “best management practice” sustainability guidelines for water use.








在!melk,我们总是努力创造出一个能体现项目背景独特性的空间。《公园》在这方面是完全成功的。它利用莫哈韦沙漠的颜色、图案、材料和植被来反映沙漠景观。在舒适、安全、餐饮和娱乐方面,没有其他地方能与拉斯维加斯媲美。在熙熙攘攘的拉斯维加斯大道,我们不仅能够创造出一个可持续的,也能真实的反映了城市独特性的公共空间。除了它的地标性,“公园”重现了拉斯维加斯曾经的样子: 沙漠中央的绿洲。

—— Jerry van Eyck,melk景观建筑与城市设计创始人兼首席设计师

statement from the designer

At !melk, we always strive to create spaces that exude an identity that is authentic to the context of a project. “The Park” is a complete success in that regard. It celebrates the Mojave desert, using its colors, patterns, materials and vegetation. In terms of comfort, safety, food, and entertainment, there is no other place like it in Las Vegas. Amidst the hectic hustle and bustle of the Strip, we were able to create something that is not just sustainable, but also genuinely authentic to the City. In addition to its iconicity, “The Park” reinstates what Vegas once was: an oasis in the middle of the desert.

—— Jerry van Eyck, Founder & Principal, !melk landscape architecture & urban design




客户: MGM Resorts International
竣工日期: 2016年4月
施工时间: 20个月;2014年8月至2016年4月
项目类型: 城市景观/步行区/公园
面积: 5英亩
造价: 1亿美元(包括餐馆的建筑)
摄影师: Hanns Joosten


首席设计: !melk landscape architecture & urban design 
规划设计: Cooper Robertson & Partners
建筑设计: Marnell Architecture
土木工程,结构工程: Lochsa Engineering
电气工程: JBA Consulting Engineers 
照明设计(场地) : Lighting Design Alliance 
照明设计(遮阳结构) : Arup, Leni Schwendinger 
水景工程: Water FX


Client: MGM Resorts International
Date of completion: April 2016
Construction time: 20 months; August 2014 – April 2016
Project type: urban landscape / pedestrian realm / park
Size: 5 acres
Cost: $100 million (including the architecture of the restaurants)
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Photographer:Hanns Joosten

Project Team

Lead designer: !melk landscape architecture & urban design 
Planner: Cooper Robertson & Partners
Architect: Marnell Architecture
Civil engineer, structural engineer: Lochsa Engineering
Electrical engineer: JBA Consulting Engineers 
Lighting design (site): Lighting Design Alliance 
Lighting design (shade structures): Arup, Leni Schwendinger 
Water feature engineer: Water FX


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