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Arcadia Landscape Architecture:英格利斯公园由 Arcadia Landscape Architecture 公司设计,旨在传承和颂扬 Newmarket 悠久而丰富的文化遗产,及其与澳大利亚赛马业和悉尼东郊Randwick的历史联系。

Arcadia Landscape Architecture:Designed by Arcadia Landscape Architecture, Inglis Park nurtures and celebrates the long and rich cultural heritage of the Newmarket Randwick site and its ties to the Australian horse-racing industry and the history of Randwick in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.


© Brett Boardman


最初的环形售马场坐落在一棵有130年历史的莫顿湾榕树下,它见证了 Newmarket 售出的每一匹马。Arcadia 团队看到了利用环形售马场“骨架”的可能,这个骨架是以前交易赛马的场所,马会被牵着绕场一周,方便围坐的买家多角度观看,设计中利用其框架创造了一个悬空的攀爬和娱乐结构。一个巨大的双螺旋滑梯成为焦点,建立起与附近 Prince of Wales 医院的联系。

The original sales ring sits under a 130-year-old Moreton Bay fig tree, witness to every horse ever sold on the Newmarket site. The Arcadia team saw the potential to use the ‘bones’ of the sales ring, using the framework to create a suspended climbing and play structure, with a giant double-helix slide as the focal point, in recognition of the connection to the nearby Prince of Wales Hospital.


© Paul McMillan
© Brett Boardman


百年树龄的莫顿湾榕树与 Newmarket 地块有着标志性的联系,Arcadia 认为,景观应让这些榕树继续扮演成熟哨兵般的角色,以守护这个新社区。英格利斯公园中原有的榕树树冠为大家提供了一个在树下相聚的中心空间,为了保持树木的完整性,空间中的木质平台和景观处理都经过精心设计,这一富有触感和吸引力的场所为人们提供探索和参与的机会。

The century old Moreton Bay figs throughout the site share an iconic association with Newmarket, and Arcadia believed the landscape allowed these trees to continue their role of mature sentinels to watch over the new community. In particular, the canopy of the original fig tree in Inglis Park provides the central space for everyone to meet under. The timber decking and landscape treatments of this communal area have been carefully designed to maintain the integrity of the tree, creating a tactile and appealing place for people to explore and engage.


© Brett Boardman
© Paul McMillan


英格利斯公园拥有开阔的草坪和烧烤餐饮设施,包括儿童野餐派对区、抛光混凝土桌面、木质长椅和凉棚,与 Newmarket 餐饮区附近的餐饮服务设施无缝衔接并将其继续延伸扩展。英格利斯公园和游乐场的中心主题是通过尊重历史和重新利用元素来保护遗产。 Arcadia 在设计中融入了历史悠久的砂岩、回收砖铺路以及从马厩中回收的木材,结合公共艺术和解说元素,创造性地讲述了该区域丰富而卓越的历史过往。

Featuring an extensive lawn, BBQ dining facilities, including a children’s picnic party zone, polished concrete tabletops, timber benches and a pergola, Inglis Park links seamlessly with and expands the adjacent food and beverage offering of the Newmarket Dining precinct. Respecting the history and reusing elements to preserve the heritage are central themes throughout Inglis Park and the Playground. Historic sandstone, recycled brick paving and salvaged timber from the stables have been incorporated into Arcadia’s design, joining public art and interpretive elements to creatively tell the precinct’s rich and remarkable story.


© Paul McMillan
© Brett Boardman


人行道上刻画的时间轴将 Newmarket 的历史变得更加鲜活,缤纷的游戏设施通过图形和颜色来映射骑卫兵巡游和现场出售精选良马的场面。2015 年, 该团队在 Newmarket 最后一次马匹拍卖会上录制了一段马匹拍卖的音频,被用于交互式空间——“拍卖盒子”的游乐元素中。英格利斯公园和游乐场被视作 Newmarket 的中心,设计考虑到居民、当地人和游客对户外空间的使用需求——从安静的休闲区到健身活动区、宠物友好区,并成为家人朋友聚会、玩耍或野餐的好去处。

Elements that bring Newmarket Randwick’s history to life include a timeline of pavement etchings and plaques, while colourful play features use graphics and colours to reflect the horse parade and a select group of significant horses sold on the site. An audio recording of a horse auction, recorded by the team at the last horse sale to occur on the Newmarket site in 2015, has been used in an interactive auction box play element. Inglis Park and the playground have been designed to be the heart of Newmarket Randwick, taking into account how residents, locals and visitors will use the outdoor space – from quiet relaxation to fitness activities, dog-friendly areas and a great place to meet family and friends for a play or a picnic.


© Brett Boardman


关于Newmarket  About Newmarket 

有着辉煌历史的 Newmarket 遗址建成于1860年,权属英格利斯家族逾百年,它不仅代表了悉尼郊区 Randwick 的早期历史,也代表了澳大利亚马术事业的早期历史。Arcadia 为 Newmarket 创造了一个以个性为导向的景观策略, 2015年 Cbus 地产公司收购了 Newmarket 地块,将其打造成一个集中了零售区和重要公共开放空间的住宅社区。由 Cbus 地产公司主导开发的新英格利斯公园近期向公众开放,基于 Newmarket 地块上原有的环形售马场构架而面世的英格利斯游乐场已成为当地社区的重要地标和景点。

First settled in 1860 and owned by the Inglis family for over 100 years, the Newmarket Randwick site has a remarkable history, not just of Sydney suburb Randwick’s early days, but also of the Australian equestrian industry. Arcadia has created a character-driven landscape strategy for Newmarket Randwick, which was purchased by Cbus Property in 2015 to become a residential community, with a retail precinct and significant public open space.   Dedicated to Randwick Council by Cbus Property, the new Inglis Park recently opened to the public. Using the framework of the original Newmarket sales ring, Inglis Playground has become a significant landmark and attraction for the local community.


© Brett Boardman


游乐场细节 Playground Detail 


The playground has been designed for use by children of all ages. The auctioneer’s box caters for toddlers under three years of age, with play features that will appeal to their unique needs and stage of development. This area is set apart from the rest of the playground, to avoid the velocity of older children circulating through the space.


© Saskia Ruting



The lower terrace will provide hours of fun for pre-schoolers (three to five-year-olds) with swings, tunnels, low slides and a carousel. The upper terrace, with its netting and climbing structures, suspended swings, timber walkway and giant double-helix slides, will appeal to the older and more adventurous kids.


© Brett Boardman
© Brett Boardman



The playground has been designed so children will need to be a certain height to reach the next stage without parental assistance. More daring children can be accompanied by their parents, who will find the play structures have been designed for comfortable use by adults as well. Many of the play features are accessible by children all abilities, including the swings, swing baskets and carousel, to ensure all children have the opportunity to experience the playground.


© Paul McMillan
© Saskia Ruting




项目地点:澳大利亚 新南威尔士州 兰德维克(悉尼)
景观公司: Arcadia Landscape Architecture
合作工程师:AT&L drainage and SCP Structural
灯光设计师:Point of View
景观承建商:Solutions Contracting
文物顾问:OCP Architects
总体规划建筑师:Bates Smart
客户:Cbus Property

Project Name: The Sales Ring Playground
Location: Randwick (Sydney), NSW, Australia
Landscape Architect: Arcadia Landscape Architecture
Collaborators Engineers: AT&L drainage and SCP Structural
Lighting Designers: Point of View
Landscape Contractors: Solutions Contracting
Branding, Environments and Wayfinding: BrandCulture
Heritage Consultants: OCP Architects
Masterplan Architects: Bates Smart
Client: Cbus Property



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