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Huangfeng Design: Shisan Cuo Museum of Contemporary Art is located in Xujia Village,Jingxi Town,Minhou County. The ancient building was constructed in the late Qing Dynasty. The main structure of the building features a through-mortise wooden frame and a double-sloped overhanging mountain roof. The base is carved in stone,and the content of the wood carving is excellent. The roof and beam structure are well-preserved. It is a typical Minhou residential house with front and rear courtyards and a ziyuan.Mr. Liu Yihua,the owner of Huayu Yisu Sculpture Enterprise,commissioned the ancient building to be transformed into a complex space that integrates an art gallery,a library,offices,and commercial receptions.




The architect drew inspiration from the elements of Chinese garden corridors and applied the techniques of interior gardening to the spatial design. By using the concept of a flat bridge,the originally disjointed and uneven rooms with varying levels were connected,creating a gallery-like exhibition route similar to a modern “catwalk”. Visitors can move through the exhibition halls,experiencing changes in space while appreciating artworks and sensing the mottled charm of the old architecture.


▽轴测图 Axonometric drawing



To maintain a smooth transition in the circulation route between the front and rear exhibition halls,dark-toned steel structures and rounded,polished stainless steel blocks were added as “stations” in the corridors on the east and west sides of the main hall,enhancing the continuity of the circulation path. The design aims to achieve a dialogue between new materials and old elements. The transitional spaces and the original building form a unique sense of space and visual effect.


▽展厅庭院景观 Exhibition hall courtyard landscape

▽连廊 corridor



The main hall is designed as a library,enclosed by glass to create an open,bright,and lightweight square space. It reflects natural light and the historical traces of the old architecture. The architect’s intention was to balance the integration of the old and new spaces. The main hall also represents the spiritual core of the ancient house,and the incorporation of a “study” metaphorically emphasizes the original purpose of Huayu Yisu Sculpture Enterprise to welcome guests from all over the world.


▽开敞通透的图书馆 An open and transparent library

▽展厅内部 Inside the exhibition hall



In the courtyard at the rear,there is a landscaped garden,a tea pavilion made of steel plates and glass,and a modern “fence” made of durable panels. The use of blue and white variable lighting creates a sense of ambiguity and ensures privacy for receptions. Additionally,the well-arranged ecological landscape changes with the seasons,providing a peaceful corner amidst the bustling city.


▽后院天井轴测图 Axonometric drawing

▽后院天井 Backyard patio

▽平面图 Plan





Project name: Thirteen Cuo Contemporary Art Museum
Year completed: 2023
Project area: 1900㎡
Project location: Jingxi Town, Minhou County, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province
Design company: Huang Feng Design
Company website: www.hf-design.cn
Contact email: huangfeng@hf-design.cn
Chief Designer: Huang Feng
Design team: Huang Feng, Xu Xiaoling, Lin Jia
Customer: Fujian Huayu One Plastic Sculpture Art Co., LTD
Photographer: Zhu Runzi




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